World of Warcraft®: The War Within™ Announced!

Sometimes I really don’t understand some people. Like now.
Are you someone who’s only happy if there’s violence and blood?!

It won’t. They sold it to people already.


sounds actually good after dragonflight. THANKS for listening to us


This is gonna be epic a 3 part Titan vs void which is concluded over 3 expansions which will all be inter linked this is the way it should have been already bought the epic edition you may aswell let me pre purchase the other two expansions now. We want to see some bad a cosmological cinematics of titans fighting void lords and old gods nothing gets more bad a then that

Where in that presentation did it mention any hostility between the Horde/Alliance?


Yes. They announced you’ll earn Heroic talent points from level 71 to 80, 1 for each level.


I dont mind this being added as a feature but i also would not have minded if they just gave us an extra talent row this may be a pain to balance idk

Its not about blood nor violence. Cinematic shows two dudes sitting on a beach talking about their feelings.

This is not a rom com. Trailer is meant to hype people up for the expansion and this is not it.

Compare this to wotlk trailer. There was no action in there too and yet it hyped people to high heavens because it was actually interesting. And here we have anduin sulking like a little biitch that he is and then thrall comes in and tells him he is actually his bestie. Wow, some oscar worthy stuff we have here.


i’m not a retail player but the suspense of the cinematic is really cool. imagine that sword is the new zone and you have to climb it. gj blizz
As Illidan said: You ar not ready :rofl:

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i hope we can play on Xbox (using keyboard/mouse) because my computer is bad AF

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Heard all i wanted to hear on this Blizzcon.
WoW seems to be saved, very nice.

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Sounds great. Missing Tinker class to be perfect.
The 3 day early acess thing is no bueno though. Will fracture friend groups at the start of the xpac.


I’m not pre-ordering any edition until the 3 days early access is either given to all pre-orders or removed.


Because he provides top quality entertainment while waiting for an lfr queue.

Ive never seen anyone get so worked up claiming they know so much yet know so little, even more so when its its a fictional faction in a videogame.

This is a reminder to all raiders, read closely

if we see anyone not online during early access we will take that as your resignation to the guild. you are here to play new content and we expect 3 max level characters before early access is over, we will not tolerate our raiders starting late with the rest of the poors. we will also assume that if you do not participate in the exclusive epic edition beta testing that you are planning to quit and will be swiftly removed, this is not up for debate. any questions or concerns involving this can be brought to an officer but again, we will assume you will be leaving us if you do buy the epic edtion and will be removed, so tread carefully, thank you!

If you care about your money so much then you must not be compelled to buy an epic version of the expansion in order to access it 3 days earlier, the expansion will be there for almost 2 years. Let the labrats play it before us, let them pay more and test bugs first 3 days and let the company earn more for that stupidity. It is fine by me lol.

It is only talk, anduin’s teenager problems and green jesus. I’ll admit it is still better than Dragonflight but it is debatable whether that is a good thing because dragonflight cinematic had like 3.5 million views last time I checked, lolol. If DF cinematic is 1.5 / 10 this cinematic is 2.5/10. No action no goosebumps.

Since I am a seasonal arena PvP player and then casual after reaching my goals I’ll buy the expansion. New class design and new metas are always new entertainment opportunities for us. It would be nice to insert some small scaled faction conflicts in to the story btw, current story of we good people against evil forces of universe is too simplistic and story is always like “whatever” when we see.

We good they bad :stuck_out_tongue:

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The video was so detailed all I was thinking was: “we need a Warcraft movie in CGI”

And also: “man, gives this guy a pack of tissues. He cries on every cinematic” :sweat_smile:


It did for me.
People like different things. I loved seeing them interact.
And… ‘a beach’? Really… Silithus is a beach now? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It might not have hyped you, which is unfortunate.
I’m not sure what the general reception of that trailer is, yet.
I liked it. :dracthyr_shrug:

No matter what they would have done, someone would have found something wrong with it. :sweat_smile:


I’m really looking forward to this, and it was so fun to get a sneak peak of the “roadmap” of future expansions.

Cinematic was really good (and looked really awesome), but I hope that we get a second launch cinematic (like we did with Dragonflight) with a bit more action. :+1:

Account-wide bank and reputation? Finally :heart_eyes:

I’m am really sad about the 3 day early access though for those who pay more money though. It feels like P2W, and P2W feels lika a bad route to take if you’re trying to build up your reputation agan and get people back to the game.

Apart from the 3 day Early Access it felt really good. Just hoping for an announcement of a physical Collector’s Edition soon :slight_smile:


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I really can’t help but everytime I look Anduin on this particular promo art I see Prince Harry.