World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Talent Preview

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Talent Preview

Dragonflight provides an opportunity for some major updates to classes in World of Warcraft with the re-introduction of talent trees. In this preview, we take a first look at the prototype trees for the Druid and Death Knight classes.

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I’m disappointed, I thought we’d be able to make builds, like a talent calculator.


Its actually nice to have a bit more information on what they are doing with it. Will make a good read later on.

I wonder if we’ll get a date we can pre-order soon. I need a new mount.

Really looking forward to this new talent system. Looks super promising, the flexibility of the classic system without all the useless fluff, similar to the cata ones.


Go and learn how to create a talent tree BLIZZARD.
This is no different from the current one
it’s the same thing but it looks different
where i can min max to create my own interesting build?
When i was reading balance druid one
it is literally shadowlands garbage
still the same terrible mechanic with empowerements cast 2x wrath or the starfire
or boost your dmg %% for starsurge or reduce a cast time of this spell

If you gonna launch with talents like this
i can tell you that dragonflight will end up exactly like shadowlands


One other set of questions is around what abilities are still awarded automatically outside of the tree. There are few broad categories: Abilities learned before 10, the most basic elements of what starts to make you into your class (Moonfire, Death Strike).

yet Death Strike is listed as a talent, only baseline for BDK.


Suggestion to give both a class and a spec tree point at lv10:
*You can start dipping into both trees as soon as you unlock them
*You end up at an even amount of points at every X0 level.

Just a question regarding druids :
So, you can Ferocious Bite, baseline, but absolutely no combo point generator baseline ? how are you supposed to get combo points to spend on your baseline FB ?



Sorry but from what I read for Druid/DK these trees are just the legion weapon but you added some shadowland legendaries in the later stages of the talent trees. This is boring and no thought has been put into it at all.
Why not make some classes play like they did in older expansion? Some classes/specs have lost abilities they used to have which in my opnion really made them shine.
For instance druids: balance had:
might of ursoc
natures grasp
healing touch
cenarian ward
heart of the wild also give passive stam/int
a castable buff, [ AN ECLIPSE BAR ]
astral communion
displacer beast
shooting stars for instant starsuge procs
lunar shower
And more, this recycled 4 button moonkin rotation is so boring and I bet I spear for a lot of other classes that since cata/mop have been getting dummied down. (Lets not get started with BM hunters)


The difference between this one and the Shadowlands one is that all the of the Talents are in the Talent tree, and not locked behind stupid grinds like Legendaries and Conduits and Covenants.

This is what the players asked for.

In regards to your concerns, I doubt very much this will be the final version to make it into the game. But it’s a good example of how things will work with Abilities were a most familiar with (i.e. the ones we are using at the moment). At least it gives us a feel for how things will work, not what it will be like when the game is live (in 5 years time).


I would give them anything to bring back cata/MOP version of balance spec back
I can take talents to make my dream come tru no need to redesign
just give me talents that i can build my druid that way


I think Shred is also baseline, but they forgot to add it to the Base Abilities list: Feral tree has Improved Shred but there’s no regular Shred listed anywhere.


I haven’t played either of those classes outside of levelling since legion. A talent calculator would be nice to wrap my head around this thing.

Still nervous about what Ret will look like. I fear a loss of utility.

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Killing Machine: Each charge of Bone Shield increases your maximum health by 1%.


Imagine if we had improved shred but not shred. That would be awesome.

Looks sweet. Sure, in Vanilla we mix and matched 3 talent trees, but this looks decent. I don’t care much about what abilities are shown, because ideally… I would put all abilities in the talent tree. No baseline abilities that are default for a class. Just shove everything in that talent tree and let me pick and choose whatever I want.

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Yep can’t wait… i can’t really grasp if they are better than what we have for other classes as i just do some old dungeon farming with them and that’s it.
So only when the paladin example trees are released i can see if it’s a step up or down from what we have.

They will probably put every specs utility in the main tree and let us pick our poison…

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Problem is, the skill tree already offer you choice between utility and output.

That feels bad, already hard to get new player to interrupt, now they might be able to optout of it.

Don’t invite players without interrupts to 5 man dungeons… not a biggie, they’ll learn.

But i was looking at baselines for druids and i see they put something nice and new there!

Mark of the Wild: Increases the target’s Speed and critical strike chance by 3% and reduces their magic damage taken by 3% for 60 minutes. If the target is in your party or raid, all party and raid members will be affected.

3% speed and crit and dmg reduce raid wide?? Nice buff to have for sure.

Heh… wowhead already made a new post about the return of Mark of the Wild. xD

What happened to Convoke? :frowning: