WM for horde is broken


So blizzard wanted to make warmode more appealing for the alliance players by increasing the bonus to 30% and now almost a month later, more and more horde players are exiting WM cus the 10% increase is not worth being ganked by countless 40man alliance raids in terms of time.

So blizzard fixed a problem by sending the problem over to the other faction. And almost 1 month now, havent seen any plans on either fixing this or at least giving the horde players some motivation to reenter WM. because some of us just want to have that outdoor pvp in our gameplay, even in terms of ganking, but right now all we meet is raids.


Alliance players are like locusts, they are useless by themselves so they have move in swarms.


Well if we are to be honest, the horde has been doing the same since august. i ve seen countless horde raids while there were only a bunch of alliance players around. blizzard just fixed the problem by sending it to the other faction.

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Natural selection happening in a game cool :slight_smile:

It could eventually even out tho. Will be interesting to see what happens with the bonus % over time. But the bonus is not relevant to PvP.

WM is for PvP, PvEers are good to pad the numbers, but are less important than how WPvPers feel about WM. The feedback I see from WPvPers of both factions seems positive.


I personally keep WM on cus i love having the option to pvp when i see alliance members. and also for the bonuses of course. but what is happening now isnt fair in terms of gameplay. the alliance getting 20% higher bonus isnt balancing the odds. its breaking them.

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Because you have higher pop EU wide, you have an advantage with LFG. And LFG is the main cause of imbalance. I love LFG, and have noticed it’s easier to form a raid now. This is the advantage Horde have enjoyed, and still enjoy. If the extra bonus can eventually even up the faction balance, both sides will have equalish access to WMers in LFG.


Fixing the LFG issue with breaking the Reward balance is the worst possible solution.

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Only if you look at it from the perspective of PvE… WM is primarily for PvP. This is a PVP forum. WPvEers seem happy.


dude u are looking at it the wrong way. i dont care what WPvers and pvpers and pvgezrnzers say. 1 faction getting 30% bonus and the other only 10% is breaking the balance between factions. Blizzard should find a better way to keep Alliance players into WM w/o breaking the reward balance

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Well, it’s ok to disagree. Two sides to every argument :slight_smile:

I really don’t see why the WM bonus % matters. So Alliance get extra 20%, what does it matter? The extra is just an incentive, and it’s helped, but we are still outnumbered.


Who cares about the 30% bonus anyways? Are people still doing world quests?
I’m just happy to be more equal in world pvp


I dont see where u are outnumbered. any shard i ve been into there are 1 or 2 alliance raids camping our flight paths. theres no even a chance to fight someone 1v1 w/o being jumped by 4 more and getting insta gibbed.

And because of that now the horde is slowly exiting WM just because that 10% is not worth the time lost by getting ganked.


Yes every1 is doing world quests. Either alts trying to get gear by invasions or emissaries, or mains who want to farm AP for the upcoming raid.

You’re more equal now bcs most of the horde left WM cus its not worth for us, so the alliance is getting an unfair advantage in terms of rewards just because their numbers are low.

So in the end Horde is being treated unfairly just because the majority of players chose to play Horde instead of alliance.

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We are outnumbered EU, and that’s what affects balance on a shard… because of LFG. If you end up on a shard with an opposing raid, it’s easier for Horde to create a counter raid because of larger EU WM pop. Alliance are disadvantaged, harder to create a counter raid with lower pop. It is luck of the draw if your shard has an opposing raid. I’ve seen plenty Horde raids.

So, we get an incentive bonus to increase Alliance. The bonus is small even at 30%. When PvPing, how much extra reward do you really get. It’s just an incentive.


I m not saying ur wrong. what u say is reasonable. but WM as a concept targets all groups. PvPers and PvEers alike. so the rewards have to be balanced if they want all the player grps to keep participating. Personally i wont exit WM cus i love the concept but those who join only for the rewards are gonna exit. For you maybe its better cus u want pvpers only in WM, but the way blizzard designed WM its inevitable that players will only join for the rewards.

My personal opinion is that WM was badly designed for what it was meant to be. It ended up being a reward pool rather than open war

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It will only get worse over time. With more and more horde quitting every day.

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You are correct, WM is for both PvEers and PvPers. But primarily for PvP. That’s why we are discussing this in a PvP forum. But ye, Horde PvEers can perceive they are disadvantaged. I get it. But, I guess it’s impossible to please everyone. Better for Blizz to focus WM on the PvPers. And they just seem happy if lots of victims, success!


Well, horde had the 10% bonus when the rewards did matter.
I stood afk in stealth for 20min to kill one mob, before I gave up and disable warmode. It was flooded with horde.
Now it finally feels equal. Some times I see the alliance outnumbering, some times otherwise.
But according to Blizz, the horde still has the bigger number

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Ye, Horde pop could go down, maybe even less than Alli, then Alli lose the extra buff… then swap. Wobbling, maybe even balance. Or Alli always have extra. Doesn’t really matter. As it is, I’ve never experienced WPvP this fun.

Alliance can compete more easily in WPvP now, and I see plenty Horde still. No shortage of victims.

There’s nothing to fix. Even when more disadvantaged pre 8.1, I didn’t consider WM broken for Alliance.

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Yes, it’s not the best. But no need for exaggeration and drama - it’s not the worst ether.

Just because you choose to ignore a working solution, doesn’t mean it’s the right way to look on anything.

It is a solution, and it’s working. Horde had easier time to get rewards previously, now Alliance is catching up. See, it makes sense when you don’t try to conveniently ignore…

And I see an opposite situation - every Assault ends prematurely when 40 man Horde raid gathers up very quickly, and by the time Alliance gets 40 ppl (30min - 1 hour) there is 20 more hordes.

I meet 2-3 groups of hordes for every 1 group of Alliance outside of Assaults.

4 of 5 long 1v1’s always interrupted by +more Horde, and only 1 is +Alliance who was passing by and jumped in. Outside of Assaults.

But non of that matters in the end.
Blizzard doesn’t turn bonus/quest manually. Every even junior developer understands that those are tasks for automation. Check one faction, check another, compare, check conditions, activate bonus and quest if needed.

This kind of statistics data can’t lie. And nobody in their right mind would make it manually every reset. Thinking anything else is just agenda driven delusion.

So when enough quit - Horde is going to get a bonus? And then it’s going to get worse for Alliance, because then you’ll come back all together?


Here is what many players don’t want to understand - it’s not a problem.

World PvP is not a BG. Game is not suppose to make everything fair to you specifically when you’re in the open world.

Raid on one side - it’s a content (to make a raid and do) for the other side. Or for you/your group to avoid, troll, divide and pick one by one or smaller numbers. etc.

With that said - rewards do matter, for majority of players. Do you really think that majority of players would do Arenas if there were no rating/ladder/rewards? No, they wouldn’t. That’s why rewards are used as an incentive for players to participate in certain activity, and there is no other way.