World of Warcraft Reveal News Round-Up

World of Warcraft Reveal News Round-Up

Learn more about the next World of Warcraft expansion Dragonflight and Wrath of the Lich King Classic in our news round-up.

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We’ll see.

Love the Dragon Divebombing though. Hated the cinematic. It was whole lot of nothing.

This is a comment from a friend of mine: "Hey, still no heritage armor sets for half the races. What about the remaining races?


Let that dragon form be cosmetic, I don’t want to be locked in an uglier form like worgens were in cata.


Let me make my dragon NOW!!? :heart:


I’m only disappointed that the race/class completely excludes tanks.


yeah this is weird. a dragon tank would be awesome


Yeah makes no sense, i solely play tanks yet love dragons so I either have to miss out on an epic race, or play a roll I dislike

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Looking forward to the revamps in professions. :slight_smile:


Thats just unfortunate mate isnt it. Having to play the game.


Would you consider making an option of a gnome humanoid form for the dragon race? Asking for a friend.


OMG Blizzard…no hard feelings but this was the most boring trailer I ve ever seen. Very disappointing…


I’m dissapointed by the fact that you revamped many things
but you forget to revamp CLASSES
you release EVOKER with a cool spells and everything
but my paladin is the same design for years
same thing happend with DH all other classes were all of a sudden not even close to what DH can do
it was like DH doesn’t belong to WOW
and this evoker will be the same THING


The features and the lack of borrowed powers and other grindy stuff is a huge positive. I am looking forward to alpha and beta, and I hope that I’ll get to test them alongside my fellow WoW players. :slight_smile:


My first impressions on the expansion reveal (these are just my two cents):

What I’m positive about:

  • At last, we are going back to Azeroth!
  • Dragon Isles as new zones.
  • Dragon flying - it gives me the vibes of “How to train your dragon?” Finally, flying is not the enemy, it is again a feature!
  • Talent trees : if they will remain with us instead of throwaway systems and borrowed power, I’m all-in. I know it may upset some people though that they will have to re-learn their class again.
  • Professions: I think they needed a serious revamp. I recently picked up blacksmithing again and levelling blacksmithing (and, all the other professions) across all expansions is pretty insane (I know, I’m not forced to do it). I hope finally we will be able to unlearn and learn all professions, including the secondary ones as well. I also hope that the old crafted transmogs will still be available after the revamp in some way.

What I’m neutral about:

  • The new race/class. I don’t think I will play it but then again, I don’t play most of the other new races / classes either. It’s okay.

What I’m negative about:

  • Nothing so far. I will wait and see.

What I’m curious about:

  • Is it true that we are going to get dragon factions like the Covenants in Shadowlands? If yes, I hope they will remain purely cosmetic.
  • Will we get player housing?
  • Will we get lumber / carpenter professions?
  • Will we get a few old zone revamps like Lordaeron, Quel’thalas, etc?

I will buy this expansion but I don’t think I will pre-order it just yet. I would like to learn more.


I’m just here to try get Archaeology back tbh



The new UI shots that got seem like they were taken very early in the development for the healthbar. And the fact that we are not shown a group or raid interface tells me this is heavily subject to change, so good news :smiley:

Zone and it

I’m really forward to discovering the new zones, updated models for the gnolls, centaurs and tuskars in action. I’m loving the fact that they are revamping the fly system with this dragon riding. I hope it will be a good success that they will be able to use to implement an equivalent of it around the whole world of Azeroth and beyond.

New Race

The new race looks hideous (sorry for the harsh feedback) but I’m not sold at all. When I’m picturing a dragon race, it is bulky, it is massive and you don’t want to get close to it because of the danger it represents. This one I don’t want to get close to because of its looks. If they add options to make it fierce and intimidating, stronger silhouette and more menacing poses then I will be sold. I’m greatly looking forward to some more gameplay footage and details on the specs.

Talent system

The reworked talent system can be a great breath of fresh air but the fact that you can save your trees and have a multitude of them is not very reassuring to me. This just feels like they are giving up to the people who raged over the covenants soulbind switch limitation. Constraints are healthy and I’m not looking forwards to swapping talent trees between bosses. I know it’s very early, we haven’t seen anything but I feel better expressing this now.

Intro Cinematic

The cinematic was a bit peculiar, I really didn’t get what they were going for but I liked it a lot that they went back to a more poetic narrative direction. The dragons are pretty quick to hear the call I must say ^^

The logo

Other than all of this, the logo is disgusting (harsh feedback sry again), I’d rather have the team move to a flat design, legion had it right.


I feel like if they were going to make a new class that’s locked to one race, they should have a dps/heal AND tank spec? idk it feels weird that as a dragon (in fantasy they are ferocious and large and bulky) cannot be a tank spec at all


this is dragon isles introduces about ivl 70 expansion for crafters for professions

Appreciate the good news cause it seems to be shaping up nicely.
There’s only one thing I’d like to see looked at especially as the reveal stream mentioned the council and their feedback.

There’s been no official word on suggestions and feature requests regarding the health of wow’s roleplay community and functionality yet and id very much love that to get looked at in some way prior to release.

Link here for one of the bigger topics that lists several smaller and some bigger wishes from the community.


At the very least, it’s inoffensive. BFA and SL pre-release was obnoxious. This is just a “here’s a new continent, cool zones, have fun with it” Like Mists of Pandaria was.

I’m not hyped per say, but I don’t dread the future so much.