Winning 4 and not getting rating just feels bad, games shouldn't feel bad but reward you for doing good

I couldn’t care two frickin fricks about matchmaking value and whatever smoothbrained algorithm is behind it. If I win 4 matches out of 6 and don’t get any rating that feels bad.
Is there a technical reason behind it? Probably. Does that matter? No, it doesn’t. it still feels like crap.
If a system is bad then change the system. Give me 10 rating, give me 1 for god’s sake but getting no rating on a positive win rate just makes me feel like not playing the game.
I may not be an omegabrained game designer but I think games shouldn’t make you NOT want to play them.
And yes, I am mad, thank you for asking.

Did it randomly select a character I made to laugh at people roleplaying? Yes.
Does that make my point invalid? No.
Does it look dumb as hell? Yeah.

1.21 giga wat

Suggestion to fix the rating system in shuffle the stuff suggested in this link would solve that problem.
Since you’re not interested in the details, just scroll past the stuff 'til you find the part with the suggestion. Anyway, it would solve that problem and is what you’re asking for.

It helps if you mention a way to solve it when complaining about something, since it both further displays how much Blizzard have failed, and also reduces the time it takes for Blizzard to come up with a way to solve it on their own (and we’ve all seen already what they’ve thought would be “improvements”).

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