WoW Classic Character Transfer Temporary Closure -- 30 April

I can only agree on what the other people are mentioning here.

I myself transfered away from Mograine to Gehennas as my guild disbanded during Naxxramas. However I’ve still been in touch with the guild and we are planning on playing together on TBC again since it’s easier to coordinate a 25 man roster compared to a 40 man one.

I transfered away knowing I would come back, hopefully before TBC launch. As my cooldown wears off in mid-may I had no problem waiting for it to wear off before transfering back. However, due to the sudden announcement it got me a bit worried as I guess I won’t be able to transfer back when my CD wears off or prior to the TBC launch.

Please give us an update on the cooldown situation and perhaps get rid of the cooldown for us that have made plans for the coming launch…

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is character transfer not working for someone else??

You should remove the Transfer CD, alot of people wants to transfer to their friends server for tbc launch.


Are you going to give us an official reply any time soon or just ignore us as usual? It’s been 5 days already and the transfers will lock in 4 days…:confused:

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We are indeed waiting for an answer, only 4 days left and a lot of us will be locked in servers we do not wish to play on when BC releases. We made our transfer decision unaware that you were going to lock transfers prior to the launch. We need some answers.

Looks like we are getting ignored like always.

@Kaivax, please respond.
So many people already made plans to be in specific guilds on other servers, please consider removing the CD as plans were made without knowing that you were going to close the character transfer service.

Also please give us an excact date of the snapshot.

Any response about removal of cd please?

nah they’re ignoring us as usual.

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Shameless bump, Blizzard !

bump bump we running out of time! is blizzard leaving us with any reply. we are worth nothing for them sadly

The day isn’t over yet! let me server transfer, why is it already locked…

@Zorzeu: But it is past the announced time…

would be phenomenal if they announced things like this on like login screens and maybe not on forums where what 5%? of the player base sees it. just found out about this from a guildie 1 hour ago, and now stuck on a server with 0 raiding teams and 0 pugs…

Wouldn’t they re-open character transfers when pre-patch hits ? Or at least when TBC launches ? Why do you think you are stuck ?


great i like it

It wouldn’t be surprising if they keep the biggest servers locked again for months once prepatch/TBC hits as they will most likely have huge queues and Outlands is tiny compared the Azeroth.

some people xD chill your base^^

tbc prepatch is atleast 2month away and its duration will be 1month like it was in the past…

blizzard always announced bigger project dates like expansions 3month+ ahead no1 of you is stuck anywhere. you will have enough time to get to another server AGAIN for tbc(server hoppers xd)

Ok nice can’t wait for tbc