World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary Collector's Edition


mate it was out of stock on most of EU’s amazons hours ago. it sold out in the morning.


It is starting to pop up on different stores in Sweden at least.

Have pre-ordered it for the same price as on the gear store.

(Razien) #37

Makes you wonder where these stores get their inventory when Blizzard themselves claims to be sold out.


pre existent agreements with blizzard ?

maybe its connected - those stores get free advertisment with thousand of people checking them all if CE is there

either way good luck trying :slight_smile: aparently it appeared on amazon us and was sold out 10minutes later :slight_smile:

scalpers are having harvest now :slight_smile: all of merch lands on ebay with +/- 400 $ prices :slight_smile:

fast 300 $ profit for them. ofc people will buy out anything that appears. even on other continent as with shipping price they still make 200$ as there is no info from blizzard what their plans are so they pray on FOMO

blizzard really fu.cked up really badly with this.


Dude, I have played ur games since many years, have bought collector’s editions since starcraft I n warcraft 3, I happen to hear about this news out of the blue half a year prior to anniversary n it’s all sold out almost immediately, this is not how you treat loyal customers!


Hey all,

A couple of updates, as I know many of you are eager to get your hands on this Collector’s Edition.

The EU Gear Store has SOLD OUT of the 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition.

Some retailers across Europe still have boxes available for pre-order:

List last updated 13th June 2019 11:20 CEST








Game is sold out (UK)


This is ridiculous. Your own store sells out within minutes, and all other retailers sell out within minutes. The majority of players didn’t even know this existed until after they were all gone…

How many did you even bother to produce?


Well, all those EU retailers only sell if you are a resident of that country, they don’t ship to other European countries.
Any retailer for Italy?


0 most likely

its may so they will start producing them once all sell out.

its ridiculous what is happening on ebay now - blizzard should take action because 100% of merch is bought out by scalpers

(Razien) #45

Is there any actual place we can follow for updates on this?

It’s unbelievable that we haven’t heard anything about this so far. No statements, No updates, nothing.

Edit: And then they have the nerve to tell loyal players, people who have been subscribed for over a decade to go to third-party websites for their Collector’s Edition, which by the way are in languages that the vast majority of us aren’t even able to read or speak.

Absolutely ridiculous. Not to mention that many of these stores most likely do not even ship out of the country and even if they do then it probably costs a whole lot more. I’d check but you know… I can’t read or speak their languages.


that blue post is pathetic, we want to know when you plan on releasing MORE of them at the regular prices, not these inflated prices that will additionally only ship to their specific countries!!

loyal customers being treated like crap by Blizz - i expected better (yeah, shame on me)


nvm belgium stores sold out aswell


Email from Amazon

“This item is back in stock”

Clicks link less than 20mins after email was sent

“Sold out”


(Razien) #50

It seems to be an impossible concept for them to just accept all orders for the coming 2 months or something, and then make as many CE’s as they need to meet the demand.


gotta be faster to beat scalpers.

rememeber they make 200-300$ profit on each item . ofc they would buy them all instantly

i think its retar…ded what blizzard did that they didnt bind this first wave of CEs direckly to blizzard account. guess they were afraid people will pay for it with in game gold :slight_smile:

i was lucky enough to secure 1 from other retailer but amazon is lost cause.

(Holystephan) #52

Just gonna Add while in my country(Romania) the retailer isn’t sold out yet. And i expected it to be so cause our population isn’t huge on the official game and/or collectibles the problem i have with it is that it costs well around 130euros… i mean it’s pretty insane the price they have 33% price increase.


Is blizzard going to add more stock to their shop? There are lots of players that don’t have a chance to get it, and it would be outrageous that some people that want it would need to requiere to buy elsewhere if blizzard show no interest in providing enough for their players.

(Pranda) #54

With this type of product they have to book production some time in advance normally in large blocks say multiples of 10s of thousands, odds are all the bits come from different companies as well so they have to be available at the same time.

Some one at blizz then has to guestimate demand so they can place the order, over estimate and they are stuck with a tonne of stock they can not sell.

It certainly appears they have been cautious with the number they ordered probably due to decline in subs, the general negativity on youtube / reddit and the large number of blizzcon goodieboxes they had to sell at a large discount

Given the 100mill+ players of wow over the years, the imminent launch of classic and how iconic “too soon” raggy is demand was always going to be high

its going to look nice next to my 10 year orc :slight_smile:

(Zastaph) #55

It feels like an oxymoron for something that presumably hasn’t even been manufactured yet (as evidenced by its pre-order status) to be ‘sold out’. I shudder to think what the underlying motivation for this may be …