WoW : Midnight - Quel'Thalas Renaissance is finally coming true!

Yes you aren’t dreaming in some weird N’zoth vision.

the wow’s DAD Chris Metzen :motorcycle: :metal: just ANNOUNCED WoW 12.0 Midnight, returning to Quel’Thalas and expanding the Thalassien lore !!

You read it first here ! Sapphire Skyblazer and the 10.0

Now it’s something, what are your expectations?

Are you like me, just hyped af about 12.0 even more than 11.0? :joy:


The reveal has definitely piqued my interest again in retail and I’m curious as to how they will go about to revamp it. Looks like the Sunwell is in trouble (…yet again for the 3rd/4th time). Guessing Aleria, Umbric and the Void elves and co. will be causing some sort of friction and/or problems. Though I did hear mention of the disparate elves getting reunited somehow during the announcement.

Also, with regards to revisiting the area I’m a bit on the fence about whether or not they could fit the whole expansion into just Quel’Thalas alone.

On the face of it there just doesn’t seem to be enough space with how it’s currently mapped and zoned out. So I’d think the general area around Lordaeron might be in for another facelift too. Possibly areas like the Plaguelands, Stratholm, Gilneas and such.

Then again, who knows as they’re likely to remodel the whole of it and integrate it into the Eastern Kingdoms proper. So then the scaling could be totally different by then with new subzones introduced or existing ones expanded upon and fleshed out.

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You are aware that being in the centre of things usually means that you’re invaded, that enemy forces will occupy large parts of your lands and you’ll likely bear the brunt of the losses? Maybe the Blood Elves will be the new Night Elves…

I mean, you can still prefer actual content to the standstill we have, and at least it will likely become prettier and more active. I’m just saying be careful what you wish for unless you want your tree to burn.


sounds more to me that Xal’atath is the enemy trying to corrupt our beloved sunwell we shall crush knaifu waifu and all who stand with her for the glory of quel’thalas and the sunwell


I am more concerned on how do they even plan to squeeze an entire Expansion into Quel’thalas. 3 zones where one is a small Island.

It cannot be done without some serious stretching out the land. And we already can see the difference in map designs. When you look at Eastern Kingdoms you can see it looks normal.

But when you go back to the world map and zoom in onto Quel’thalas area you can see significant changes. Especially Eversong Woods look much bigger with that western peninsula stretching out and forming crescent moon like bay where small island is placed. I assume it is an Island where West Sanctum is situated.

Sunstrider Isle also looks different. It is placed farther away from the mainland and it’s shape isn’t the same as the one we see in game right now.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we got some Light and Void zones to supplement the Elven Kingdom.

As for the last. The biggest WTF to me is when Chris Metzen said that we are going to RE-UNIFY Elven tribes scattered across Azeroth. Does that mean what? Are they gonna pull Nightborne and Blood Elves out of the Horde, Void Elves and Night Elves out of the Alliance, throw in some Darkfallen to the mix and voila third faction?

So they will destroy Quel’thalas to give alliance fans what they don’t deserve. Once again Blizzard’s crapping on the Horde.


Well, they didn’t say anything that said that they would. Quel’thalas will certaily be a zone. Maybe more than one. But that the big event is happening there doesn’t mean we don’t need to go anywhere else to deal with it.

I think you’re seeing more factions, when you should be seeing less… For me it just sounded like Horde or Alliance just wouldn’t really matter at that point, even in Quel’thalas. If there is gameplay to be had it won’t be restricted to some third faction, it will be open to both.

I haven’t been hyped for this game in years. And I actually regret that I returned. I’ll collect some cosmetics and disappear before this expansion launches.

The constant dillution of factions in order to make more neutral content bores me to death. And the constant neglect toward OG Horde races is ridiculous at this point. Not to mention the return of the two black holes which are Anduin and Thrall. I wish we would move forward and just create new characters. Give each faction some distinction and actual agency, but that is not in the plans at all.

So for me excitement is even lower than ever.


The zone is already separated from the EK map. They’re constructing a new map from scrath, like they did for “outland” with Draenor (WoD).
I’d say: expect some uncharted zones (east of Quel’Thalas, prolly southwest too).

Sure, after Northrend in TLL the most plausible is a full world revamp, maybe with few zones being added as patches like BfA Warfronts here and there, until then.

I don’t know what path they chose but obvious choice is Silvermoon as expac capital city for the players. So at least one half will be safe and “pretty”.

BfA prepatch was a way to get rid of the Teldrassil question, not to have an expansion about Teldrassil-Kalidar itself!

(Don’t go and see what’s the EK map’s like on Classic Era :wink: :wink: :wink: )

i bet the zone will grow a lot if we’re going to spend a whole expansion there …

Not getting hyped until I know it’s not just gonna be the ‘revamp’ they gave Teldrassil.

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The only place I can think of east is Zul’Aman and maybe some unexplored area of Amani lands. Maybe enough for a new zone.

Not sure what they could add in southwest if you mean that vestigial area of the Eastern Kingdoms map sitting between the Ghostlands and Plaguelands. Guessing they can’t use it for the Dragon Isles anymore.

I was going to post something like this, be careful what you wish for, you might just get all the “story spotlight” the Night elves got…

It might be spiteful of me, but i’ll laugh my backside off if most of the “revamping” of Quel’thalas involves wrecking the place and rubbing purple stuff on it, to pump up the Void threat…

Yeah absolutely, but not just for Quelthanas. The story with absolute war between the void and the light seems epic

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I think the best is de-retconing the landmass east of Silvermoon and Zul’Aman (lost in the BC worldmap and Chronicles maps) in order to bring back Tor’Watha, and expand the lands of this troll empire.

Also this would give room to add elven lands north of it, as there is just Azurebreeze coast and Duskwither spire implemented in the playable zone (northernmost part of the eastern coast).
Maybe some islands/islets east of it into the Forbidden Sea, if they lack room.

Teldrassil did not get any revamp, it was utterly got ridden of! :joy:
BfA was not an expac abt Teldrassil, this difference matters.

Sure it’ll happen, since there must be some danger and stakes.

But as they have a specifications to follow for gamedesign purposes - variety of ambiances between the zones of each expansion - we’ll get some nice “pristine” places too, a bit like Eredarth.
I am confident.

This, the “Northern Lordaeron” coast (with that one highborne tower and dock), the source of the Thondroril river, and even filling the gap between Deatholme and the Plaguelands with some new stuff.

I don’t know if they’ll put a theme about Sun/Moon or Day/Night into this, as this was core fantasy of High Elves’ culture (and Night Elves’ ofc)

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It would be a dick move to just blast what’s left of the elf lands when they’ve been begging for an update to take their city out of the TBC era.

I’d typify the Night elves getting curb-stomped for 10 years to prop up the Horde as a threat as a “Richard move” too, but here we are…

Oh come on, nefls have been getting more development then the rest of the races combined. Hey remember us, the Forsaken. We lost our city too and what do we get? To help nelfs grown another tree.

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You’re hosing down your city and moving back in (I did a questline starting the clean-up), and the Night elves will have to wait and see what we’ll get (And where), i’ll admittedly be glad for the Night elves to have less story focus, because the quality of their story has been… mixed.

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What do you mean what you’ll get, you’ll get another one of them giant trees. What were you expecting to share a hole with us?