Would we be better off with Garrosh returning?


Warchief Hellscream(pbuh) would have led us into glorious war…alas, my brothers and sisters his destiny was bamboozled and cut short!

But fear not, HE guides our rage from up above, Always!



That is really your main concern isn’t it? If they’d put you in charge, I bet you would first thing chase away all the Nelf refugees disfiguring your pretty capital. Congrats. You’re truly a poster child for human righteousness.
But on topic, I agree with you. I wouldn’t want Garrosh back either.


No man, I’d just dump them into the Great Sea. That way we don’t stain Stormwind.


Feed the fish then? At least you are an animal lover. But I wouldn’t be so hasty. You might still need them as meat shields when Sylvanas is coming for Stormwind.


And do not worry, when her 300 forsaken and 200 mag’har orcs reach Stormwind, we shall be ready.


Can’t wait :wink:


Oops, typo. I meant 20 mag’har orcs.


200 or 20- will still be enough when your king sends all his troops to TB.


Who cares, we have Jaina, Vindicaar, and Aurobos who can teleport entire armies.


Tsss so you’re admitting you can’t get things done without the help of your alien friends? Where, btw, have they been lately? And I seriously doubt Jaina will be there to save the day this time. She will be busy defending her special horde friend’s home.

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Stop feeding Arctur, he is fat enough.


Oh but I never said that I strictly hate the subhuman species merely for being inhuman. I just hate the upstart subhumans who thinks they are more valuable than humans pure of blood. If the subhumans do their job, they are rewarded, and I gladly welcome their aid.

Stop feeding Arctur, he is fat enough.

You did not just say that.


I just wanted a cuddle!


Don’t worry, lady Daelinna, I am still here for you. And yes, the Lord Admiral does approve of Tauren, do not worry.

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