Wrath of the Lich King Classic Hotfixes - Updated 9 January

Hey Linxy, please have your co-workers look over “Divine Storm” animation as I have been waiting 13 years to experience this class again at it’s fullest greatness. Knowing that 80% of animation is missing each time I cast Divine Storm (…every 10 seconds…!) I am reminded of how scuffed my character is with this incorrect animation.

13 years. I wait. For this single spell. That’s how cool it is (when it’s the real one).

OCTOBER 11, 2022

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Will to Survive (Human Racial Ability) and PvP trinkets now clear the effect of Shackle Undead.
  • Fixed several gathering nodes that would display an “already being looted” error when interacted with.
  • Feasts that grant Spell Power as part of their Well Fed bonus will now properly increase Healing Power as intended.
  • The last remaining Scourge have retreated and are no longer attacking capital cities on some realms.
  • Quests
    • Fixed an issue with “Aces High!” that prevented Wyrmrest Skytalons from using Flame Shield.
    • Wild Wyrms now spawn more frequently during the “How to Kill Your Dragon” quest.
    • Smoldering Scraps now respawn quicker during the quest “Hot and Cold.”
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Wow, you’re really working on those bugs. But please, remove those dang-blasted CARETS* too. It would make me overjoyed!
And if you could bring back Divine Storm in all its glory too … the world would just become a better place.

Carets: Those small up or down pointing triangles telling you something is above or below you. They do not belong in Clkassic as they were added in Legion Pre-patch.

You don’t ever give up, do you? :laughing:

No, I want to play with joy, not with irritation. The other new inventions bothering me, I found (or made) an addon to hide/add, but the carets are persistent … GRRR!

a friendly reminder for a most glaring bug to be finally fixed or even acknowledged.

back2topic: trollflay when?

This is so not an explanation … If it was not a bug, you would not post here.

Look at what I wrote about Carets:

Please, remove those dang-blasted CARETS* too. It would make me overjoyed!

Carets: Those small up or down pointing triangles telling you that something is above or below you. They do not belong in Classic as they were added in Legion Pre-patch.

You now know what carets are, and why I want them removed :wink: Pleaase do the same for Trollflay.

Can you please show some basic decency and explain if you are aware of the Mechano-hog and Tundra Mammoth bug? As in not being able to take passengers. Outright ignoring blatant bugs that have been in there since beta is ethically reprehensible.

Also the Chopper suffers from this - no passengers allowed.

And Divine storm stil wrong animation, since at least Beta.

And my carets have been a bug since 1.14.

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been there since beta, documented and explained how it could have originated. it is time for blizzard employees to do stuff.

edit tells me that my expression never seemed to have left the shadow priest classic discord. so let me do my due diligence in that case:

trolls have a racial which shortens movement slows.
this racial enables mindflay to cast/tick faster.
also “works” with pvp meta.

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Yuck, thanks.

We need some brains working at our many bugs here.

Divine Storm wrong animation, and Judgement flies diagonaly? I mean, this class feels like a joke to play. There is a whole bread on the table but ur giving us the crumbs.


Please fix heirlooms not giving the hit and avoidance ratings!

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Bump please sort troll mind flay bug

Keep up the good works, we have many more bugs waiting for a soultion,
To sum up:

  • All passenger vehicles do not take passengers
  • Trolflay STILL broken
  • Pets still broken
  • Carets still in Minimap
  • Divine Storm has wrong animation
  • Heirloom stats not working.
  • Judgment has wrong slant and more importantly does Ranged and not Melee Damage.

I would be more worried about judgments having ranged hit instead of melee than it having a slightly different animation that most player not even see…

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KK thanks, I’m just repeating and collecting - will add.

Broken heirlooms really made me depressed. I made 5 relics in a week and for nothing. They don’t work. Main problem - support ignoring everyone for at least 10 days.

I can’t write in the reports section, maybe at least the developers will see it here:


  1. After the death of a death knight ghoul, you can immediately summon a new ghoul without waiting for the 30 second cd. When a ghoul dies, a 30-second summon cooldown should begin.
  2. “Charge” and “Intercept” of a warrior can be interrupted by a stun, root, polymorph and other types of controls. In the original WoW, when gaining control (stun and root) in a charge, a warrior teleported to the enemy. With other types of control, the warrior simply continued to charge while in control.
  3. Unbridled Wrath should not proc from Cleave and Heroic Strike
  4. Omen of Clarity should not proc from Maul
  5. When using Druid’s Berserk, Tiger’s Fury should be removed
  6. Slows with double effects will continue to slow the paladin after the removal of “Hand of Freedom” if the slows were applied under “hand of freedom”. Slows should no longer apply after removing Hand of Freedom.
  7. Hand of Freedom should not remove a death knight’s “Chains of ice”
  8. The death knight’s “Death and Decay”, paladin’s “Consecration”, and mage “Flamestrike” spells should ignore LoS
  9. The explosion from the “Living Bomb” of the Mage should bring the target and the mage into combat
  10. The Ebon Gargoyle must be coded to fire no more than 26 shots per 3.3.5 (2010). It used to work on beta.
  11. Explosive Trap with Glyph of Explosive Trap should have 150% Critical Damage instead of 200%
  12. Hunter pet focus regen on wotlk classic seems to be higher than intended as its 10/second there where based on our information it should be 5/second


  1. Vehicles on Strand of the Ancients have the wrong base HP
  2. Vehicle HP on Strand of the Ancients should scale from the player’s gear
  3. Vehicle ability on Strand of the Ancients “Hurl Boulder” has a 4 second CD instead of 2

An excerpt from the bug thread here: https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/en/wow/t/bug-thread-bugs-of-pre-patch-wotlk/379984/29

PvP and arena related issues:

  • Succubus pet does not automatically walk up to players when they are LoS and you cast seduce. This makes playing destruction warlock in arena very cumbersome because now you have to micromanage your pet even more.
  • UI Bug: rating locked gear such as the belt or shoes is showing always as red even if you have the rating requirement.
  • AoE slow affects such as hunter trap or DK desecration are active way beyond the time you stand inside of the effect. When layed down close to a pillar in arena you will be slowed 24/7 even when not standing inside the effect.
  • Pet got stuck at Dalaran Arena when jumping down the pipe. Seems to be the same bug as in Eye of the Storms. It literally just stopped moving and didn’t listen to any pet controls. This cost us the game…

Please for the love of god at least fix bugs which directly affect arena gameplay…