WoW Token in TBC (China for the moment)

If it’s been there for a while, why are they just announcing it’s going to be released now?

Oh, nothing at all mate. I get it. There is already a lot of crap in the game and Blizzard seems to not give a duck about it, so let’s add even more crap on top of it. That will surely fix it. Is that your argument? Or, I don’t know, do you think it might be better to ask Blizzard to take actions against the crap that we already have in the game (bots, gold sellers, gold buyers, GDKP’s, mage boosts, etc) instead of using that crap to justify any more crap Blizzard happens to bring on top of it all?

If you genuinely believe that you can prove something with that kind of argument then you are wrong. “There is something wrong here, should we try to fix it? Naaaaah, lets make it even worse”. Yeah, great point mate.

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That’s a lot of text for saying nothing at all.
What makes you think in TBC they will suddenly start throwing out banhammers?

So instead of making it worse than it already is, wow token would make it safer, easier. Definitely not worse cause illegal bots and goldsellers are ready the worst.

There is no team that will fix it. So there is no need to assume they will or can.

Oh, so your point is that, since Blizzard don’t seem to care, then you don’t care either, so let’s make it worse anyway. “There is a lot of people scumming others and the Goverment doesn’t seem to care. Should we try to do something about it? Sure, let the Goverment do the scumming. That will surely make it safer”. Yeah, good point mate, you rock dude.

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Well you can tell me how I can ban people or you can stop making a big deal out of everything (especially with microtransactions that already are available through ingame currency) and enjoy the game.

How many botters and gold sellers have you banned? None? Wow you must not care very much either then.

Blizzard employees have said that it will take more than one report, probably from more than one player, to get a player looked at for botting.

So more people need to report it.

Where are people getting this idea that it will make it worse?
Are you going to have to wait a week before you get your token? Or is there a random chance blizz will just scam you? Maybe they’re forcing everybody to buy it?

It can be bad, sure. But worse?

Dottie, the support from Blizzard’s end is WAY different for retail and classic.
I’m 100% convinced they ban or atleast try to ban bots in retail. In classic I wouldn’t dare say that.

Ok, so now your point is that since none of us can effectively do anything about it (although we still can complain), then we should stop doing the only thing we can do about it, complain, and just swalow anything and everything they want to throw us. Not only that, we should also enjoy it too?. Are you really that indolent? Really? Well, good for you then, but it is a terrible argument again. You are going from bad to worse to utterly absurd.

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If complaining helps you sleep at night, go ahead.
And if you don’t like what Blizzard decides they put in THEIR game, then I suggest you find another game where you will

Do enlighten me how wow token would make things worse than they already are.

Edit: complaining might help stop (or delay) the wow token. But your complaining won’t entice Blizztivision to actually care about the classic franchise to the point where they’ll SPEND MONEY to ban and catch rulebreakers.

So you’re left with what we are at right now. No wow token and still rulebreakers selling gold with a chance of scam.

Is regulated and safe gold buying worse than sketchy sellers who don’t speak english half the time and who’ll scam you every chance they get? According to you it is. I say both are bad, but if I had to choose I’d pick the wow token any time any place.

Becouse TBC Classic is a difrent product to classic maybe?

Ok, now we are talking. You just said it: “I say both are bad”. Since the WoW token will not stop those “rulebreakers selling gold with a chance of a scam”, which is something we know because it did not stop them in retail either, and as you yourself have said;

Then the conclusion is inevitable: if both things are bad and the introduction of WoW token will not stop the bots and gold sellers, then we go from a bad position (1 bad thing: gold sellers) to a worse position (2 bad things: gold sellers and WoW token). So yes, it would make it worse.

There is another thing I want to mention. You said it yourself again:

Yes, yes, dude, you finally got it. That is the whole point, and it would be much easier and much more effective if you and the lot like you did the same, complain about the things that you believe are bad, instead of supporting everything and anything Blizzard does even if you agree with us that it is bad.

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I’m not supporting them. I’m just not upset enough about it to complain about them. Not upset at all even.
Neither the wow token or the boost will impact me or my guild’s gameplay in any way.
Accepting isn’t supporting.

And thanks for explaining why it gets worse, 2 bad things instead of 1 makes sense, but they’re technically the same, it’s like having more options for the same (bad) goal.

Edit: Blizzard is the last company I’d blindly support, but so far they haven’t done anything bad enough to ruin the classic franchise (for me).

It’s like, I prefer white chocolate but I’ll eat milk chocolate too if they offer me.
I don’t dislike milk chocolate enough to the point I’d complain about it. Same with the token and boost.
Idk how else to explain. If we were given a poll before they make up their mind I’d probably vote ‘no’ but come on it’s Blizztivision. Only polls they’d ever put out is what color yacht bobby should get.

I think (hope) they’ll delay WoW Token in Classic at least until WotLK Classic.

Oh no whatever shall we do. A company out to make a profit. How terrible. How horrible.

I forgot how people felt entitled to free products.

Oh no. Anyway…

I don’t think they will bring the token in for the rest of the world until well after that.

You think Im talking about wanting the tokens to be free? are you smoking some galaxy sprinkle cheese? Gtfo

How about instead of feeling entitled to free stuff we not add anything in the first place

Silly boy


No I didn’t say anything about tokens be free.

I alluded that you’re one of those players that thinks everything should be handed to them and not have to pay a dime for it.

Hahahaha omg what alot of hogwash, where on earth have you gotten that from,

I’m one of those players that’s against the boost, because I think you should put the time and effort into getting to level 58, which is the opposite of being handed something, the same with the token, id rather grind my gold, which is the opposite of being handed something, have you hit your head?

Can you please show me where I said I want everything to be free?
Becasue all I’ve said is the reason blizzard added the 58 boost is to generate more sustainable profit, which now means they’ll probably do the tokens, none of which I agree with.

So please I’m listening, I don’t think you have an answer to why I want everything for free, because that accusation has clearly come from a childish mind


Tokens are in Retail so is it really that surprising?

It’s good for Blizzard and helps players who are bad at gold making stay relevant so it really doesn’t matter all that much.