World of Warcraft®: The War Within™ Announced!

World of Warcraft®: The War Within™ Announced!

World of Warcraft®: The War Within™ has just been announced! Prepare to descend beneath the surface of Azeroth to explore subterranean worlds full of hidden wonders, earn the trust of the new Earthen allied race, and face an ancient evil lurking in the darkness.

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Will there be a physical collector’s edition as well? The article doesn’t mention any of it.


Level 70 boost coming with the base edition?
Nice. That’s better than the last few expansions.

I don’t like the “3 days early access” for the Epic version though.
That’s not very fair to financially responsible players.


an other humans vs orc crap that nobody asked. I said it before, that guy will bring trall back in every single expansion. I really hope it will go so bad that they will fire him and we could continue somewhere better then this.

not going to buy this.

This is my personal opinion.


Cinematic is phenomenal. Feature trailer is honestly dogsh’t. I don’t know if I’m supposed to be hyped or not.


Lol. Yeah. Sure.

I feel the opposite.


Well who else is waiting for Erevien to scream about Alliance bias once he sees the new Allied Race…

I know the Earthern have nothing to do with the Alliance, you know they have nothing to do with the Alliance.

But it’s a dwarven skin so… Alliance Bias!

But here’s hoping it’s a solid story if it does indeed cover the next 3 exopansions.

He already did in the thread people were in while watching the announcements.

Will the max level be 80 then?

Why are you people so obsessed with this guy?

i’m not a retail player but this badass sword at the end of cinematic is straight !
admit that retail is a rainbow party (please don’t ban me :rofl: ). This maybe bring back WARcraft

Who isn’t? Haven’t you seen his youtube channel? If not, go have a look then you can join the fan club we set up for him :heart_eyes:

I just hope it doesn’t end up another BfA storywise with stronger/more enjoyable side stories and a weak main storyline that fizzles off to nowhere.

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Everything else sound’s good but early access just isn’t WoW thing…


Anduin looks suspiciously like the Jedi on the cover of the original SWTOR release…

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Tell me the 3 days early access on the Epic edition (90€) is a joke ?

We already pay enough for the expension itself (50€) + we pay a subscription (150€ / year) and there’s a store in game.

And you wanna compel us to buy the xpac for 90€ if we want to play it Day One ?
You are joking on this, right ?


Some good and interesting stuff! I especially like the look of the “War Bands”, and the Nerubian zones!

FEEDBACK: Please have no Pathfinder, have Dynamic flying and Traditional flying side by side from the get go. Please don’t hamstring your disabled/neurodiverse player base like what happened in Dragonflight!


One word: Boring.


Let’s hope the early access will be rolled back because that sound like a terrible idea…


Cinematic trailer was really poor. Its a contender for the worst cinematic of all, though dragonflight was equally bad so might be a coin toss there.

Any word on the length of each expansion in the series? I am worried they might try to sneak one on us and start doing shorter expansions to try and cash out.