World of Warcraft®: The War Within™ Announced!

I personally don’t put any value in that.
My RL friends are no longer playing and I do not ‘make friends’ in this game because that’s not why I am playing. The social aspect of WoW is not the reason I enjoy this game (sometimes it can even be detrimental to my gaming experience, if I’m honest).

If playing with your friends is really so important; then do that.
You still have a choice in this. Nobody is making you purchase the epic edition and even if you’re purchasing it, nobody is making you play 3 days early. You can have the experience together if you really want.

My worst nightmare is having to play with someone else on launch. My friend and I both tend to play launch night but we don’t play together. We both want to immerse ourselves in the brand new world and experience it at our pace.

I know others just want to chat and do stuff in groups. I don’t mind that if I’ve already seen it all, so a second char onwards is fine.

We tend to start grouping up once capped then we can play together, it doesn’t matter if my friends are faster or slower to cap. We still play together when they hit it.

I do understand some are upset that there is such a thing as early access this time, but not for some of the reasons some are giving.

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The only valid reason I’ve seen so far is just because they don’t want to pay more.
That’s understandable and a good reason to be upset. However: It’s just not a good reason for Blizzard to not do it - unless basically everyone was upset. But that’s not the case. They’re going to make a ton more money probably because of it.

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Yeah I agree, I understand not wanting to pay more for early access.

I don’t see it as an issue and I’ve not bought anything yet myself.

most of games have early access now, as long as it doesnt have end game implemented with it, it’s fine

what bothers me more is fact that blizz gave away literally whole open world content of df with renown on 20 for epic boost- if people are ok with it and cry about 3 days pre it just shows how absurd they are and in fact they just want everything for free and available to them- and the same kind of people quit game as fast as they have everything

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“Upgrading to the Heroic or Epic Edition will not re-grant in-game items previously unlocked on your account”

What exactly does this mean?

Personally I am actually really excited and look forward toward it thanks to the delves.
Even more that now there is no stupid pre-order only pet but instead 3 Day EA so latecommer are not punished.
This time I actually think again of Pre-ordering again just to be there right from the start.

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