WoW Classic 1.13.3 Patch Notes

However they shouldn’t be saying that battlegrounds are now open when they aren’t yet. They should instead say that “battlegrounds will open on Thursday, Wednesday or whatever day it is”

I was looking forward to some bgs tomorrow night aswell, i suppose it does make sense to come after the honor reset.

Ah well.

We are getting this on Wednesday? And US on Tuesday!!! so mad …


OH yes! Money calls, Blizzard respond! Thank you. Can’t wait to leave the deseased SHAZZRAH server


tough sh’t :smiley: See ya in AV. Neckbeards, Assemble!

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Is anybody sure yet whether all European Realms are going to Play against and especially with each other? I am pretty sure it might be hard to Play in a Group consisting of people speaking Russian, English, Spanish, French and German… ah well… we shall see.


Please, oh please post a complete list of the bug fixes you’ve done!

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Cant wait to try out the Battlegrounds!

Thank you Blizzard!

p.s. a bit more communication would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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They said on the 10th (not the week) in Europe on twitter like 3 days ago…

There you go :slight_smile:

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Character transfers contributed to killing realms back in the day too, and faction changes contributed to faction imbalance - no repeat of this please.

If people transfer and pile onto the same realms/factions as everyone else it will wreck servers again.

Yes it was available in vanilla and this is something that may have not been a problem in vanilla but it certainly had a long term effect on the game.

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Yes Yes Yes!!! PvE here I come bby!!! I hope the future date will be soon!!!

Woo! WSG hype :partying_face:

At Vanilla we had addon KillThreatMeter to control threat generation in raids. An now at Classic we using some addons for this purposes. And they all use Custom Chat Channels to evaluate right thread for all raid members.
If from 1.13.3 this channels will be forbidden for addons then what solutions Blizzard offer for this purpose?

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Care to elaborate?

What the actual f…BG’s NOT coming the 10th now?? And paid char transfers?

Will they be separated by language? Or is all of Europe in one pool?


Lookin good! Good riddance with those lfg addons!
Thank you for your work!

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PCT, there’s still hope! Would be nice to be able to do non-instanced content once more.

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You won’t be able to transfer from PvP to PvE.