WoW token expensive?


Why does the WoW token cost £17 when the monthly sub is £9 ?

(Clergy) #2

because they run a business, not a charity


Because it is a luxury item for people who can and choose to buy it.

Everyone else may get gold by playing the game rather than paying cash :slight_smile:


As I understand it then it is a “real money for in game gold” service? £17 for 175,000 in game gold ?

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WoW token was a good idea, to kill the out of game gold market.
It’s a way to buy gold in game, not a monthly sub alternative.
Thus the price difference.
If it was as cheap as a monthly sub you wouldn’t make gold in game,
because it would be too cheap, Auction House would be flooded with them
and the in game gold you would make wouldn’t worth it.
Thus the out of game gold market wouldn’t decay

(Dottie) #6

Sub is £10 in the UK.


13€ sub 20€ token in Fr.

Why is the ratio different tho ?

(Lynlarae) #8

Why do you need a token at all ? Only reason i can think is to buy expensive heroic/mythic raid or dugeon boosts which i don’t support at all!


That is interesting, yes. I had never noticed that.

UKP: 17/10 = Token is 70% more than a month’s sub

EUR: 20/13 = Token is 53% more than a month’s sub

Lots and lots of people have almost no gold, like 3-5K. So they buy one Token and live off it for months.

Some people buy it for consumables and repairs.

Some people buy it for expensive mounts, pets, toys, heirlooms.

And none of them care what you support.

(Orkantfany) #10

probably due to the devaluation of the £ over the last few years or just a case that the exchange rate worked out that way when they introduced them.

(Dottie) #11

A percentage isn’t affected by devaluation.


I dunno who does it but i’m glad they do, as i buy it from them with gold for my sub.

I heavely doubt it’s for boosts. Imo it’s more a matter of working ppl realising they’d rather spend an additional hour at work rather than play 10h to get 200k gold. Most likely having but a few hours to play each week and not wanting to waste it farming gold for their activities.

(Punyelf) #13

You are buying gold not game time. The person buying your token is paying for their sub with gold.

As others have pointed out it’s a premium service and priced accordingly.


Think about it. The phrase

is actually circular reasoning.

“Why does it cost so much?” “It’s a premium service.”

Just means it costs more. It’s equivalent to saying

“Why does it cost so much?” “Because it costs so much.”

Like all freely-set prices, it costs that much because (Blizzard believe) that is what people are willing to pay.

Of course, as with all price setting, considerations of margin vs. market size will have been considered. They could have chosen a smaller mark-up, or a larger one. I presume their decision was informed by experience elsewhere, but I’ve never looked at that.

(One anecdote that always makes me smile is when Linux enthusiasts stood outside a Microsoft (? or other mainline computer) exhibition, giving away free Linux starter DVDs and starter packs. They were asked

“How do you afford to give this way?”

“We make it up with volume!” :rofl:

(Áranaría) #15

I guess they found a median price that they knew was acceptable to the public to pay and was not too far out of the reach of most players. I of course remember the dark days when this did not exist the constant gold seller spam and dead alts in SW spelling out names of selling sites and the whispers and so on.

I was not against the token from the outset because it stopped a lot of the illegal stuff that was being done by the types of people who above would have no come back for the actions they took to get others gold.

Hell Blizzard could have put any price they wanted on the damn token and people would have paid it but they had the sense not to alienate the vast majority of players. Also some consideration has to be taken with the prices because of local taxation I presume that VAT is added on and is in the price as well so I would think you take that off you have a better idea of the true price in sterling.

Still it got rid of some real issues in the game I for one am not going to complain!

(Punyelf) #16

I believe as with all premium services, the price serves as a deterrant.


Althoe i like the token,i prefer if they kept the older system of only game time for gold,or if they made it sooner to regulate and set the price of the token like they finnaly made it with Bfa.
And if i remember from the top of my head,they are making 2,5€ in pure profit of the euro paying costumer(i included the vat,conversion rates,after the 5€ diffrience taken into account)


I run a household on my own, have my car maintained etc etc everything needed for living independent with a job, i’m not a philanthropic or a charity organization nor a milking cow.

The above applies to a whole lot of others.

I never bought a token for €€€ and most probably never will.

(Infix) #19

Me neither, I did buy a token once with gold though, just for the experience
I’m against buying anything with real money (mounts etc) , except my monthly sub and expansions -and only those without special game items.


Well technically it is not.
You could achieve the exact same by opening a trade window, get given 170k or whatever in gold and you gift 30 days game time to a person. Granted your open to scams. But £7 in every token just as an anti scam protection does seem a little over the top especially as blizz are not doing anything special themselves in moving gold from person A to person B.
Again just personal opinion, but a 70% markup is a bit much. a 40% markup would have been both fair and reasonable.