WOW needs to be redesigned!


Imagine a World of Warcraft where there where no short cuts from classic raids all the way up to BFA’s Crucible of Storms. Imagine achievements from all expansions actually having value and Imagine actually feeling privlidged that you have killed the first boss in the latest expansion.

That was the feeling classic raiders had,
If you haven’t felt that feeling I think your missing out,
Its the reason why my WOW faituge kicked in at WOTLK,
Its also the reason why I never played Legion at max level,
And its also the reason why I can’t justify spending money on BFA.

Do you feel similar? Read on!

I propose that in order for a player to be able to do raids in future expansions they will need the gear from previous expansions. For example, in order for a player to enter Karazhan in TBC they would need an equivlent item level from the gear in Naxx.

This would create a pyramid of raiding progress where many players would be doing MC while very few would be doing the latest content.

In conjunction I propose that in order for players to become MC ready they would need to climb the same kind of pyramid through all the dungeons, but for simplicity keep dungeons at one level of difficulty.

The level cap could be put at 60 but from level 1 to 60 a player would have to gradually gear themselves up through all the dungeons to get MC ready.

The Conclusion.

Make WOW, difficult! Incorporate all dungeons and raids into emmersive progession structure. Make the latest content a hard earn privlidged and not a welfare right!

If Azeroth is to become great again the players must have real achievements that hold their value!


So you a proposing a game with minimal subscribers which would go bust overnight

Good luck with that

(Punyelf) #3

I don’t think the game can go back to a time where you were gated by all the previous raids of that expansion. Personally it’s not something I’d welcome either.

(Moritz) #4

oh god no.
No you should not need to do 43 raids in order to do current content.
You need help dude.

(Osangar) #5

What I said in your other thread on the subject.

(Moritz) #6

they made 2?

(Osangar) #7

Exact same post by the looks of things just copy/pasted from the Classic forums where they were trolling for likes…


I agree that raids within an expansion should not be skippable.

I agree that people new to 120 should be looking forward (yes, looking forward because they have content to do!) to Uldir, BoD, and CoS before they get anywhere near EP.

But having to clear vanilla raids to get to TBC? Wrath raids to get to Cata/MoP? Nuuuuuuuu…


(Punyelf) #9

Imagine being forced to do G’huun again every time you had to get a new raider up to scratch or swapped main :scream:


If this would become wow reality, i’ll quit and never look back.

Wow fatigue didn’t kick in during WotLK, i had a lot of fun back then, it didn’t even kick in during cata although i burned up on raiding cause of that xpack, MoP was big fun also, even WoD to some extend was fun. The real fatigue is starting to kick in now during BfA.

(Moritz) #11

Imagine levelling a new druid gearing through 43 raids and well over 100 dungeons to decide actually you like playing warrior better…

(Punyelf) #12


Oh i didn’t even see that, no welfare epics eh? There were epics on the AH during vanilla and raiding guilds were selling boosts + drops back then already. To me the PvP epics were my goal and playing AV all day long wasn’t a problem at all back then.


Omg i lolled! :joy::joy::rofl:


This is why Blizzard introduced catch-up - their eardrums were aching fron the incessant whine from raiders.

For me, it ranks among the worst decisions they ever made - up there with CRZ, pruning, scaling. Because it makes the “game” aspect of the game irrelevant.

I think it would need to be a little more complicated than that, though.

The big, huge, cosmic structural weakness of WoW as a game is that there is only one dimension of progress - power. And power is expressed in only one dimension.

If they introduced other dimensions of progress, it would cater for the non-raiding people as well as providing palatable alternatives to having people hop from first-raid guilds to second-raid guilds …


Elitist hogwash. WoW is not game whose selling point is difficulty and what you propose would force players to all do the same things to enjoy progression to the endgame, which is terrible. Go play From games if you want difficulty.

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(Punyelf) #18


You do realize that 90% of classic/tbc content was absolutely pathetic joke that even current retail lfr players would finish with eyes behind their back and what would mythic raiders get from oneshotting onyxia first day it comes out ?

Also PvE was always for scrubs, real skills shows in PvP, so crawl back to your classic forum …


So in order to combat the backlash of retail time gating, you propose effectively time gating people against doing actual content.

Because let’s not kid ourselves here, you can’t just “grind out” those raids as an individual in a week. You need other players, they need to gear up, etc.

2 weeks of naz for flying is too much for some but grinding old content on alts for months to get to where your main is is fine?