Would you take a feral dps?

Feral has been one of my all time favourite specs for many years,

but with meta nowadays i can see it being a huge struggle to get by as feral, even though the very very few that i have seen, were pumping on the metres,

would you take one in your groups / teams?
genuinely curious

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Last time I took a feral druid to a dungeon they did less dmg than me (the tank). No.

well i know how to play feral, the issue isnt dmg, its finding players that arnt meta slaves

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In Kara sure, you can’t stack so many buffs/debuffs that big damage dealers really outscale you, and brez and innervate is useful.

In 5 man heroics only if you will off tank extra mob or two since I’m taking you instead of a rogue that can blind and sap.

In normal 5 mans no since cat DPS is bad with low gear and you don’t need extra tankiness from bear.

In 25 man raids I wouldn’t take a feral without a dedicated tanking set.


Unfortunately thats pretty much the truth,

however i think ferals are worth far more than rogues, rogues bring a few CC’s
ferals on the other hand offer buffs, CR/BR, off tanking, off healing, CC’s such as hibernate and cyclone,

indeed bad geared ferals struggle, ferals scale very well with gear, but its getting that gear thats the problem aha

Idk why but the ferals I know are pretty good and pull their own weight easily in any setup/raid.

Most of the time outdpsing ‘meta’ classes or atleast other classes that should be doing more dps than them.

Might be because feral requires a lot of dedication and min maxing (the most out of any dps) to pull top numbers, which generally makes them picked by better players.

Also TBCC is easy as taking a dump after chugging some laxatives. Obviously I’d take a feral.

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Had a feral dps doing over 1k dps on mag yesterday… so why not… get a guild and hope they want you. Pugging as feral dps I would assume it’s not as healthy for you.

I think it depends if you are willing to use your full utility to help the group out i.e. tank/heal when needed. Use CC smartly (bear stun? cyclone?).
If you’re one of those hybrid dps that is just blindly doing dps (which is low as people here pointed out) then no.

I play a holy paladin on one of my characters, and I’ve done ‘dps’ in heroics, but I was stunning mobs, offhealing on overpulls etc. so despite some meter idiot calling me out on my dps the sane people in the group acknowledged that I was still more then pulling my weight in this way. If I had blindly focused dps that would have been another story…

The point is, you need people that know you are this kind of a team player. If you apply to pug groups, people will not know if you are and I can fully understand they will be hesitant to take you. So make friends in groups, ask if you can come along more often with them etc. I’ve seen people take absolutely trash mages and warlocks, but at least they were a class that had potential to be decent or even great.

Actually in T4 25man raids you only need some tanking gear, since you can tank the caster on Maulgar and keep yourself 3rd on threat meter on Gruul and Mag (you don’t use blessing of salvation ofc) so you can offtank in case main tank dies, you just need enough survivability to not die to bosses hit every few seconds.

In T5 is where you need to specialize for your “main” role and dungeons since you’ll be expected to tank.

I can say without a doubt that you excluding people for their class does not surprise me the slightest.

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Your attitude is funny. This is an mmorpg and there will always be a “meta”.

I tank and never get a feral or warrior dps for my heroic pugs. If i see one in the group i leave. It is not because im a meta slave i just dont want my time some random guy who want to play “his choices”. So this is my choice. Dont blame people as meta slaves. If i tank as a druid you have to play your class according to meta or accept to wait 2 hours to find a heroic dung.

Why should i carry a mr nobody?

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im sorry but if you see a warrior in your group you leave? saying you carry players,

and you say my attitude is funny…

quick question what class do you play???

Druid as tank ofc. I am not delusional to think people get me as feral dps with 0 cc.
But in raids you will be expected to tank at some point. Not a big deal, same talents, and 3-4 gear change.

Easy answer . In raids yes .Both 10man and 25 man . The problem is , you can’t really take more than one , for the same reasons you won’t have a second shadowpriest or a second moonkin .
It’s not a meme spec no matter what the minmaxers say , as Synrelia said they can easily do 1k+ if they know what they’re doing , even more if you place them in a grp with a shammy and 1-2 BM hunters
In normal dungeons , there is no reason to min max and deny a player their rep farm (or their quest run )because of their class/spec ,
In certain heroics , you will struggle a lot tho . SHH for example is a pain

You take one feral because a decent ranged will do 1.5k dps instead of 1k dps

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You claim not to be a meta slave , then two sentences later say you are …

Ironic isn’t it

I didnt say im not a meta slave. Ofc i am. Because if you play an mmorpg you have to play it acc to meta. Because you share other peoples time.

But ignorant and selfish childs want to play only for themselves expect others carry them. If not they blame people as meta slaves.

Being a meta slave is not bad. People are free to play whatever they want, but also people are free not to accept them. Why blame them? They care their time.

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Spoken like a true meta slave. You’re also the laughing stock of this forum in case you didn’t notice