World of Warcraft®: The War Within™ Announced!

Okay now I know how Chieftain Thrall felt when he saw his counterpart from the dark timeline as Blackmoore’s champion.

That sword been there since the end of the legion. It is 3 expansions old concept that they have suddenly rediscovered.

It may be chilling for someone who did not play retail for long time. For me it was just meh.

Listen man… if you struggle just stop playing games and focus on making money :smiley:
because if you can’t spend 90 euro every 2 years something must be wrong with your income or work you do

With how things changed in Cataclysm, I’m surprised Sargeras didn’t turn Silithus into a beach when he plunged his sword there.

I suppose we’re lucky he didn’t hit a capital.
Statistically speaking it should be in an ocean somewhere though. :crazy_face:

Early access is an abhorrent idea in an MMO, but locking it behind a £75 / 90 Euro paywall is sickening, and that’s coming from someone who makes pretty good money. It’s the principle aside from anything else, the launch of an expansion should be a shared event with everyone enjoying it at the same time, like every WoW expansion so far. Do you lack the capacity to understand how troublesome this is? They’re exploiting one of the major facets of an MMO, the fear of missing out. Imagine you do struggle with money, not unusual today, and you find that half of your buddies are going to pay to access the expansion early, and it ruins the launch you normally enjoy. Can you not see how callous and, frankly, braindead your comment is? This will, in part, severely dampen the experience of everyone who refuses to pay the stupid price tag. Yes, it’s a an expansion for perhaps 2 years. But the launch period lasts a couple of weeks, and the 3 days is a lot more important than you either realise, or want to admit.

It’s a severely scummy approach, and while you may have lost your ability to apply logic and reason to the business practices of a company whose metaphorical member you are apparently intent on sucking desperately for air, the rest of us haven’t reached that level.


All the real talent and/or passion in the staff of Blizzard is gone sadly, because they lost focus of what truely matters. Love and fun for all. I doubt we will see much new exciting things happen in the future for retail. The only reason classic is still good, is because they haven’t touched it in the last few years. And by the look of things, with the addition of hardcore etc and the woke ‘body type’ woke culture, (which is an anti-god concept may i add, (in contrast to their slogan “in God we trust”) they are sure to win epic prizes in the afterlife with God"zilla" after this), it won’t be long before they start touching and ‘bore’ ruin classic aswell.

It’s allready part of those epic prizes in which a company changes direction in business motivator and as a result keeps shooting themselves in the foot over and over in public display for all to see as God loves to set examples in public view throughout history, which is what happens when one sets greed over doing good. I would love to advice them to keep politics out of games, and to re-embrace their initial innocent reason for creating warcraft, (to create a game they love play themselves), over greed, but nobody is going to listen anyway, because everybody always knows better. The future for politics and politicians, (learn from the past) does not need to affect ‘honest and modest’ (which are at advantage) hardworking people and companies.

These are comments we would rather not type, they are prone to being silenced and labeled. But this is a game we all used to love, so it matters. Creation based on love, always wins over greed. Please learn. Turn back. NOW.


It’s not about the money , kinda funny how Blizzard’s fervent defenders always come up with the money argument, like it’s ok to get ripped off just because you’re well off.

I’m sorry but this , is unacceptable.
You can’t divide the community between well off people and the “plebs”.

You know there are countries in Europe where the average wage is around 300€ right ?
Doesn’t mean these people living there are any less passionnate about WoW than you are.

Should I remind you we’re already paying for a monthly subscription ?
As someone said on Reddit, that’s not “early access”, that’s delayed access for everyone else.

And that’s really lame.


Wait… the man has a youtube channel? Oh god I am not ready for this.

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THIS. Bring WoW to Xbox!

remove the 3 days early access !

or if you allow this


Then we would need no 3 Day EA.

When was the last time in any game, that you saw a new expansion or game announcement that is supposed to excite gamers to look forward to their product, by means of simply 2 people talking, with no real content, anticipation or excitement in it? … And not even the conversation is exciting. Are YOU kidding me? What’s next, you’re going to introduce Minnie Mouse as the new villain? Actually nvm, Minnie Mouse is still more exciting.

