WoW Classic Realm Names and Types [Europe]

Mate they gave RP-PVP one more server that NO ONE ASKED FOR and the whole forum is over flood with GIVE US MORE PVP SERVERS and yet they don’t give a frick I have hope they will give us more PvP servers till weekend, but im sceptic af mate… :l

I thought about starting a change dot org petition to get blizzards attention, but then i saw that the forums and reddit are flodded with posts that request more servers.

If Blizzard doesn’t see that there is a need for more servers, they are blind.
If they choose to just keep layering through the whole game and have 40-50k players on a server… then classic will be scuffed af.
They were on their last meters towards the finishing line of getting classic right and then this disaster happens.

I’m expecting a blue post where they announce new pvp servers soon.


Well said my dude! Couldn’t have said it better. I’m also logging in every single day, even from work waiting, O hey guys you get two more PvP servers for now, then I can die happy. :slight_smile:

Got Tomas on Golemagg :call_me_hand:

We need more PVP servers, they are both full or add a pvp server for spanish speaking people since they never write english anyway and when they link items all we see is some rubbish…
And there is alot of people in EU that speak spanish, its even more than french players. Like hello who is responsible of not adding a few spanish server…
Keep the servers ENGLISH for countries that know english well enough.


Honestly i think they are smart as F**K here.

They launch with 2 PVP Servers and gets LOADS of attention, they get people talking about it EVERYWHERE.

There is no such thing as bad publicity, this is Actizzards last hope to get a good cashflow from subs again and they have to get it right, they have spent huge resources on getting the game right and it will be good from what I´ve seen.
They will probably add more servers and as stated before it will be both free transfers and “new” servers as well after a while.

But what everyone needs to realize is that the hype is real, ALOT of people have been waiting for this and blizzard knows this, they are smart and they arent gonna screw you over in the end. I think the whole topic around layering is just the reality as of today, bringing back crashing servers wont be fun for anyone and you will still be able to connect to people.

Give blizzard a chance, most of you are atm crying about a product not even on the market.


Both Golemagg and Shazzrah are now full on the realm list.

I heard from sources which I cant reveal, that there will be one more server after the launch

Both german servers are full as well

So… 2 ENG PvP realms are full after 2 days… and it’s just a tip of the iceberg. I guess we need more PvP realms dont we?

I have updated the list to include the new PvP realm: Gehennas.


Blizzard, you beautiful bastard <3 THANK YOU

All polls says: Whe go pvp

Blizzard: ohh good plan let’s make 2 pvp realms…

Classic Server Gehennas – PvP
Discord Shortcode: NyzhKw2

We have Any date or time where we know name reservation is openingfor the new realm?

I quickly reserved 3 names when I was first able to but I didn’t setup the way they looked. If I delete them now will I still be able to make a total of 3 again while I wait for the 29th?

You can delete and make new , no problem.

With Golemagg and Shazzrah being “FULL”… does that mean my guildies, who haven’t reserved a name yet, can not actually make a character on that realm anymore on launch? Finding very conflicting information about this! Please clarify if possible :slight_smile: Thanks.

Tonight at 20:00

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Yea, but people might snipe your names while you set up the appearance :slight_smile: