WoW Hardcore Self-Found Mode Now Live!

WoW Hardcore Self-Found Mode Now Live!

Face Azeroth’s dangers in WoW Classic’s Hardcore realms in Self-Found mode and see just how far you can go.

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Retail needs class tunings!!!


Kinda hilarious they put retail in maintained mode while focusing on a decade old version.

No class tuning. No communication at all.


I´m not sure when but Blizzard is doing something new for both classic and retail players and they hope we will like it. some think it could be a retail hardcore mode since bliz said a classic player would not need to be maxed level to join in this new thing they are trying out.

Yawn. Sums it up.


You don’t find this extremely exciting? How is that possible? I can barely contain myself. woohoo. hooray. yay.

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Don’t worry they will soon release a few store mounts to keep you guys happy


These should be modes for the same servers instead of splintering the player base diluting it further…


I’d actually like to see a solo self-found mode in D4 where RMT is kind of rampant (for boss summoning materials).

I don’t play Classic, but I’m happy for the people who were looking forward to this. Hardcore SSF sounds like fun for those enjoying Classic.

There are no new servers. It literally is added as a mode on the 2 existing realms.

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The more you know :hushed:

Be better if it wasn’t on a hardcore server for me. I see no point in hardcore and the community is going to be divided.

Hardcore wow Self-found.
The most enjoyable way to play hardcore, I love it!

However, two things.

  1. If self-found will be active on current servers. Then put this NPC in every starting zone, no need to people to run to a captial to learn self-found. A quality of life that is deserved to players.

  2. The absolute best option is if there was a realm dedicated to self-found characters.
    I know that you want to avoid confusion, but there could be a message when you enter the world that this is a “self-found realm” community is vast and helpful and nothing beats fresh servers. Atleast consider this in the future, thanks! <3

You activate self-found mode in character creation. To turn it back OFF again, you need to go to IF/Darna/OG/UC.

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A question I have found no answer to: If there is no trading and no mail how are you supposed to do professions given a lot of them require bits from other professions e.g. enchanting needs rods from blacksmithing?

Answer me that. Ruins most of the fun.

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It’s uncommon to go enchanting, usually people play profession that can make them gear to use.

Alchemy is also a good one because the only other profession that interacts with is fishing.

Can’t wait. Always looking after the “A” side. Thank you blizzard :ok_hand:

So the way you did it on regular classic with the addon was that you first leveled up your blacksmithing and made all the rods then dropped it to pick up enchanting to then be able to level it.

Although the addon allowed for trading at max level (no ah though).

I did think it would end up being something like that. Craft all your awesome gear then drop it and grind enchanting up. I wouldn’t be bothered by this if it wasn’t hardcore.

That was mainly done for the achievements in the addon though. Since trading was allowed at 60 between HC characters most enchanters just got it done at 60 by finding someone with BS.