Wrath of the Lich King Classic Hotfixes - Updated 9 January

Please fix the pet scaling, dancing rune weapon seems completely unreliable it’s over 4 x times worse than gargoyle when snapshotted.

Is this realm restart going to fix the annoying fps drops?

Is it goin be add back RDF ? i mean i cant any dougens like this is really wasting so much time back Woltk like 12 years was soo smooth why try to slow down the game is the strategy ? playing wow was never socialize with nobody what was so much importan to socialize with others with you focus the game so much. When you have busy life is taking a year to take 1 char to lvl 80 imagine on northrend mounts 7 lvl till 77 so you can fly wasting our time and you earn more money from us that was the plan what Blizzard did very nice but also very rude to remove RDF.

Here are the recent hotfixes to Wrath Classic:

OCTOBER 14, 2022

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Deep Wounds no longer triggers from non-Physical damage, such as the Fiery Weapon enchant.
    • Developers’ note: Warriors have recently discovered that with the changes to Critical Strike Rating in Wrath, they can now get critical hits on spells quite often, and that those spell critical hits trigger Deep Wounds. Prior to Wrath, Warriors did not get increased spell critical chance from their gear. This discovery has resulted in players changing their enchantments on weapons to low-level enchantments that don’t do much damage, but can trigger Deep Wounds and gain a significant damage increase over intended level 70-80 enchantments. Deep Wounds was never intended to benefit from these enchantments. Because of how Deep Wounds works, this advantage would continue to grow as Warriors gain better gear with more Critical Strike Rating. Additionally, some Warrior players are now looking for additional sources of spell damage from low-level sources, that they could use to gain increased Deep Wounds damage. We feel that this would only become more problematic, so it’s best to resolve it quickly, before a lot of time and resources are invested into it. While it is a creative use of game mechanics, this would eventually be damaging to player and class fantasies, as well as very unintuitive for newer players.
  • Deadly Gladiator’s Tabard is now purchasable from Arena vendors for the duration of Arena Season 5.
  • Sapphiron has learned how to fly properly during the air phase.
  • Morlia Doomwing should now offer flights to eligible players from the Shadow Vault.
  • Figurine - Emerald Boar trinket will now properly match the player’s level.
  • Priest Trainers no longer offer the quest to teach Desperate Prayer.
  • Players can now travel safely on their flying mounts across Valgarde in Howling Fjord.
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Now do the same to everyone else that’s busted out of their minds. Rogues using level 60 and 70 weapons to do crazy amount of AoE and DKs stacking haste from whatever items they can find to make their gargoyle go bonkers.

^ Sarcasm btw, these are things that make this game really fun to play. Right now warriors are the bottom of the bottom but still we only see changes like this targeted at us. But I guess this is like talking to the wind, was really happy to have something new that could perhaps give us an edge but in true “no fun allowed” fashion that’s all gone.

#nochanges was the best thing that happened in wow classic…


So when are we fixing Rogues doing 80k dps on AoE by abusing old items or DK’s snapshotting gargoyles? These two examples results in thousands and even tens of thousands of “unintended” dps yet they remain unfixed? But when warriors find a way to increase their dps in phase 1 by 50 and by the time p4 hits by a few hundred, you fix it within 24 hours? KEK.

This double standard is what pisses me off the most - if you are going to fix unintended use of game mechanics, be bloody consistent about it.


let us sing:

for anyone not familiar with the meme here in lyric form:

Last patch broke this command.

/console SET chatClassColorOverride “0”


Hello? Heirlooms?

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Go into your chat settings (right-click the chat window) and checkmark all “Show Class Color”. Had to do the same just now.

yeah they fixed it finally.

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Enemy WSG flags do show up now, but they are bugging, and sometimes show up on positions where there is noone instead of showing the flag carrier’s location.

that fixes makes me laught. Focus on important things.

Keep up the good works, we have many more bugs waiting for a solution,

Still missing:
All passenger vehicles do not take passengers
Trolflay STILL broken
Pets still broken
Carets still in Minimap
Divine Storm has wrong animation
Heirloom stats not working.
Judgment has wrong slant and more importantly does Ranged and not Melee Damage.

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Players can now travel safely on their flying mounts across Valgarde in Howling Fjord ~~

Malygos still missing animation,Up mount boss running in air.
even a private have less bug and better animations.
What where you doing guys past 2 year?
Code was ready,yet many things are bugged or missing.

Checking daily on the bug fix section has become a strange habit of mine, I really want Divine Storm to be fixed


this game not wrath of the lich king classic,really name is wrath of the lich king modern

#nochanges was the best thing that happened in wow classic

Unfortunately it never really happened, but Classic Era is way better than Wrath remastered in this aspect.

didn’t stand wotlk under #somechanges anyways? i for one like the arrows showing me wether or not a node is in a cave. using gathermate so the tint of colour isn’t really readyly seen due to the red circle (plus im old)

@blizz: thanks for fixing trollflay in advance. remember to fix metagem and the castbar being broken as a result of those fixes aswell