World of Warcraft is crashing on Mac Sonoma

Hello there!

After updating my Mac to latest version of MacOS- Sonoma, World of Warcraft started to crashing entire Mac.

It’s appear in random situations - sometime in crowded city, sometime In dungeon and sometime even in empty open world region.

Whole game gets frizzed and courser change its look to colorful spinning circle and that’s it - I can’t do anything, event take a screenshot… Only restarting whole Mac is solution…

Sometimes I can play for just view minutes, sometimes it take 1-2 hours to crash the game .

Before update I was able to play without any crashing and buggy situation…

The whole situation is appearing only in World of Warcraft - rest of my games still working good on new MacOS

Can anyone help me to figure out what’s wrong here?


Same here, totally unplayable


who play games on a mac anyway?

get windows 10 pro/asus gpu/asus mb/seasonic psu/intel cpu and you fine!

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I have a Mac running Sanoma on Intel CPU and my game crashes in the startup menu every time …


Im using my Mac mostly for work - used to play games on PS5 but WoW is not yet on PS5 so I’m playing it on Mac :slight_smile:

Or should I said - I was playing…

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Same for me. After upgrading to Sonoma game freezes at ”Connect” and then crashes out.

Tech Specialist answered me today no ETA on fix, best we could do is post our specs here and they’ll try to figure it out. Perfect timing when ICC is around the corner:(

I’m running wotlk classic on MacBook Air Retina 2020, Intel Core i7, Intel Iris Plus graphics


I have the exact same issue on my MacBook Pro 2020, 2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 with Intel Iris Plus Graphics 1536 MB. I really hope bug will get fixed ASAP!

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(Sigh) I have exactly same bug on my windows 10 PC!
It started today. Entire PC goes into the blue screen when I am starting the launcher or when launching WoW.
. . . . .
update: looks like it was Avast free antivirus. I uninstalled it and WoW works fine.

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Same Problem.
MacBook Pro M1Pro from 2022.

The problems have been going on for two days. Since installing Sonoma


I have MacBook Pro 2020, 16GB RAM, Intel I5, Intel Iris

I have MacBook Pro 13 2020, Intel I5, 16GB, macOs Sonoma 14.0 (23A344)
Crashes in the startup menu!!!
code : 3DC5ED97-E785-4AAF-A0F7-BB3663A4AF1F

I have the same issue with instant crash when I launch the game after updating to Sonoma. I play on a 2020 MacBook Pro 2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5. Please fix this ASAP!

i solved this issue by deleting the agent folder, try it maybe helps you too.

Really? How do I find that particular folder?


Are you also on Intel?

EDIT: Found the folder, deleted it, still not working.

So the problem still exists for me. However, I found out the following:

The crash does not appear if:

  • I play the game in window mode
  • I connected the MacBook to an external monitor and the MacBook screen was closed. (it is currently connected to the power supply)

Macbook Pro 14" M1 Pro 2022
MacOS Sonoma 14.0

Where to find this folder?

WTB Blue Tech response! Jump in guys, we want our game back!

We are currently investigating crashes on Intel based Macs on OSX 14.0 . We do not have any further information on this, or any ETA on it.

The only known workaround is to rollback to OSX 13.6.

We apologize for the problem and the inconvenience caused.

Thanx for reply!

Downgrading to Ventura can be a real freaking hassle depending on your savvy-ness.

Just a suggestion: with no ETA nor solution in sight, you might wanna send out a word of caution to the most likely thousands of Intel-Mac-wowers out there NOT to upgrade to Sonoma atm. Pref on billboard at login? Who knows, maybe that’ll make Apple put more effort into helping as well?


Have W11 and stuck samekind randomly, almoust each dungeon, start few days ago, game freeze, and need close WoW in task manager, app itself work, and if start play again can play new window, and continue exactly same place where stuck, even freeze window shows sametime.