The trailer and content in retail is as talentless and unexciting as can be lately. Even my grandma would fall asleep watching it. Compare that to trailers in the first 10 years of Warcraft. Sigh at people STILL defending this, every year as it gets worse and worse in regards to effort from the dev team. Ofcourse they would defend saying, do you know how much effort it takes to create the boredom of 2 people talking in high gfx? IF you make any effort at all, then make effort for EXCITING and FUN content. Classic STILL beats retail 20 years later.

Sure, one can quit the game, sad thing for all the years people used to love the game. Classic is keeping Blizzard alive in business terms lately. But it sometimes seems, as if they test people, to see how boring they can make retail, as a social experiment, before people truely leave as a study experiment.

Let’s keep it logical and reasonable, the most obvious reason being, a. they lost their passion for working at this game and are now trying to maximize (for several years) profit for the least amount of work. And when we say least, we truely mean LEAST, where every extra workhour is one too much. Every year less and less. Or b. The talent or inspiration is gone in blizzard. If b. is true, it’s looking sad for the next expansions. And if that’s the case, then DO NOT touch classic, because it’s the only fun still to have in World of Warcraft in current state.

IF you make content, then make FUN content. If you cannot make fun content, then make no content at all. It’s better to wait longer IF the content is fun, compared to less waiting where having content that is completely boring. Business wise, this will also be the better solution long-term. Classic being the prime example. It’s been a while since they used the term ‘nostalgia’ in regards to classic succes is it.


I think it’s the reverse.
3 days is a lot less important than you either realize or want to admit.

You’re not ‘right’ about this issue; at least, not more right than anyone who likes this change. They’re just two different opinions based on differing values and views. :dracthyr_shrug:

So please stop acting like you’re some kind of better human being for disliking early access (or at least; stop demonizing people who like it). It’s very disengenuous.

I honestly don’t understand the argument, because taking last year, not everyone can cap overnight playing through the night on launch night. People still managed to hit cap all through that first two week period before the season starts and play the game.

There is no difference to me between someone who can take time off work and level through the night on actual launch night compared to the bulk of the playerbase who can’t. So how is the three days any different. We’re all still going to be capped and done whatever gearing we want by the time the season starts.

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Yes, I agree.

To me it feels like some people are grasping at straws because they simply don’t want to pay more.

And hey… I get not wanting to pay more. That’s as good a reason as any. No need to make up fake reasons. Right?

I’ve played games with early access before, sometimes I’ve had early access, other times I’ve not bothered. It made no difference other than spreading the levelling load.

When I play launch night, it starts to get quiet in the early hours when most sensible people have gone to bed or can no longer delay needing sleep before work. Those people who have to log off aren’t losing out either.

The release night was an amazing event for far more than a decade where a huge player base enjoyed the content together for the first time (assuming they were not playing beta). The first new dungeons, the first new zones. I feel kinda sad about this early access. It’s not about loosing progress or the money you have to spend. It’s just an unnecessary split of friends and guilds.
Imagine the moment when you are entering the new content while some of your friends/guild members are stuck in the old expansion reading all these LFM requests for the latest dungeons or events. They are many ways to make money, but this is in my opinion not a way you should go in an MMO.
I remember a quote in the login screen that was something like:
Bring your friends to Azeroth, but don’t forget to go outside Azeroth with them as well.
Now you can bring your friends to Azeroth to stay outside as well.

So if you’re friend can’t stay up with you on launch night, it’s ruined?

My friends and I rarely all level at the same pace because most have work and can’t always get time off work. Some prefer to sleep through the initial launch rush and get up early, some just play when they get home from work.

Never stopped any of us playing together.

I bought the base edition, as usual. I’m a bit disappointed that the early access is not available for all pre-purchase versions as before, but it is what it is.

Going underground is not my cup of tea but the main characters and the story seems to be interesting. It seems that Anduin has finally grown up, lost the Light and has a PTSD. First I didn’t even recognise him since he used to have an Asian manga/anime style but it seems that finally, Blizzard would like to appeal the US/European market again. It kinda bothered me that even almost all dragon aspect looked Asian. (And, some of them at least, used to have a different style in the past.) It is nice to see Thrall again too. The cinematic had that Humans & Orcs vibe, this time we just don’t want to kill each other (yet).

I loved to see the “what sword” again as well, I hope that finally that ugly sword will be removed. It is high time.

I’m curious how Alleria is fitting into all of this.

I hope we won’t only get 3 new zones though. Wotlk was released with 7+2 zones back in the day.