WoW : Midnight - Quel'Thalas Renaissance is finally coming true!

Will it hold a full city? Where will it show up on Azeroth? (Near Kalimdor, or on the Dragon isles, near where the seed was brought into the dream) What about the other NE holdings?

Several questions that i’d like to see answered before getting all excited, we were promised awesome things with the whole “Night warrior”-fiasco too…

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I think it will be a full fledged city. Probably the best faction city ever since not only can they build it from the ground up but they can do that with today’s experience and tech. As for where it will be, who knows? Maybe in place of the old one?
To be honest I have no idea. But I really hope they add a nelf city cause if you get one then MAYBE we get one too, or at least a remake of the old one with some visual improvements.

Let’s both keep our fingers crossed then, after this storyline dragging on for years, and two cities being wrecked to stir up some cheap faction jingoism, both Night elves and Forsaken deserve a decent ending to this whole mess…

hopefully the revamp recognizes that the Armani trolls are extinct and remove them from our lands let the losers in Zul’dazar be the last of this mongrels


Would actually be sad. I’d rather see a flourishing Amani empire with several factions in it, and get the Zandalari invested


spoken like a true traitor to quel’thalas you should join erevien and race change to troll a true son of silvermoon would see the trolls extinct


Wisdom is not weakness. Peace is not servitude, as we are now in position of power.
You extremist are a bastardized daugther of Prince Menethil and the savage Fandral.

And do not compare me to this Garroshoid-Sylvanasoid extremist the other way around.

I am a mere Thrall-Baine-Talanji’s Horde-leaning Quel’Dorei, deal with it. :sunglasses:

How cool would it be if Sunwell is destroyed and entire Blood elf own zones are sunk and genocide was comited to them. Man I would enjoy it so much after all this years of laughing at Night Elves who got this.
Let’s see horde squirm about this for next 20 years :stuck_out_tongue:

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Di Chuka Amani. :saluting_face:

I just hope that in expansion that deal with the Void and old gods, they’d remember that Amani were the ones to put down C’Thraxxi on their own. They deserve recognition for that. This is cunning and capable tribe, that relentless spirit is absolutel remarkable.


To late, this already happened in Warcrat III…

I bet there would be a Void-corrupted cultist faction and a friendly “zandalari-aligned” faction.
I wonder if they’ll address the question of Ula-Tek and it was or not the C’Thaxxi under another name or instead some cousin of Hakkar the soulflayer.

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Yup, it did, But it had NO relevant inpact on today’s wow because that was WC3 . It was RTS, Belves was just a part of the game you went through. not a playable race in which you invested years or decades, unlike Night Elves

  • it was not Alliance who did it, it was Arthas and scourge with Lich King. In Nelven case it was you :stuck_out_tongue:

In N-E case it was Afrasiabi’s drunken disastrous story ideas.
(really, 2/3d of Horde hated it)

I didn’t take part in this shiet :raised_hand: :joy: :raised_back_of_hand:

:smiley: well. I don’t buy this blame Afrasiabi for everything trope. He is gone, and even if it was his idea and only his idea he would not be able to do it and push with it alone. Uness he wrote every word and every dialogue of every quest in that period. Which I really doubt. Whole team, from him to hazzikostas knew about them and considering danusers wannabe nathanos self insert he was in it too to his neck. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well your leaders did. And that’s a problem. As far as I know only Baine was against it and Saurfang made his underpants brown (if orc even wear any or go commando hahaha) when he realized all of Alliance will go for them (what ever that means because Alliance didn’t do anything) :stuck_out_tongue: And I think Thalysra but not sure about her. In any case, Tyrande was right about her. She couldn’t be trusted

As for me, I have a bad experiance with horde players during that time all around the web. They was all so proud of it it made my mind boggle how can someone be proud of genocide
That goes for all horde races :stuck_out_tongue:

And not that I blame you or anything, after all you are devolved offspring of Kaldorei, but if you played War of Thornes, you did have something to do with it :smile:

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With Dragonflight’s story being pretty much wrapped up and Amirdrassil’s emergance on Azeroth we can pretty much put Kaldorei out of the equation when it comes to Chris Metzen’s announcement of unifying Elven tribes.

Kaldorei are settling next to Amirdrassil which seems to have appeared in Ohn’ahran plains. A weird spot for Night Elves to dwell upon. I half expected that New World Tree would appear in Quel’thalas giving Blood Elves and Night Elves no choice but to start co-existing.

Nightborne are still pretty much happy with staying in Suramar so the only options left are Void Elves and Half Elves…joining Blood Elves I guess? It is hard to tell because I do not consider Sin’dorei to be scattered tribe at all.


The only scattered elves potentially left are the high elves who stayed with the Alliance or were exiled. Both currently represented by the void elves. Problem is a lot of players think the void link sullies their idea of original high elves, or don’t want to play horde given blood elves have the purple/blue eyed options too and are high elves.

Maybe they’ll introduce half-elf cosmetic options for both playable races in Midnight and have someone like Arator represent them as a sort of racial leader. But, you’d still have the same issue above.

To be honest I’d think there’d be an uproar if they introduced a new high-elf based race given how the wildhammers, troll tribes, man’ari etc… weren’t given their own playable race.

Ugh, no thanks. I can’t stand the trope or the fact that all three Windrunner sisters ended up in relationships with human men in what was rather blatantly a case of ‘self insert fantasy’.

The elephant in the room is that the elven races are reduced enough in population that it unintentionally becomes a form of soft genocide to suddenly flood their homeland with a whole bunch of half-elves.

Elves, in general, are not only ridiculously popular but also prominent enough in the story that any ‘uproar’ over getting more focus is quite frankly, laughable to me. There’s going to be three different dwarven variants as of the next expansion and despite that, they’ll be fairly niche.

Personally I think if they seek to add another elf variant then something like the naga or satyr would be a good choice.

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I think they are planning to re-unite ALL elves. For what purpose I don’t know and as a Nelf I don’t care. Belves had a hand in genocide

clearly they will move their big fancy tree into silvermoon’s new garden and thats where the night elves will live … reminding us that following a dead elf was bad and we’ll all come togather was “family” the night elves, the high elves, the blood elves the void elves … just keep those abominations out of the sunwell

Yeah, absolutly, I keep forgetting I will have to wait whole War Within to see the best location in Azeroth be rebuilt, at the sightings of new Nelf capital under Amirdrassil I feel like we might get Thas’Alah back, or some other world tree, also expanded zones, so we might have Ghostlands back with no undead, possibly deadscar mended, and I can’t wait to see what technique will be used to make Silvermoon, there is so much hope, and I believe world designing team will deliver us the might that Sin’dorei deserve (Hope my voidlings will be welcomed too xoxo)

Hell no. Like no Horde should be allowed in the nelf city or Gilneas, if it becomes a player city.

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