Wow Error132, AMD 3600x, X570 mainbord, I changed RAM but it is not resolved, installed the old version of bios and problem is solved it

I dropped the topic on reddit to see if it’s more generic: and it seems some people did experienced problems with newer AGESA.

Hello to everyone,

I replaced my 3600x processor with 3700x. I installed the latest version of the motherboard bios. I set RAM XMP profile 3600Mhz CL16-19-19-19-36-59.
I just changed the processor. Now WOW is running smoothly. I’m not getting any errors. Good games.

7C37v192 (Beta version)
Release Date

Easy test would be to fly in circles around the main street of Legion Dalaran. If that doesn’t crash then it’s rock solid.

Thanks for info, unfortunately that is not a solution for me since I dont have money to spend on new processor and the current is perfectly fine from performance point of view. Also MSI dont have newer bios for my B450 Tomahawk - last one is dated like November 2019 :confused: .

You’re welcome. Pull the bios update to a lower version. This will work.

I know, I did but my older bios have constant issues with USB/sleep mode/etc so my choice is to have crashes in WoW or restarts to bios without hard drives :wink:

Ok so AGESA bios for MSI B450 Tomahawk released few days ago doesn’t solve the problem. Just checked - crashed after like hour. Rolling back to ab with bugged hibernation :/.

you can comment on reddit so that AMD CM that commented there knows it’s still a problem.

Been there, done that :wink:

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Hi again,
after reading this topic I filed RMA to replace my Ryzen 3600 bought july 2019 with new one. At the moment i’m using Ryzen 3 3100 with AGESA Bios on my MSI B450 Tomahawk - no crashes so far. I hope I will receive new R5 3600 manufactured this year and it will be free of this crap bug causing crashes :pray:

next update:
today I received new R5 3600 manufactured week 14, 2020. Already replaced R3 3100 and testing with AGESA For last 6 day I had zero problems with AGESA bios and R3 3100 so that another proof that problem was with my R5 3600. Now we will see if theory about early production R5 3600’s failing is correct.

So last update - it was definitely case of early production Ryzen 3600/3600x units. After receiving this year’s one everything is ok with latest bios.