WoW Classic and Honor system – A message from the dev team

i want an official answer or an official link : if a guy is worth 200 honnor, if i kill him alone 5 times i can get 200 150 100 50 and 0, means 500 honnor in total.
if i am with a friend maximum is 250 because we split the gain ?
by this way to get high rank maybe it’s better to be solo with a healer not in group with you to get maximum honor ? it seems weird …

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There literally no way in hell the honor was calculated correctly and the DR’s on kills were reset on tuesday. I played over 40h from monday to tuesday and I will bet any part of my body in front of god that I did not only do 33k honor. I hope the player base that ranks and focus on pvp will not eat this half a** answer by blizzard has always with no proof what so ever of whatever the hell they’re telling us. This is not acceptable. We all spend countless hours trying to rank and we all pay a monthly fee to be able to do so. I personaly will not be playing anymore wow classic and will be sure to call my bank to get a refund on every last penny I spent on this game and other blizzard games. I hope the other players will realize how they are treated and wont eat this up like nice docile sheeps towards this. Blizzard once again making video games great again.


what the hell is this guy “pazorax” talking? nothing is calculated correctly and now even more buggy then before ! if this is not fixed this week, and we dont get our points we grinded im gonna quit this bs

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Me and my friends got 0 honor from last week with well over 100 kills(some people we never killed befor even).

Unfortunately, this is incorrect.

I am, in fact, missing several honorable kills from Sunday night into monday (From around 5-7 AM) this is roughly 3-4000 honor. My honor did not update from sunday going into monday or tuesday at all.

It is so little honor and I am not really chasing it. But man, this could have been a 40k day for me and it would have sucked to lose out on that.

Who cares. Just bring WSG/AB Honor farm back. Not this sh*t 10 min mount run in AV!

who cares??? a lot of people cares ? what do we do with wsg / ab honor farm if honor is calculated wrong or even lost?? that has nothing to do with av 10 min runs, please use your brain before writing

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At least 1 guy gets it

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ye same dude I usually play from 10am to 2pm when I work and the lowest I ever did in honor was 12k. Monday and Tuesday im off I played over 40hours and blizzard is telling me I did 30k honor can you believe this??

fix it asap plz.


lost 1-2 brackets last week because of no honor on monday and tuesday. it is not fair… over 12 hours of grinding for nothing. at least a statement what happened would be nice


LOL whining alliance as usual, live with your faction choice and git gud !

yea same thing happend to me , last around 20k for Mondays grind

the only thing that makes difficult progress to the ranks is the fact that now pver’s and ppl that dont give a damn about pvp makes a TON of honor with AV farm where NO PVP is actually done. So that ppl that actually likes pvp and see the ranks as a form of reward to their effort and FUN has to farm av as well or just stop ranking.

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Yep. I like AV Farm because its easy honor compared to the open world grind, but you mentioned the problem. I have seen some nonames (r2-4 people) popping up at ST1 now because they made a ton of honor and give a damn about the real rankers (like the r8, r9+ guys), forcing us to farm the same ridiculious amount of honor.

That’s always how it’s always been and how it always will be. Ranking above 10-11 is about who spent the most time in AV, and for r14 in particular, who was happy to account share. I’m sorry if you realize this just now but you really should have been tipped off about it long ago.

I guess you quite dont understood what I said. Maybe you just should read it again.

No, it’s you who doesn’t understand. There’s nobody “forcing you” to farm the same honor, this is just how the system is, you either participate in it understanding that, or you don’t participate.

To call yourselves “real rankers” as opposed to the others being “no names” because you wasted your time farming honor in the open world, or you view your form of honor farming as superior, when ranking is 100% about PvE farming AV, is laughable. If anything they’re the real rankers.

Your logic is so broken. Problem is that the best way to rank now is to pve AV spam. It’s not fun for anybody and being better won’t have much results or save you time for ranking.

Dont get yourself into it. He has no clue what he is talking about whatsoever.