World buff server?

I have not decided to play SoM, and for me the biggest reason is the 2 classes i love to play most really aren’t as fun without world buffs. I don’t really see the appeal of 3 hour mc’s.

I know that if you made a world buff server similar to the pve/pvp/rp server options, i would play on it, as would a few of my guidies. I feel like some streamers like salvadali also would based on what he’s said.

Blizzard really has nothing to lose at this point from setting up such a server at this point. It’s just basically free players and subs.

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You guys can play on the ERA servers.


It’s not the same. Like you want a fresh server

All 12 of you would have fun, I’m sure.

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Well from all the polls we’ve seen world buffs was pretty decisive with a fairly even split of players both loving and hating them. One of the issues with them is that people feel very strongly about it, and it think it’s pretty clear it’s a lot more than 12 people.

I would not be shocked if they did this, and it became the most populated server on SOM

We’ll never find out how wrong you are unfortunately.


SOM is pretty much dead already, astonishingly low pop.
They probably have to do next round WBs if there is a next round.

Next time roll dreadnaught

Damn, you’re crying a lot of tears, bud!

I did, fact is though Blizzard wont be happy with this turnout, barely worth doing SOM for a player base this small. And this is the opening when SOM was supposed to be popping, even dread will be in total collapse after a couple of weeks of BWL.

Luckily no one is forcing you to play it, you can always play retail or world of botcraft tbc.

I don’t know why people get so defensive when you point out a game’s population is way below exception.

Yeah i wish it was doing better too. but no point denying reality.

Dead? lmfao
you just play wrong servers

not an objective reality unless you have statistics. my point of view is that is overcrowded and i would like to see a bit more layers. Just my opinion.

2 medium 2 high and 1 full and we aren’t even at second week? That’s nightmare levels of low population, we haven’t even entered the phases where population starts dropping yet.

2-3k online per server is more than enough. a number that will not happen anytime soon anyway.
yesterday there was 8 layers in dreadnaught. i wish and hope that we end up with half of that population.

As for the population drops phases, they are just irrelevant phases where everyone is just raidloging and waits for next fresh. Only relevant open world content is until aq patch.

that’s just my personal opinion though. of course there are people that enjoy having unhealthy large amounts of population and i bet they enjoyed them selves waiting in a 20k player queue to log in and play in classic 2 years ago. I prefer my instant queue and a healthy pop server with a decent economy.

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Jesus you must be desperate. 65 posts only for topics that say doomsday is coming…yet wow is still alive and doing great. Better stop early cuz now you start to look really silly and even sad. And you can’t tell in what phases player base starts to drop because there is no stat like that in internet. If you dont believe it…put a proof here. Now…go get some hot milk and let adults play.

Indeed, you are wrong.

Most people enjoy world buffs, But the loudest complainers got their voices heard and now we don’t have world buffs.

Pretty much the main reason not to try out SoM tbh.

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2k-3k per server without layers is definitely more than enough to last a few months, at least.

I know it’s hard to see TBC dead now that SoM is out, but I suggest that you migrate to Firemaw. It’s the only server worth playing on now.

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