World of Warcraft®: Shadowlands Beta Preview Round-Up

World of Warcraft®: Shadowlands Beta Preview Round-Up

The Shadowlands beta is right around the corner. To help keep you informed, we’ve rounded up our latest preview articles.

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Sweet! Hopefully this will be a good and productive beta. :smiley:


All Betas are good and productive when I’m in them :smiley:


Sounds very good that the beta come sounds.

I will love to test and made calculs on Marksmanship hunter ( especiality i want to test if the value of Lock’n Load with a haste build is viable compared of Calling the shot ( quick reload of Trueshot, awesome for singletarget and multi-target) and Volley ( supremes in multi-target and let’s hope viable in single target when combined with Ardenweald Hunter convenant spells).

Beta will be avaible for EU ?

Begging for beta topic in 3 2 1

give me beta so I can flame you for not giving Hellfire back to warlocks and demo still being utterly disgusting thanks :slight_smile:

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Cheers! hopefully the game will be fine tuned and polished good enough!

How do I take part in beta?

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OPT for it and be kind and patient :slight_smile:

I wanna know how bad is resto druid in raid environment. I hope it will be better than Legion’s and BFA’s druid. Resto druids are gods of M+ but not good in Mythic raids :frowning:

Very nice !
can’t wait for beta

100 things to do before i die 99. Shadowland Beta :wink:

it is gonna be a lot of fun to try out the beta if we’re lucky.

Let me in !!!


Can’t wait for the beta to launch i hope i get in, i wish everyone that opt in good luck to get beta access

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Gimme me beta pls!

Let beta be with you!

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hopefully ill get invite. Shadowlands looks epic

The entire concept of covenant choices affecting gameplay is going to once again do more harm than good.

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Please give