Wondering what Legendary to Upgrade

Divine image having a proccchance is to unreliable for m+. That’s it.
That’s why nobody bothers with it.

Prove that.

It’s a matter of simple logic… You don’t need to collect data to prove that 2+2 is 4. That’s what you’re asking for at this point

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Outline the logical argument. Given you have no data and dont need data, with no sources of information. Even that of information from the game itself.

Set out without data how its logically self-evident. gl btw.

Dont cry about you play ingame. None of that rubbish. You dont need ingame data. Its logically self-evident. 2+2=4


In epistemology, a self-evident proposition is a proposition that is known to be true by understanding its meaning without proof, and/or by ordinary human reason. Some epistemologists deny that any proposition can be self-evident.

I hope you are just taking the mickey but that appears the case. The low level of debate here would force me to take your statement as a real argument.

This guy should have his own sidebar page in r/confidentlyincorrect.


It really is simple, dont advise people how to gear in a way you cannot prove. No one has gone through all the ways to gear and play. Thus one could be wrong.

Its better to be honest and tell people to find their own way. What opinions there are and to tell them to experiment. Its a big part of having fun and at least you are not pretending to know something you cant know.

The sad thing is DI is sim’ing very powerfully for me atm but I cant prove its above FC so I wont say anything. I think its on par, in one sim it is and powerful in my sim but I accept that I have not covered all avenues. So I hold my tongue.

Yet you are all experts. Follow the leader, could be good but could be straight off a cliff.

It looks like you spend more time simming and posting rubbish than actually playing (and progressing through) the game

Simming shown to be accurate.

What do you mean prove that? Prove it has a proc chance? Surely that can’t be what you mean since you use it exclusively. But then what exactly are you asking him to prove dude?

Please just let’s keep this simple okay, no dodging the question. In a situation where you need reliable healing, is it better to have something you have complete control over, or something that may or may not happen, falling completely on luck?

In a situation where our base toolkit wouldn’t sustain the group, Divine image brings nothing to the table if it doesn’t proc, please tell me you can understand that? and if you do, then surely you can understand why it isn’t reliable. Please god just try to get that through your head before you go off in a complete different direction, just shhhhh Aellas, take a deep breath, read then reread what I just wrote and try your best not to link any stupid sims. Damn dude.

Crit is a proc chance is having crit on your gear thus unreliable for m+? DI is 20% by the way and it goes off quite often.

Crit bring doing to the table if it does not proc.

Your whole argument is sophistry. The thing is the sim show its good enough to equal FC. How do you prove its not? What is the expected output increase from DI in raid and m+? You dont know do you?

How come no Lego sims only 300 hps lower than FC or DI? If standard deviation is 400 what does that mean? A low standard deviation indicates that values are clustered close to the mean.

This means there is no more powerful lego. The means only move at most 300hps. Almost outcomes will overlap.

Take my gear, M+
DI = 4,689 HPS
No lego = 4,690 HPS
FC = 4,682 HPS
The SD is 100 and mean. This makes them the same at m+ but what about m15?
DI = 9,616 HPS Std Dev: 508
No lego = 9,332 HPS Std Dev: 460
FC = 9,560 HPS Std Dev: 499
Very little increase with no lego by taking FC.

I knew you wouldn’t be able to answer the question, and it’s because you simply can not answer that question without debunking your entire philosophy on legendries.

Have a good day

I did answer your question. You cant tell with experience if DI is unreliable for healing because the difference between no lego and DI or FC is too small. Their means are too close.

Thus you need a formal proof. A sim like ask mr robot.

Raid sim 7,534 HPS DI me M+
Raid sim 7,251 HPS no lego
Raid sim 7,840 HPS FC
Raid sim 7,628 HPS Harmonious Apparatus

This output from the sim appears to follows the logs for lego’s. 300 or less difference in the means. Good luck every seeing that as a player.

This is also one FC player needed 8 Innervates to beat a Harmonious Apparatus priest on one mythic boss for the top spot. That would be [Tgfivethreeo] on [Sire Denathrius] mythic, with 8 Innervates with FC for 8,542.3 but Harmonious Apparatus with no Innervates is 8,443.5 for [송하].

Harmonious Apparatus and FC trade spots often for top spots in the rankings.

Just not true.

How about you do yourself a favour and craft FC.

Also you didn’t answer the question, you deflected it.

I’ll ask once again

In a situation where you need reliable healing, is it better to have something you have complete control over, or something that is random and may not work?



I just gave evidence so you have too prove proof. The sim counts no matter ow much you cry. My opinion follows the information available to me as best I can.

You its just you accepted just position without evidence and wont change when evidence becomes available. They have a word for that.

So you like vers over crit? O wait you like crit.

The difference seems unclear.
The choice is between:
100% sure you have extra healing when YOU demand it.
A 20%(?) change you have extra healing when you need it.
Its a question of reliability


Once again no answer. Bruh you are a joke. Just go away now.

Yes but thats like crit. This does not imply that you dont get x amount of healing over the raid. I have seen 2-3% of my healing from this lego. The big issue is that its powerful but the healing overheals. Not that it reliabilite or not. In M+ its even more useful in that it helps with damage.

In recount the healing from DI is powerful over a whole dungeon. You are just making things up as you go along with no evidence to back it up.

In my logs I get approx. 2% healing but the its overhealing thats the issue. The hight the key and more damage the more return you will get from DI. I am not expecting it to be 4% like Ask Mr Robot but it could be I dont have the data.

The issue with DI is overhealing not proc. You can lost half its power to overheal.

You just dont know what you are talking about. You are like christains when someone says prove there is a god. Just make up anything on the spot.

No dude, that is precisely the issue.

Wrong, get this through your incredibly dense skull, you have no control over the proc. When you decide hey it’s time to dps, and the lego doesn’t proc, it adds nothing to your dps, when you think damn, I need big heals, and it doesn’t proc, it adds nothing to your healing.

It is just so incredible just how slow you are to follow what I - and many others -are telling you. This is beyond discussion now, you are just too ignorant to deal with.

Do yourself a favour and craft FC.

God you are an infuriating creature.

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We are talking about m+
If your group is taking a big hit or is going down you need a reliable boost to not wipe.
80% chance of wiping because it doesnt proc makes it unreliable in m+ and therefore worse.

The rest of your post is not relevant in my opinion.

Wrong under what evidence? None. So you know nothing. Have nothing of value to say.

What % of damage does that effect? You dont know as you have no evidence.

I funny how you are such an expert. Yet know nothing at all really.

Because you state what others talk about.

Reliable boost from what? State FC flash and heal and its L2P. My gear can dump instants for over >40k and then reset the CD and do it again. All in a very short period. Nothing can beat it.

Basically my gear with no lego is only 300 hps lower on averge then with FC.

80% picked out of thin air. What a joke. What evidence do you have for that.