World chat?

When you normally try to activate world chat by doing /4, you instead see " [4. xtensionxtooltip2]:" and not world chat in shazzrah right now, is it because world chat didn’t exist in vanilla or is it that someone took ownership of it somehow? I’m asking for a friend

world chat is a custom channel - world defence requires phase 3 and rank… uhm 13?

As for your /4 - try uninstalling that tooltip addon of yours and see it magically disappear

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You have to type /join world first.
Then the channel gets the first free number, might be 4, 5 or 6

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Oh thank you! I didn’t know you had to manually join and leave world, thanks!

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World channel didn’t exist in vanilla. So you have to type /join world if it was created by anyone on your realm. Only global channels are autojoined. That’s trade, local defence and LFG

What is world chat ? isnt main channel 1.General ? :smiley:
No need for me to add another custom chanell its hard to follow 1+2 Gen+trade in some areas , so why would you want to add another ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Because you get to speak to people across all zones who have also joined it. World chat is amazing :smiley:

I get it , dunno how many ppl is there but it must be a lot of msges , right ? :stuck_out_tongue:
Then theres guild chat , how do you keep track of of all of them , sometimes i even lost a whisp to me coz of rapid amount of msges, nah i think /world would have made it even worse for me.

Yeah if you struggle to keep up with messages then world chat definitely isn’t for you haha. I’m rarely in the cities and don’t see much chat in /1 so I really enjoy world chat. Although I’m on a low server so that’s why.

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I have 2 chat windows. General, trade, guild, party and whispers on the left. World, LFG, loot on the right.

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Create new chat windows. Elvui does a nice job of seperating general from loot/trade but you dont need the addon.

Id suggest changing colour for different windows as an added help.

Also is this world chat new?

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