World of Warcraft in 2024 —The Road Ahead

World of Warcraft in 2024 —The Road Ahead

Navigate your way through 2024 with the World of Warcraft roadmap with Executive Producer Holly Longdale.

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Harbinger quests?
Hopefully if you’re a shadow priest you can side with Xal’atath, after all we’re her favourite


Dragonflight Season 4 will revisit Dragonflight’s dungeons and raids

Well gee golly aren’t we lucky…

Paying the same for less and im sure we’ll get tons of awesome recolours too woohoo!!


2024 in WoW looks great! :slight_smile:
Looking forward to the ‘Fated’ season - some of my guild missed Vault of the Incarnates - time to give them the full Raszageth experience :smiley:


For those not wanting to bother reading, here is what’s coming:

Seeds Of Renewal (10.2.5) coming in Jan 2024.

  • Dragon Isles Epilogues
  • Reclamation Of Gilneas
  • Dragonriding Worldwide
  • Follower Dungeons
  • Azerothian Archives
  • Outland Dragonriding Cup
  • Hearthstone Anniversary Event

10.2.6 (Currently unnamed. It just has a pirate skull flag on it). No date currently, but early 2024.

Around this time, the Alpha for TWW will drop.

Season 4, dropping in spring 2024.

  • DF Raids Revisted (AKA Fated raids)
  • New PVP Season
  • New M+ Season
  • New Open World Rewards

Dark Heart (10.2.7), dropping in late spring.

  • Timerunning: Pandamonium
  • Harbinger Quests
  • Troll and Draenei Heritage Armor
  • New Holiday Event

The beta of TWW will come soon after.

After that, it’s all TWW updates.


Are we there yet ?! :red_car:

I love these roadmaps. I get to look forward to stuff all year! I’m intrigued and pleased to see that you are giving us outdoor worlders something to do in season 4. The patches all sound fun, I am also looking forward to Cata Classic and deadly curious what that mini patch skull is…

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Also, we’re gonna find the One Peice in 10.2.6 :skull_and_crossbones:

“We are endlessly grateful to our community for being in our world as we grow, change, experiment, and deliver as much magic and fun as possible!”

How about not ignoring retail WoW a few weeks into a new season before going on your vacations for the Holiday and leaving behind 2 temp workers for 2 weeks to do nothing for us?
There are 3-4 specs 20%+ ahead in dps and you barely touch two of them with laughable nerfs meanwhile you deliver meaningful buff for only 2 specs.
You also buff some specs even more that are already on the top and you give laughable buffs to some specs that are literally the bottom 4 specs in dps. Those players mean nothing to you while you are being so grateful for them?
Meanwhile any an all focus is clearly going into season of discovery with tons of class tuning - I would argue its even too much going on there - and probably the development of the next expansion.
It is very bold of you to ignore your retail community because you will quickly lose any and all good will you managed to build up after the catashtrophic BFA and shadowlands expansion.
Where is your promised “we will pay attention to feedback and act promptly upon it” now?!
Also dare I mention you got very comfortable after shadowlands with cutting a whole patch/content cycle out of the game delivering for us less content while increasing the box prices in a game where we play a monthly sub/buy a bunch of stuff and services in the shop.
You are delivering less content and now you have more developers. What are they doing exactly with all the extra time they dont have to spend on developing a last full content patch with fresh content?
Apparently your plan is to pop-out a new expansion under every 2 years now on or maybe even 1 and a half years with less content to cash in on the increased box prices for less content.
If that really happens I have a feeling you will hurt the game with this a lot because people will see right through your greedy plan and the “we will listen now for your feedback for realsiiiiees pls come back and play” wont work anymore.
Less content popped out fasted wont be good …start focusing on the quality guys!


20 years, jeez, makes me feel soooo old (started on day 1)


thank god it’s not a late fall release . what’s the new rewards gonna be for season 4 :eyes: and what is timerunning ARE WE GETTING SOLID OPEN WORLD CONTENT :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

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About bloody time. Draenei always left as the last and long after anyone else :frowning:

I also hope they’ll bring other continent dragon cup faster than once half a year, at this rate, so it won’t take 5 years to have them everywhere.

Yeah, I can’t wait for the Draenei Heritage Armor. Especially with next months trading post datamined stuff, the Heritage will surely fit well to them.

Also Blizzard, keep up the good communication with the Roadmaps. You are doing very well with that so far.


If a new expansion comes out every year, I think there will be 2 seasons per exp.
I hope we get new dungeons every season and not “renovated” draenor and pandaria trash.

The DF dungeons have become very good and beautiful, but we are slowly getting to the point where we run out of dungeons and only the classic ones remain.

ikr id prefer a content draught /s


I dread expansion releases in summer…I don’t know about everyone else, but the last thing I want to do in summer is sit inside and play video games. Expansion release should always be timed to October - February imo.


that would be better 2 months of time to work on it

How about preferring actual new content? During SL it made sense with covid but that isnt the case anymore.

Why are we suddenly okay with only 3 patches instead of 4? Not like they’re charging less for these expansions.


Posts a list as long as my arm… :rofl:

its almost the same as wod-legion and i think that shows the expansion can easily be done by that , not even considering the studio has gotten way bigger since then