WoW token expensive?

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You are buying the current market value of gold for that £17 or Euro equivalent. That is all. You are not buying the game time.

It is just a legitimate way of purchasing gold without risking your account on dodgy third party sites.


“The current market value of gold” ?"

Now you are saying that in-game gold has actually a “market value” ? Who sets this value then, and where is the market ?

Seriously if Blizzard had wanted to sell gold they would have to fix its price on something else, and game time is a great idea, but game time costs £10 not £17… Blizz are making £7 on £10 for some poor player’s time subscription.

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The token is not worth a static amount of gold. That algorithm is set by Blizzard.

Today (at this moment when I checked) your £17 buys you 181,890g. That is not a static amount of gold. It goes up and down. Tokens have been worth up to 300k. I’m sure there are website dedicated to tracking all that if you were really interested.

Found one -

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Token price in gold is decided by AH on going prices, it goes up and down from time to time.


I am feeling something’s amiss. The token price is £17and is decided by Blizzard. The in-game gold is also decided by Blizzard because I have read that once you place the token at the AH you cannot choose your own price. Therefore Blizzard decides on the exchange rate between real money and in-game gold. There is no legitimate service to convert in game gold to real money, is it? Therefore it is all a one way street where Blizzard takes your £17 and gives some other player a one-month’s play time. It’s like a gift voucher except you pay double almost for whatever gift your friend eventually buys…

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Again, you pay more because with Token you get in game gold.
Something that you can’t with a monthly sub.

No one buys a Token with real money, to use it himself as a monthly sub.


Well this is a legitimate way to buy gold or battle net balance and it seems accurate as the gold price tends to go up when New games are added to the Battle net store, go up when new patch is avaible and old players full of gold come back and so on.

The higher the value the more people are willing to sell tokens so it somewhat evens out around values like 180k currently which has been stable since the classic summit. (After which it increased in value by ~10k iirc, i guess people bought game Time for classic)

The fact you can’t set the value nor resell tokens is mostly there to prevent people from abusing the AH system, like reseting the market by buying everything and setting them for an higher price.


You get someone elses gold. Not new gold.
So my example above is a more cost effective way of doing it.

Heck, I DO NOT condone this, but I dare say you could get better rates on a 3rd party website for £7. So you buy your own 30 days game time and £7 on gold.

Again I DO NOT endorse this, merely making a point.


Just looked at this and Just took the search back a year to show people the difference.

Low = 157,824
High = 375,686

That is quite a difference.

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It’s a free market. Buying from 3rd party sites could get your account banned, so they have to sell at a lot better rate to still be competitive.


A year ago we still had gold missions which allowed to to earn millions with a few alts, the 350k price was heavely influenced by them.

But yeah, over the course of BFA the token price seems to follow the trend of active users and should be a way to track whether BFA lost players and whether it’ll regain some with 8.2.

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I might be wrong, but I remember selling a token for 470k back in Legion.


its a gold sinker, meant to balance the ah from the ultra wealthy players (those with gold cap on every character).
its price is designed for that purpose.


depending on the server, but it used to get much higher. at some point it was 800k+


No. Of all the things people may think the Token is, it is not a gold sink. The Token itself just moves gold from one player to another. Now, in doing that, it does also move gold from one realm to another, and I’ve wondered whether that effect might surface at some point, but so far I’ve seen no sign of it.

But the Token is not a gold sink.

And Blizzard only fixes the real money price of the Token. The gold equivalent rises and falls with the gold supply in the game.

I do think a lot of the current action on the Token is for people paying money for progress, with Blizzard taking their 53% or 70% markup as a middleman. That is, people with money buy Tokens to pay gold to skilled people to get boosted for gear, rating, achievements, and scores. The ability of the Token to move gold from one realm to another may not be affecting realm economies, but the ability to redeem gold for gametime and for Balance to buy other Blizzard games that they can “gift” for money to other people on any realm makes boosting much more practical.

But the Token is not a gold sink. It does not add gold to the game. It does not remove gold from the game.


How, since the actual player is not allowed to set the price? Whatever happens to the price it is Blizzard doing it. For £17 income Blizzard gives away a one month’s playtime and MOVES some in game gold between two realms/players. The extra £7 is the sheer markup for letting the transaction happen. Like you pay £xx for a name change or for a transfer or for a mount.


What are you talking about,the token is region wide set price.One price for all of the EU realms.No matter Genjuros or Draenor.

Its not a gold sinker,its just moving gold between people who have more time to get gold,to people who have time in real life to get in game gold.
Gold sinker is the Auction House mount,spider(and the vendor guy that sales bags,toys),Black Market Auction House and some other 100k-500k mounts in game.

A year/2 years ago i would never upvoted you Grainne,cause what you posted,but now over the last half year i’ve been reading your posts turned to be more and more resonable.

And yes the token hit the 470k mark once they announced Call of Duty is hitting the Launcher.


At the very back end you have an algorithm made by blizz granted. However beyond this its player driven in the sense that if you have more supply than demand the price of the token will fall. And if you have more demand than supply it will rise.

So if for every 100 tokens you only had 1 buyer, you would see the price plummet on the AH. If you had 100 buyers per 1 token it would sky rocket.

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More or less this. Also the price is updated once an hour and there’s some cap on how big the change is.


Once every 15 minutes, and 1% per 15 minutes IIRC.