[World First] Iron Man on WoW Classic

Get a life

Ads are getting smarter :slight_smile:

Like… how idiotic can one be?

Grats OP!

Now do it in a PvP server.

Amen to this! :rofl:




I had no idea this was a thing. It’s awesome, i got to try it too. :smiley:

Just spend some time reading up on the rules, one thing i’m not sure if i got right: I can never put any gear on that is not either white or grey? So all quest rewarded items or drops is a no go?

Actually, reading the rules, the thing that seems to be almost impossible is the external buffs. People run around buffing others all the time! How do you get around that? O.o

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Well done!

Especially sticking to the program and deleting a lv 42 … I wouldn’t have done that I don’t think.

Is a real shame people feel the need to belittle something like this despite not even attempting it.

Sometime it’s ok not to be a male chicken…

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Thanks ! I did my best to do it as fast as I could.

You don’t need to attack his mobs or heal him to get aggro here, as long as you’re not too far away. I often got mobs reseted on me that were attacked by a player, even of the opposite faction. Faction doesn’t even matter for this.

I right-clicked all the buffs off all the time, if I was in combat I would do it instantly, and if I was not, I would usually wait for the guy to leave my screen before removing it (without fighting) so he wouldn’t get pissed over it. Also in my Sinister Strike macro I had the follwing lines to remove some (mainly heals over time) automatically:
/cancelaura Renew
/cancelaura Rejuvenation
/cancelaura Regrowth
/cancelaura Blessing of Might

Thanks ! :smiley:
That level 42 was a big hit indeed, it took me about 11 days (IRL) to get there.
I also always take the same name so people cannot say that I can just restore my characters… I cannot, there is an error message if you try to restore a character and another one with the same name already exists.


Now it is time for you to die, so you can save Linken.

when will dm release for eu

OK, I’ll bite:
“Deadmines has been in since launch”.

Now I’m going to hide under my desk until everything calms down.


tomorrow as per usual.

dEaDmInEs is CalLeD VC

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Grats on the crazy achievement!
And in such short time.

And Scarlet Monastery is called CM. Nice troll…


Thinking about even trying this causes me pain. Congratulations? :stuck_out_tongue:

The most nonsense comment I read in a while. How can one seriously think this way?