Would we be better off with Garrosh returning?

(Araphant) #21

The Alliance actually tried to save the Horde during the Purge of Dalaran. Too many blood elves running around.


Place was getting crowded, someone had to do something about the overpopulation. Jaina did nothing wrong.


the only overpopulation is within Alliance and wont be gone till all humans are dead.

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Lets play “Find the blood elf main”!


No man, the sunreavers were a problem. Jaina did the right thing, perhaps her only mistake was taking too many prisoners. Sometimes you just got to be ruthless and merciless with traitors.


So what?
The humans should be at very least out of picture, they ruin Alliance entierly, its human this,human that. Omg look how and amazing humans are, all that human potential.
even if is other races its still humans,humans humans. World bends around Anduin so he cant be wrong in anything at all or anything.

Either need new writers , or humans need to be out of story so Alliance can be on Alliance and other races, not omg humans adn Stormwind are amazing.

(Araphant) #27

Human characters are over-dominant, that’s true. But the human race itself is not. Stormwind is basically props atm.


Stormwind is a refugee camp right now, there are more non-humans than actual humans.


its all about humans from stormwind, logo Sw one, mounts horses horses and more horses.
Even in burning of teldrasil had shandris go on about how amazing human joke character is. and if is important female elf usally will have male human boyfriend/husband.

Or night elfs outside shandris not in naijzatar in favor of humans. And despite shandris being right there the history is all told by Jaina who recoginzes it imeadlty but no shandris despite being born r at least having lived there and fought in war of ancients.


and where is focus Always? o right humans,humans,humans.

Horde has massive orc focus but its not as bad as Alliance with humans.

(Leíá) #31

Humans would benefit from characters like Gryan Stoutmantle and other lesser-knowns.

People feel fatigued with them at the moment, because they are just ridiculous super-hero power houses that are children’s-comic, worthy.

(Araphant) #32

I mean, that’s not really true. But I won’t get into that debate now, as I do not have a habit of repeating myself.


Then play Horde. You have the right attitude.


Like best mages, humans. best palladins humans, best rogues,humans. best anything humans.

Like thalysra despite being just under elisande and having way more experience with magic then jaina is powerless to her in Sw. and rommath who is suspodly on jainas lvl like has he ever really done anything at all in the game? like at all.


I play Horde and Alliance.

And the Alliance is to over focused on humans this,humans that. i like rest of Alliance. When its not all abotu stormwind/humans , its humans adn their sidekicks instead of Alliance.

And Alliance has multiple leaders with vastly more experience and have lived for thousands of years. yet have to listen toa way to naiive kid.

Or dwarf council issues has to have human(varian) fix it.
Tyrande despite having lived well of hundred times as long as varian and ahving fought in multiple wars vs the legion and was in war of ancients, Varian ahs to teach her miltiary basics.

A human (varian) even got blessing of goldrin and elune in cata. If is something in Alliance its Always humans,humans,humans.

(Leíá) #36

As I say, they are “Captain Marvel” type characters. Bland, emotionless, meh.

If we were to get story for characters like Gryan or Thassarian’s sister, then Human lore would actually be interesting as we’d see characters grow and develop into something.
This is what happens when you try and make an, all-perfect, character. They truly aren’t that great and in the case of BFA, only here for a political message.


I did few quests earlier today for thassarians sister. But Gryan never heard of.
Just looked him,is kinda interesting actully.
One that has best for people/troops and took right in own hands when stormwind dint support as Alliance and established the miltia to defend people there.
Certainly lot more interesting then anduin .

(Leíá) #38

You see, these Human characters can grow into something.

I’d personally like for Leryssa (Thas’ sister) to become a Warlock. Her brother, a Death Knight and her a Warlock, we could see some of the darker sides to the Human lore - darker sides, but for the greater good.
She has the potential to be a really good character that people can follow, but the pace of her develop must be right. We can’t have Taelia 2.0 - it’s got to be a proper journey with Leryssa.


They can be interesting. but more likly would be Ok turned up and is now super evil , or is now amazing at evrything adn cant do any wrongs. with no real explination given if they showed up.

Like anduins magic bones that hurt him whenever he has chance of doing anthing not pure good.
which is a shame.

(Zarao) #40


On his initial stages Garrosh fought back a series of rights not a single Horde leader seemed inclined or willing to demand.
Even if it meant shaking the geopolitical landscape, he did so out of an ambition seldom seen.

His rule (before being turned cartoonishly evil), was reminiscent of Orgrim Doomhammer, arguably, one of the best Warchiefs the Horde ever had.