WoW Classic Realm Names and Types [Europe]

Tuesday. Tuesday 00:01 means exactly that. Monday 23:59+2 minutes.


Mondays 23:59 > tuesday 00:00 buddy

Hey, not exactly. But I hope this helps:

  • During WoW I played on a US server because I was travelling a lot between Europe and USA anyway. I never had problems with the ping. I do not know if the server at that time was in their Chicago data center or Los Angeles data center.

  • Sometimes on Twitch you can watch US streamers playing on EU servers to promote their channels (e.g., Bajheera). I never saw ping problems there.

  • But: I think the biggest downside of US server is (dep. where in EU you are) at least a 5 hours time difference. So if they want to start raiding at 7pm that will be midnight or later for you. Because of this I am still undecided…

@ Blizzard: Sorry if my words are harsh. I love the game and will play it anyway. I just hope it will be as good as possible…

I am genuinely surprised by the lack of PvE and PvP English realms listed here, for both EU and US. Do they believe that it’s going to be 8000 players maximum per realm on launch (given that, that is how many players one server can handle, just a guess)? I mean a Russian pserver community alone has over 50.000 players across a few realms.

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I noticed this post because it was green. How do I become a “MVP” so I can post in green?

I dont get your point. US has more servers (PVP and in total). Since the announcement of Classic WOW there are surveys on reddit and other common platforms that estimate the community size and esp. class/race distribution. With past extensions, the distribution was typically very representative and population size at around 30% (US) and 20% (EU) actual players. It seems that Blizz never had a look at this and now guesses (and guesses badly!)

Your China comment: If you have ever been to China you will realize that “internet” and online games work a bit differently there. >90% of Chinese players use VPNs to other countries and then show up as EU or US in your statistics. This is not only for WOW but all internet connections from China to US/EU servers (such as blizz, google/youtube, netflix…)! What shows up in the numbers as “entire China wow players” is just a tiny minority of actual people playing WOW in China.

Short version in above link. :slight_smile:

US (as a region, not USA as a state) has a slightly larger player base than EU and less different support languages. Which means they have different region internal balance.

Playing on EU realms requires an EU account (and subscription / game time above level 20 for BfA). If a Chinese person lies about his / her location and contact details, then that account counts as EU. Also, WoW is available in China, so it is most likely that most Chinese WoW players play Wow there, not here.

Is there a way to play on a US server with an existing EU account? Like a transfer or something.

Classic is doomed, blizz fcked up!

We need Lightbringer [EU/EN-PvP]!

@Horne: WoW accounts are region specific. You can add an US WoW account into your account, but is an entirely separate entity (mounts, pets, transmogs, etc. are NOT shared across regions).

Let’s hope Blizzard reconsider tomorrow and add a couple more before the name reservations go live!!

Come on the amount of people coming back to play and those already playing can’t support 4 PVP servers?../smh

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We RLY need more PvP server in EU!

AND make a SPANISH server alone please!

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Since we haven’t received a response in the past 2 days, I doubt they are going to give us one.
They are probably waiting for people to reserve names then “suddenly” realise there aren’t enough realms.
By then it’s too late and they have made the name reserve so pointless, trying to convince friends/family/guild to try risk reserving on the new realm (probably having to delete their current reserves since you’re only allowed 3 total, not 3 per realm)


We NEED more English PvP servers, this will not replicate the population of classic wow in anyway, phase two will still have megaservers of 20-30k pop ATLEAST.

Please add more English PvP Servers - and soon, after name reserve it may already be to late.


Shame, not buying a separate game to play on another server. Thanks for the quick response though.

I don’t think the dev team understands how layering a realm for 40,000 will ruin the server and community. We need more realms, period. Can’t squeeze in this many big egos into two pvp realms, impossible. We need announcement of more realms before name reservation goes live or this will be one of the game industrys major flops of making a very lucrative business opportunity into a crapfest and NOT at all listening to customers providing the company a solution to a problem they still havent even forseen… blizzard nosedived since tbc.


You say you want no changes. Then you have 2 pvp realms for EU with layering, each server hosting around 40k players through different changing layers. This is not the classic/vanilla experience we wanted, this is your bad solution to a problem which didnt have to exist. Give us way more servers and dont rely on layering. If you think you ever will be able to get rid of layering you cant have 2 servers, instead merge low pop servers if thats a case.


You are underestimating the population. You think that the masses of players from Italy, bulgaria, sweden, denmark, norway, finland, netherlands, croatia, slovenia, greece, poland, and SPAIN are all going to live harmoniously, speaking English and not speaking in /trade in their language?
You think those of us who speak english on english servers and who REMEMBER the spanish scourge of JAJAJAJAJA are happy about this?
Ive spent 14 years paying you folks money, on and off, always loyal and always returning. Youre going to make me play with JAJAJAJAJA and little /w of SWE????
Idiots. you think you can switch layering off with most of europe outside of france and germany all playing on 2 (TWO!!!) servers?
Youre rubbish. I hope you fix this, i hope we can play happily.
If not, fold and go bust please.


Exactly my toughts.

Pls blizz don’t listen to all these ppl who don’t know what they talk about.

EU has way enough realm already, don’t add more.

You already made the mistake to listen the braindead part of the french and german community.

Don’t let ppl who don’t understand how it work chose for us. They will never stop complaining no matter what anyway dont forget that.