World of Warcraft Mythic + Leavers

Blizzard really needs to take action against M+ leavers. One player has just left the group on the last boss in Nokhud. Messed up 4 other people’s games and time. They are losing players because they take no action against these griefers. My suggestion is dropping their Raider IO for punishment.

For Mythic groups you can choose and filter your own members, simply select better next time. The exception is if they’ve stated in chat they want to grief your key, but there needs obvious proof for that not mere assumption or straight up leaving as that is not considered griefing. Their power could’ve went poof. Boom you’ve marked them a (unintended) griefer. Very nice.

You want Blizzard, to enforce what a third party app says about them?
If you want to suggest things for the third party app, you need to be at their site; not Blizzard’s.

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For the love of God use google or something or just search through the forums to see why this is a bad idea.

It can be circumvented in a thousand ways and also, who is to say the player that left wasn’t being held hostage by 4 baddies? Is it fair that someone gets into a situation where their time is being wasted like that but they have no recourse except to stay?

Didn’t think so.


Just do the next key? M+ is unlimited content.

Maybe your group was just bad?

It can also be implemented in a bulletproof way, but that would take effort.

It is what it is, pointless to make these posts about it, when Blizzard made it clear that they aren’t bothered to moderate this form of end content.

No it can’t. When the solution is more complicated than the problem its simply not realistic.

There is always some kind of rebuttal.
“People could just subtly troll the run by ‘accidentally’ pulling extra trash or dying stupidly”

Rebuttal: “Aha!!! Blizzard could genetically create mind readers to divine a players true intention!”

See, bulletproof! :roll_eyes:

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I don’t know how many problems you have faced in your life, but the absolute vast majority of solutions are more complicated than the problems you are fixing.

On another note, this is not 2005 anymore. You have computer system that generate movies based on prompts alone in minutes.

The system solution would be for Blizz to build a profile of players performance (dmg done, mobs pulled, cc/interrupt, healing and mitigation done) on their successful runs.

If these players fall a huge percentage (let’s say 50%) below their performance or leave before the run is finished, they get flagged in secret.

After X amount of flag they get actioned. After 2-3 days of not getting flagged, the system removes a flag each day.

And of course, to address the REAL issue (the reason why people leave in the first place) the system would group up high performance people with very low performance people.

Edit: wanted to write “the system would NOT group up high performance people with very low performance people.”

Ahh, the old magic all knowing algo will fix it.

Can’t see that going wrong. I mean they can’t even moderate forums properly, now you’re expecting it to gauge deviations from standard play.

Meantime, here in reality.


I though we were discussing what is possible, not what Blizzard is able to xD

You want the game to actually work? I mean, we’ve had lag problems since MoP remix started. The amount of server processing required to do this would make it unplayable.

And this would “address the real issue” in what way, precisely?

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Well, I guess people leave because they have expectations when they join a run.

I would like to believe that people join M+ groups with the intention of completing them. And when they see that people do not perform at the level that is expected from their gear and m+ score, then they get disappointed and leave, because
a) They do not want to carry low performing players
b) They know that due to the low performance of others, the run will take longer and will reward less m+ score

Am I wrong about this? I don’t know, I have only left maybe about 4 runs from the several hundred I have done.

There’s a certain feeling of accomplishment from finishing a 50 death run, for me.

Oh god no, just realised.

I wanted to write that the system would NOT group up high performance players with low performance players.

I am a dummy.

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I was confused LOL.

But you seem to be missing the part where it isn’t the system that groups players. People choose who to invite to their keys, and while the data available at Raider IO isn’t infallible, there’s a lot of information to tell whether the person applying is actually a competent player or not. It isn’t the fault of Blizz or RIO if group leaders see a high score, ilvl and/or meta spec and just hit the invite button without taking time to check whether the player is actually any good or if their score has come from being carried/boosted.

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This is sooo easy to fix. All blizz needs to implement is, when i filter players in lfg on the side of their names should be the amount of times a person finished a dungeon. Like mister dps 56/59.
That means he left the dungeon 3 times but played it till the end 56 times. That s a player that i would inv.
But if someome is 20/40 he can rot in the lfg page till next expansion

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There are people claiming they got a leaver every other dungeon run, and because of that they can not finish their run. So that metric does not work either.

I have yet to see a suggestion without planet sized holes …

So if I have a bad day, or am slightly drunk, bad internet day with latency issues, gotten tired or a million other things, I should be punished as a griefer, gotcha.

Do I actually need to point out how actual trolls would try and force others to leave first to get them bad stats and so on?

I assume you’d only give the leaver number to the first player leaving? Or do you think it should be 1 person leaves and everyone get the leaver number added?

The first person to leave would get the negative number while the others would be unchanged. Let s be honest. In m+ pugs most of the times its always that one person that is nasty and will leave at the first sight of problems.
As for the trolls you pointed out, how often had you players like that in your m+ keys? They could do it, that if the group is over the timer by 15 min no one gets a negative rating.

Its all a numbers game. No one will have a 100% finished rating. But if your having bad internet day, every day, then its not cool to brick others ppl keys anyway and your deserve your negative rating.

This way i would get al the info i need. If a player has 90% finished key hes not a leaver in my eyes. I myself never left a key first because i wont even start them if i dont have time for them.

Right, so from my comment, all you got, that if Blizzard even just catches you typing a swear word in the chat box without hitting enter, then I recommended that Blizzard deletes your account and sends the US Airforce to launch a missile strike at your location.

Are you mentally sane my good man? No, I actually did not say that people who are making this offence once in a blue moon should be instantly punished. Good luck finding anything in my comments that would suggest that.

In the same vein, I’ve had maybe 1-2 leavers per season, where i usually do 2-500 runs per season, depending on how much i have to travel for work.

But im sure some will argue they have trolls in every key, the same way you and other argue theres a leaver in nearly every key.