WoW token expensive?

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Until you hit trust level 3, you can do do links by typing in the url, highlighting it then pressing the </> button.

It’s not a clickable link but people can copy past or some can just copy right click and go to :wink:

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I honestly couldn’t remember the number off the top of my head ty :slight_smile:

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something is only worth what people are prepared to pay for it

clearly people are prepared to pay for WoW tokens at the current price, otherwise they wouldn’t be selling


Just a forum time gate by Blizzard, nothing unusual by todays standards.


How do you know what trust level you are ?


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Blizzard are now using Discourse for their forums, this is one of the features of the new system. It rewards regular users that don’t misbehave. You can read more here (should you be interested :wink:):-

The FAQ Grainne linked in the post above mine is also very good.

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I prefer this trust level checker to the one listed in the FAQ as you can search by character-realm name.


lol, and it can decay. Troll flagging also knocks you down ?



Enough flags can squelch your post temporarily, but flagging needs to be confirmed by a mod to have any lasting effect.


If you want some decent gold in game now is the time to buy a token, the price was 205 000 last time I checked. Not sure what exactly caused it to spike up this much though


Got no clue what caused this 30k spike…nothing was announced or released.


Logically cashing in a token buys you time in Classic :wink:


Since the exchange rate is set by Blizz, they can do what they like, use whatever algos they like, and tell the public whatever they like. No one knows how it really works except (some) Blizz employees. If it was me, I would have a lower limit to be able to compete with the external gold sellers. I would also increase the payout to encourage token sales. It’s called “Pay to Win” and “microtransactions” in other games. Currently say it is 180K gold, and if I saw token sales dropping, I’d up it to entice more purchases. Do not forget every token sold is pure income for Blizz, it will not affect the load on their servers (just as the shop mounts and pets are).

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Couple of days the token price went from 200k to 150k …

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The mount that costs 5M and the mount that costs 2M gold come to mind.

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Wow, that is one A grade conspiracy theory you have going on there. I have another one for you, what if they are actually telling us the truth about how the gold price of the token works?


If you think its supply and demand then i have no words for people like you.I’ve been tracking the tokens since it was out,and i would bet that the algoritham is set 0.1. for gold buyers against the real money buyers 1.
I still remain to find out in my guild someone who actually buys it with real money.Not only that if it was supply and demand what made it stagnant in the all time low in bfa?
There is also the input they use of set low/high value it can go.For instance lets say they decided to set it 170k,the lower value would be 150k and highest 190k it can flactuet in the daily basis.It’s been proven multiple times when they announce something on the bnet that after the token is sold out in the AH it magicly comes back and insted of being all time high its set at its medium price,magic?i dont think so.(data to go by this, chek when the announced the token switch from only game time to balance,or they announced the Blizzcon mount,CoD hiting the bnet launcher)

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The better question would be how much a tinfoil hat costs.


Yet it seems i’m only trust lvl2 but managed to post some wowhead links.

Can we post wowhead links with a lower trust lvl or am i missing something ?