Windfury Weapon Bug!


I did. But just like this forum, i wonder how much attention it will get.
Hence i rather talk to a GM so i know its being taken care of :stuck_out_tongue:
For now i hope this post gets enough attention, please all report this ingame aswell.
The more of the same report the bigger the chance of fix? :smiley:


i will report it when i get online. 2k queue left ;(

Got laundry done, dinner done, cleaned the house abit. atleast this queue situation makes doing needed chores like something to do while in queue anyway.


much appreciated !


did you know windfury can proc off of extra windfury attacks aww yissss


How about you actually report bugs in the forum dedicated for bugs?

(Punyelf) #15

Bug reports are made in game.

There is a ‘not a bug’ list as well, which can be found here


Well as you can tell i am not someone who spends alot of time on forums at all.
This is all kinda new to me, and i did my best to find a BUG forum dedicated for bugs but i could not find it hence i made this post cause i did not know what to do ohterwise. im litterly asking for help.


I hope this bug get fixed soon


Thanks punyelf, i did report my bug in game and also did i try to talk ingame to a GM wich was not posible but i got a in game link sending me to this forum instead.
The first thing i found was the “Not a BUG” forum, ofc the windfury bug was not on the list, which makes sence cause its actually a bug.
The extra attack power should not proc after the hits land.
If this was not a bug then they would not have made the mechanic of the extra attack power in the first place.
But seeing you are a VIP maybe u know a bit more about how long an in game bug report takes to be viewed, and if i get any feed back about my bug being taken under the loop or the out come?
I thank you for you answer and time.


This has been fixed in patch 1.7 or 1.8. In patch 1.12, Windfury doesn’t proc on itself unfortunately.
Shamans have a history in WoW to be rapidly hotfixed as soon as something fun happened with them. In Vanilla, shamans were the only class that did not receive a big overhaul as every other class did along the patches 1.X.
In TBC, you could apply two Windfuries of different rank on your left and right hand to make it proc more often. Got nerfed within a few weeks as well.

Still a fun class, but yeah for some reason, Shamans never really got any love for the first two expansions although TBC helped a lot

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Reporting bugs in game does feel a bit like throwing a rock down a big bottomless pit. When we file a ticket, a GM will answer but when we file a bug report it just goes to the relevant people and you don’t get any response.

There is no set time for when bugs are fixed, from my understanding they gather information and if it is a bug they need to replicate the issue and try to implement a fix. From experience some bugs are easy to fix and others aren’t. I remember several bugs in Wrath didn’t get fixed until very late in the expansion.


I guess that’s true, either way was something fun to bring up.
They added a short internal cooldown to wf to prevent it from proccing off of itself. lel


A lot of the time a whole host of bugs are fixed in the next patch and only the most urgent and gamebreaking ones seem to be hotfixed right away.
A lot of complaints I feel they will likely get to whenever the new patch hits. If not, then well sucks to suck lol.


One useful thing is to replicate a bug yourself, film it with a gamecapturing software and then uploading the footage to a video site as illustrative evidence of something being wrong. At least that is how things got measured and eventually fixed by Blizzard back in the day.


any news bout this one?


I havent heard any news sadly.
But as Punyelf said:

When we file a ticket, a GM will answer but when we file a bug report it just goes to the relevant people and you don’t get any response.

So i doubt we get any news at all and it either this get fixed at some point… or not.
I sure wished there was a better way to communicate.


Would not surprise me if this was caused by their pretend “spellbatching”, which it really looks like… That system is causing issues all across the board.


Ecountered same issue with my shaman. Wf totem seems working right tho.

Anyway reported wf weapon buff bug.


Thnx, the more ingame bugg reports the better n_n

on a side note, just for fun… u guys also always get a WF proc when the mob has liek less then 5% hp… i have this so insane much instead of begin or mid fight… its a shame :stuck_out_tongue: but its not a bug tho i know. but makes me a bit salty from time to time :stuck_out_tongue:


Any news? Seems nothing has changed nor Blizzard stated anything.