WoW Esports in 2019 - WoW


Cant wait until we gotta pay real money for bonus rolls and mogging :joy:

(Punyelf) #22

Because that is totally the same as some cosmetic items in a store that has existed since Wrath. The doomsayers went off on one then and every time the shop brings something out or there is something for sale, the doomsayers all come out again.


and soon you will have to buy real money to expand your bag space since they are already gutting professions. oh and why not just add some paid 100% titanforge token to the store.


LOTRO sell you wardrobe slots and make sure the tier looks so bad people will pay for Tmog.


Maybe because its still BS and everytime they add more to the store its still BS?

(Jito) #26

It can’t be bothering you that much. I mean, you’re still here. Fake outrage much or much too much? :unamused:


mogging is purely cosmetic as far as I know, yes, and so is a toy or a mount.
Pets arent, even tho you can pay to buy gucci pets to win things more easliy.

I mean, the main issue here is people who defend this sort of disgusting add-ons to the shop. I just see them as little jitos idk. :joy:
ironic that real money shop was added to wow when blizz merged with activision :joy:

Shh keep it quiet or activision might notice it soon and implement the same thing.


yes because i cant love the game and still have friends and family who play it if i hate the real cash store. Are you seriously that dense?

(Jito) #29

If that’s the case, then the store seemingly isn’t impacting you in any noticeable negative way. Hence my point: Fake outrage.

(Punyelf) #30

Maybe because it’s just a shop and some of us don’t over react to a shop. It obviously brings in some extra revenue for Blizzard and no one is forced to buy anything. It does not affect game play.

It offers purely cosmetics and services.


Don’t feed the troll.


LOL how dare you dislike a cash shop that’s purely there to thicken pockets of activison!!!

fAkE oUtRagE mUcH oR mUCh to0 mUcH? :nerd_face:


it affects gameplay as in its stuff that should be obtainable in the game by playing the game. Lets add 15 horse models to the game and put a cool fox and dog mount in the store, lets add 3 unique helmets to the store that you then “remove”.


except the part where it does affect the gameplay and people dont have access to certain cosmetics if they refuse to throw more money at their screens :joy:

I mean, I dont get how people can defend this.
next thing you know, blizzard could sell every mount but 1 horse and 1 bird, in the cash store and people would be defending it :joy: sigh…


they may or may not return!

(Razien) #36

“A portion of the sale of these toys will contribute to the prize pools for both WoW esports programs.”

Inb4 $500 prize pool.

(Jito) #37

But that’s the case for everything sold in the world by any and every company, store or salesman.
If that’s the bar for general dislike, then your issue extends a bit outside the realm of WoW I’d say.


I like that they “we” are raising money for the tournament, while Activision CEO gets a 15 million dollar bonus.


okey yeah, I get that you’re jito and all that but I think even you understand that we already pay for the game AND subscription.
and people dont like the idea of throwing more money to thicken activisions pockets just so they can access the content in a game that they bought and actively pay subscription for.

let me know if any of what I said is hard to understand and ill try to break it further.

(Punyelf) #40

Transmog is an in game ability. It has never nor will it ever have anything to do with the shop. You can get an army of pets or mounts or toys without ever buying any of them from the store.

To you it’s disgusting to many it’s just oh look at the pretty extras.

People even buy them for their in game gold.

Every time it’s the same hysterical over reaction over nothing. The shop has been around since 2009 and the game is still going.

Any pitfalls in BfA have nothing to do with an in game store and everything to do with the Devs putting things in a game people didn’t like.