Windwalker is disgustingly broken

  • Most mobility in the game
  • Most damage in the game
  • Mortal strike

Getting flashbacks from 8.0 Demon hunters

(Juliuscesar) #2

game is ded


Dont forget fof parry and disarm

(Dameg) #6

we can nerf them along with resto druids, destro locks, and crane dmg

(Bloodlock) #7

I can sense the imcoming presence of a certain gnome formerly human monk… i think he is going to defend ww state.


Would be fine with that, but I’d still prefer them to change resto druid instead of flat nerfing because that won’t fix the design issues

(ReacĂ´n) #9

And yet you queue with one, every single game so far this season :D? Can’t beat them, join them I guess.


I’ve barely played with WW, maybe 10-15 games in total in 2v2

(Cutîepie) #11

the sweet irony, you know i carried you to your rank 2 spot in 2v2 keep dreaming.

Before i had him on btag that’s why these kind of threads didnt pop up cuz he wanted to defend WW cuz i carry him in 3s and 2s


Do you mean I got carried by someone that pretended to be a girl to be carried by multi r1 players? Unlike you I achieved my XP with equally (or lower) XP’d people.
Aside from that, I was already #1 in 2v2 this (and last) season playing with others, not that it would matter but you brought it up

(Cutîepie) #13

hopefully you know my cards are full with stuff i could come up against you, but i just wanted to tell you that. You are making too much drama of one sentence i just wrote.


world of warcraft drama, the best there is . lmao


I’m not making drama out of anything. You started bringing stuff up that neither had anything to do with the topic nor was it true.

(Cutîepie) #16

You literally told me /w that you think that WW is strong af but you don’t want to make thread cuz you play with me. Don’t lie to yourself…


let me end the discussion, nerf both of your classes, and make out already bois, i can fel this romantic sensation


What a scandal, I also didn’t make any threads about SV or resto druids being OP in 2v2 because I profit from them.
Still I’ve mentioned WW and Resto druid being too strong in other threads already and I agree with a nerf/change to both of them

(Cutîepie) #19

ye, cuz you still play and will play rdruid/hunter everyday, because this comp is giving free points to usually trash rdruids or trash sv hunters since WoD, giviing them a better ego.

(Partial) #20

No and No.

Best Burst ? No, other classes/speccs have higher.
Good burst ? Yes ! But not the best. Also pretty easy to outplay by others since FoF does not stun anymore.

One of the worst sustain damage in the game.

I like it this way tbh. I prefer a class that can really burst but then has a downtime. Since MoP & WoD Sub Rogue is no more…

I also like that WW has this trade off. DH is the opposite of that. Almost no Burst but damn strong Sustain.

2nd most.

unfortunately i didn’t played at 8.0 before the Rundhouse kick nerfs.

Arms, Rogue, Destro, Hunter & Demo iirc have it.

(Partial) #21

Disarm cant/wont be taken.

Yes remove FoF Parry. Give it back the Stun to do his Job.


More like every week, I’m not into playing wow arenas every day

It’s ironic because I’ve played both combs this season and if I had to choose 1 that’s far easier to play it’s WW+Rdruid because I don’t even have to cc or damage, just maxrange and broken WW will do the rest.

Also I don’t really have an ego over virtual things that didn’t matter (or mattered even less because virtual things don’t matter in general) since MoP, but if that’s what you are up to then sure go ahead