Wow won't open on Mac since the patch

Same issue

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Classic works without issue so can’t be that hard a fix

Update at least would be nice

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same problem here

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The game runs on my MacBook Pro: 2019 model on Monterey 12.6, it has a 1.4Ghz quad-core intel i5 processor, 16gb of ram and intel iris plus 645 1536mb graphics.

It doesn’t run on my desired machine which is running Catalina 10.15.7, it’s a late 2013 iMac, with a 3.5Ghz quad-core intel i7 processor, 16gb of ram, GeForce GTX 780M 4GB graphics.

Not sure if this information is of any use but thought I’d put it here.

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I keep finding the Classic server disconnects after about an hour, hour and a half. Any one else noticed this?

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Same here. Mac user, Intel, Big Sur. Hope it gets resolved soon

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such minor patch and yet it was able to break the game lol

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So I also cant play Blizzard what have you done :interrobang: :interrobang: :interrobang:

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Same here, can we expect some kind of fix for this sometime?

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I hope so :grimacing:

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Exact same problem here! Game crashes upon launch.
There is a huge thread on NA forums as well about it. Blizz, please post an update! Is it being fixed?

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Same here and they don’t answer, took a month on my last ticket

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same issue here! plz fix it properly!

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They pushed another update, but the game still crashes. Current version is .47825


Thank you for the extra update blizzard. still can’t play tho…


So this is what they posted on Twitter

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I am experiencing the same issue:

Is my Mac too old to run World of Warcraft?

Was hoping the game would be fixed during today’s maintenance. Nope, definitely not fixed

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Just installed the latest update :

identical problem (started with the patch 2 days ago, and so far, two ‘HotFixes’ have made no difference.

The crash is as follows:

  • Launch WoW on macOS
  • begins to load (black screen)
  • the ‘hand’ cursor (mouse pointer appears)
  • immediate return to desktop, and unexpected error.

The ‘Error.txt’ file generated remains the same. The important details, identical for me and for everyone posting since the patch, are:


the thread crashing seems to be related to, one or both of “libopic.A.dylib” or “libdyld.dylib” (because these are listed as entries 0 and 9 of the ‘crashed thread’ ‘Exception.Assertion’ at the start of the Error text file. Entries 1-8 are ‘com.Blizzard.worldofwarcraft’

System info :

  • MacBook Pro Mid-2012
  • 16GB RAM
  • 4TB storage
    Core i7, 1GB VRAM

(an old system yes, but it runs well, doesn’t need minimum settings etc). And the issue is happening even with 2019 Macs)

It seems like the issue here is:

  • not running the app on an Intel Mac after compiling it, just releasing it.

Please fix! And someone pass onto Blizzard this advice:

  • Purchase a 2019 Intel Mac. Ideally an older one (2016? 2012?) too.

  • set these up with macOS.

  • before releasing macOS patches, run the application on these Macs.

    • loading the game, logging into a test account, and running around Orgrimmar for 30 seconds is all that is required to avoid the totally game-breaking bugs that keep happening on mac.
  • it would take one employee perhaps 30 minutes to test, as above, on a few macOS computers, before worldwide release. This would save a lot of frustration for the users, would save money and employee time for Blizzard too.

  • notably, compiling the application will rule out coding errors that prevent the game compiling. However, errors like this one (an attempt to access a memory that doesn’t exist, being captured by the macOS kernel) can be screened-for by logging in and running around a capital city for half a minute.

I will try Ventura as some say this works. Bootcamp is an option, but maintaining two copies of WoW is frustrating if it is only to avoid days of an unusable game for a few days after each major patch.


is there anyone in Blizzard doing anything at all to fix this problem ?

paying a monthly subscription for this to happen !!