WoW Classic Realm Names and Types [Europe]

Even the name is better then the other names, Gehennas sounds a lot cooler to me at least


No, that’s if it’s locked.

I see, thank you for the reply. I had to uninstall the Battle net Client and reinstall to see the separate client for Classic.

What a joke.
They should have just listened from the start and made it 4 PvP. Now people are being messed around. Adding a server after people have committed to guilds on servers, etc…

Usual subpar blizzard. Glad I only got 1 month sub, nearly fell for the tricks and got a 6 month lol

Gehennas sounds way way cooler than Shazzrah, especially Golemagg.

Reserved my Commando Orc male Warrior, Gehennas here I come!


@Eldi: It was guessed long beforehand that Blizzard would likely “bid low” in the opening, which is exactly what they did… and as far as realms are concerned, several people I know hedged their bets, making characters on different realms. At least one person I know of has characters on six different ones (he has two active accounts). Mine are spread just over my maximum of three realms.

I know you mean well and I’m not having a go but sadly not everyone wants 2 accounts.
The bugbear is that people have signed up so they can reserve names. Then they undermine that by opening servers later.
Just reminds my why I stopped play, the game got boring but blizzard became a soulless greed machine.

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@Eldi: No offense taken and I know.

The early reservations do have at least one major advantage, which might come into play very early. Having a precreated character means that you are able to play on a realm even if it goes into lockdown as soon as you clear the queue.

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It’s happening…

Shazzrah PvP English

Opss sorry Shazzah PvP Spanish

The Spanish community have decided to occupy two servers, one pvp (Shazzrah) and one pve (Pyrewood Village). Surely they will not be the only ones because both Italy, Portugal and other countries of their own language will also be distributed, but the Spaniards that will be many have already pronounced and in Shazzrah it is overcrowded, but as a blizzard it will only act when it is a real problem does not matter everything.

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multiple pvp/pve servers per language is a big failure. we just need 1 realm per mode with continous layering. 1 big multilangual realm for each mode pvp/pve etc. would be way better (never dead realms).

Yes. But it also has an impact on the economy, or so they say.

If they could make the layering work properly.
Keep grouped people on the same one f.ex.
(Hopefully they’ve fixed that by launch also in Classic.)

Permanent layering? No, for the love of god no. Just no. We accept layering as a necessary evil for launch related issues, nothing more. People will lose their shlt if it’s permanent.


Thank you! :heart:

Why do u even care about realm names. Its just where u play lol :smiley:

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True I agree but if you were to choose one of the following 3 realms:

  • Realm 1
  • Realm 2
  • Hogger
    Which one you will choose :slight_smile: ?

better two than none, F for spain…

Congratulations to our fellow German players for their new servers! I’m sure you will be able to fill those as well! :slight_smile:

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Yay for Mirage

Realm 2 because doo-doo is funi.