World of Warcraft Post-BlizzCon Q&A

This year, we plan to release a World of Warcraft Q&A video soon after BlizzCon. We’ll take the questions for the Q&A from you – both at BlizzCon and via forum threads that we’ll open on Friday, November 3. We’ll ask you to submit questions on the latest WoW and WoW Classic updates, and we’ll answer as many as we can in the Q&A video.

We look forward to hearing from you. See you at BlizzCon!


That sounds promising.
Im sure blizzard will select the questions carefully.

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Exactly. They are definitely scared of letting a Live Audience ask questions this year.


if you only have a certain amount of time, what will you do if 90% of the questions will just be a variation of, is this an out of season aprils fools joke?

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I think a video Q&A with more time taken to answer the questions everyone may have is better.

The downside is also that they can pick and choose and we may not be able to see if they’re unprepared for a certain type question that’s rather, direct or give a unwitty response like “don’t you guys have phones?” - D4 meme.

I hope they do both, a live and a post-Blizzcon Q&A. That way they can show they can take on the heat of the crowd as well as point: We answered some questions on the Live Q&A and will now address questions we have gathered from the community… etc.

Little scared of that 2-way interaction, are we?

Can’t blame you.

But at least I know that you know. And who knows, maybe you’ll rise like a phoenix.


one thing I´ve noticed with these Q&A´s is that “Mooo” guy.

Does that mean we just post questions for you in this thread or what? :smiley:

some people would say they want to create an echo chamber :upside_down_face:
Diablo q&a on youtube were awful btw

@Heramaar The threads will be made at Friday Nov 3 for questions and they will make the video later for the Q&A.

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I still have hopes too, but everything is so soulless now, lore- has feeling as it doesnt exist and everything is on 3+ kids fairytales level

Zones- everything looks the same, even emerald dream looks just like extension of The Waking Shores, in previous expansions details and colour palette was much richer and high fantasy used to be on point, e.g legion
I really hope avaloren expansion leak is fake cuz eveyrthing there looks like voldun+ dragon isles copy paste

It just feels as they signed minimum 4 expansions more and do it without paying any atention to just get over with it

Gameplay of dragonflight is slightly better than last 2 expansions but everything is so str8 lined with poor concepts

I still love this game and I have huge hopes for blizzard’s team though


Thanks, I am blind as usual

:goat: noises

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They’ve done it like this before. It’s nothing new.

Can we send it by sms? You guys have phones right?


the comments alone shows that uh, they can´t be bothered anymore?


Pretty much.
Blizzard: Speaks out to community.
Community: Full of toxicity and negativity and drowns Blizzard at every possible way possible.
Blizzard: Ok. Wont bother to speak then.
Community: OmgEz why You No SPEaAK wiTH US?!


so true lol omg :sweat_smile:

Awesome! I can’t wait to ask my questions.

i will ask questions you don’t want to hear… you’ll probably take the cute questions like ‘‘i really enjoyed dragonflight i hope we’ll keep dragonriding after the expansion can i ride my dragon in kalimdor :dracthyr_heart:’’ stuff that we either already know about or don’t care. if you are sure of your product do a live q&a and take questions from people who watch the streams not the fanboys attending the event . if you’re not gonna accept criticism there’s no point of taking feedback.

also, taking questions from the forums where it’s filled with people who think dragonflight is the best thing that happened to wow is another sign of escaping reality. i’m truly disappointed

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Dear Lord,

Scripting and choreography of an event like this really screams “Engagement and transparency.”

Seems a bit cowardly to me but you do you.