WoW Classic and Honor system – A message from the dev team

If you can’t handle hard mode go easy mode.

I totally agree.

Alliance does whatever the stupid game design forces it to do.
On the other hand it’s Horde doing braindead stuff such as countering a raid of 10 with a raid of 30 lmao

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You guys at Blizzard don’t have the most basic clue about what is TRULY wrong with Classic PvP servers, do you ?


No, its not frustrating being ganked 24/7 its just fine. Going to dungeon 5 of us, 50 horde ganking, going to farm, 50 horde ganking, flight path, at list 5 deaths when you land, 50 horde ganking, no its not frustrating its fine, GJ Blizzard… Congratz on high pop servers with more than 70% horde dominating pure by numbers, its all fine… I am happy to be farmed every time i leave town, its all fine…


Nah ppl just have no clue and are too lazy to do their own research.

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Yeah alliance players never did that… lol

If I make a 30 man raid it’s to counter another as big raid. The fact that then I casually run through smaller group is none of my business, it’s not what I made the raid for. Cause I happily go solo until I get zerged.

Why do people seem to think the people who play horde and alliance are any different, they’re the exact same.

Some servers have imbalanced ratios and it sucks, but that’s how it’s always been and blizzard can’t make people move.


People who roll on a faction which is already known to be dominant, is more likely to be inclined to make those unneeded huge raids

If this is not autism i don’t know what it is. Honor updating it’s not a major issue, people that can’t play the game because they are the minor faction in a server is and the it should be the priority for Blizzard.

Making free transfers like what happened in Flamelash it’s plain stupid, the server it’s dead because of it. Allies leave because they are camped in every zone and Horde go as well because they don’t want to stay in a 95/5 server. This is not the solution and it will only lead to the decline of more servers.

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The honor system isn’t frustrating because of honor calculation, it’s frustrating because I’ve had to wait basically a month until BG is out so I can level my character to 60 because it’s impossible getting ganked every two minutes 5v1

Poor guys. I guess the borderline is at 70:30?


I’m a Allie from that server Gurlie. This is not Horde or Allie fault, Blizzard should have acted and do something in a 15 years old game. The no changes policy it’s retarded, we have plenty of options to decrease this kind of griefing in the game.

They should have blocked the possibility of a level 60 gank a lower character, it is easy. Most of the people leave and quit the game because they can’t even reach lvl60. As i said in one server thread, i’m level 54 for 2 days playtime because it’s impossible to quest. I just gave up.


I don’t think so. Legit alliance people’s “fault” is to not be as selfish and pathetic as the one picking horde, for perhaps legitimately trying to even it out or actually have a challenge being a minority. Horde’s fault to make the terrible ratio even more weighty by also running cancer sized groups around the world.

Very easy indeed, also very logical, so logical that one would wonder why it wasn’t already in place on the first hand, but imagine the nochanges sheeps reacting to such a deep change in the mechanics.


I’ve had an absolute blast playing Classic again - Until I reached the high 40s… Then the game simply stopped being playable.
On average, unless I afk in IF or do a dungeon, I spend more time corpserunning from a gank, than actually playing, which is infuriatingly frustrating, and has rapdily reduced my eagerness to hit 60 to thoughts of just giving up.

The toxicity caused by those desperate “PvP’ers” (let’s be honest - 5+ 60s against one 50 doesn’t really count as PvP, it’s just plain bullying) is incredible…

As much as I don’t want to change servers, I’m hoping for a PvP -> PvE migrate, as I’d be able to actually have a chance to play the game.

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You’re soloing a pvp realm?

Its spelled “horde” not hard

Hard mode = pvp realms.
Easy mode = pve realms.


As a customer stupid enough to start an alliance character on one of your PvP servers I dont care about this issue, maybe all the stupid amounts of horde players you have allowed to cause a pop imbalance or the fact the game back in 2005 wasnt designed for the number of players now on the servers will. I do care that I want to transfer the character off the PvP server to a PvE server to escape the nightmare Blizzard have created.