Wrath, the legend back in the day

More and more i am seeing people talk about the fact that wrath is not what they thought it was, its a dissapointment to many and everytime i read it i say to myself; Really? People are surprised? What?

For as far as i remember, everyone always hated wrath back in the day lol, it was always considered the worst expansion, nothing to do besides flying around in dalaran because all noteworthy content could be cleared in a day. I only remember people complaining, itz too easy, there is nothing to do, items and gear look horrible, nothing works.

Where did people get the idea from wrath was anything above a mediocre expansion at best i wonder? Was it really the nostalgia goggles blinding people or did they watch too many shill content creators who where hyping wrath up like it was not an expansion with WoD levels of emptyness ?

Say what you will really, cataclysm was an absolute beast of an expansion compared to wrath, it had actual good raids (dragonsoul is argueable, still beats wrath having 2 terrible raid tiers, 1 good tier being ulduar, and 1 tier everyone hated in the end because it lasted way to long being icc), and the game just felt alot better to play, also transmog! The only thing that actually still matters in the game right now. Pretty fundemental expansion even if i say so.

Just felt like sharing my thoughts, in short, to anyone being surprised wrath is absolutely horrible; Its not you, it always was horrible


Wrath is the most popular expansion per raider numbers, and additionally in general per private server numbers. However, the majority of people remained on those private servers due to Blizzards incompetence and removal of key features, and the addition of new features.

Wrath is a good expansion, but Wrath Classic has been a near disaster, primarily down to Blizzard.

People are quitting for a variety of reasons you’ll see if you partake in any WoW related content, ranging from; bots, no RDF, Blizzard behaviour as a company, zero support, zero updates, bugs rampaging from day 1, modifying arena/raids (requirements, gear ilvl), BGs are unplayable, there’s server stability issues, on launch big servers had over 6h + queue, faction unbalance (meaning zero world pvp), and I can continue but you’ll find other big issues if you care to research yourself. These issues are created by Blizzard, and do not exist on private servers - so why would people play here instead when they can play there? Mostly because their characters are safer in the long-term, and they’re attached to those characters; without that, nobody is going to pick this version over a private server, considering that is also free.


Wrath isn’t a mediocre expansion, but Classic is also different to the original Wrath in many ways. Classic Wrath is great anyway, I’m having a good time doing Ulduar and I’ve enjoyed it most of the way.

But Classic is more like a custom private server version of the game, with mega-servers and cross-server Wintergrasp, with BG’s swarmed with bots, with non-progressive tuning and custom tuning changes, with HC+ dungeons and modified raid loot.

It’s not the same game, and it has nowhere near the level of support it originally had, it’s the wild west out here.

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People generally like the expansion they started with the most. That’s why you have people pining for pandas or other even worse expansions.

Wrath Classic is about the same as I remember - not as good as vanilla and even though it has more content than TBC most of it is entirely pointless or boring.


PvP :man_shrugging:

I dont have enough time to play lately, but I am loving every moment I can spend in arena or BG on wotlk …

Also wotlk is the sweet spot between boring classic and braindead retail … we have fun stuff like dual talents and glyphs, but no garbage like artifact power or inflexible talents
raids were fun to do because they started doing more than “dont stand in fire” but werent download 18 addons to tell you what to do retail stupidity, and they were still very accessible to everyone …

Its mostly people who have changed … if anyone is expecting cata classis (and onward) to be any different than braindead zergfest to clear out every content as fast as possible and then sit in main hub and complain about being bored/burned out, they are in for a surprise …

Also blizzard incompetence …

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Can a single day go by on these forums without soneone weasel wording to try and back up their claims?

Oh and you can’t fly in Wrath Dalaran, never could, that was Legion.

For me, Cataclysm is where the game started to overdo things in terms of mechanical complexity with most classes/specs and their rotations. While I never once missed spamming Frostbolt in Vanilla, Wrath to me was the fine line where most classes and specs started feeling enjoyable enough without being so complex that playing them optimally required more effort than beating half the bosses in the expansion.

And if I’m not enjoying the class I play, no amount of good content is going to make up for it.

EDIT: Also, as other ppl said, Blizzard did everything in their power to make Wrath worse than it originally was, hc+ being the biggest offender here.

You can’t say OG Wrath was a mediocre expansion because people are criticizing the WotLK remaster. 2023 Wrath is a totally different game from 2008 Wrath.

I do agree that Cataclysm is underrated though.

Compared to what? The >one< expansion most people in Wrath barley played or didnt play at all; TBC (seeing as most players joined in during Wrath)?
Or could you mention any other MMO (or expansion) back in 2008 that could remotely compare to Wrath that people played or compared Wrath with? No? Strange, because “as far as you remember” everyone hated Wrath - right?

If Wrath was half as bad as you are trying to say, the total subscription would go down, not up, during it.

Bet you didnt even play it back then.

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Seeing Wrath through adult eyes I can see all the flaws that were there in 2008 amplified threefold, while all the magic, novelty and my own naivete are long gone. My disappointment is quiet thorough, I don’t even bother logging in to do daily hc+ or tournament dailies anymore, and a thought of levelling an alt fills me with an almost visceral revulsion. Basically just waiting now to see whether I will get fed up with raidlogging Ulduar and ToC before ICC even comes.
If we had RDF maybe I’d level an alt through it, but leave it to Blizzard to remove the single best QoL feature probably of all WoW history.


Put in 2008 context, Wrath of the Lich King was an awesome expansion for anyone being casual. It was:

  • A great first step for anyone that had never been into a raid before then, because of it’s multiple and simple to understand catch-up system.
  • It introduced systems like Random Group Finder that helped casuals to interface with PVE instanced content.
  • It was a big departure graphically, compared to Vanilla and BC, like WoD was 6 years after.
  • The Argent Tournament gave something to do everyday in the open world for Casuals outside of just farming for raid comp.

Problem is people these day doesn’t play Wow like they did at that time. Most Classic players don’t play blindly, follow guides to stay competitive, go straight to the point, like any Hardcore gamer did back then, instead of just coming online not having any particular goal and do something with those in the guild that was connected.

But since then, the world evolved, competition penetrated the casual mindset and it’s no longer okay to play blindly on a multiplayer game or to just be average-bad.

Of course, for any kind of over active player, Wrath of the Lich King is boring, because it’s not tuned around playing and improving constantly like the Legion/BFA design was.

Of course, the zones felt smaller and less beautiful than you remembered because you already explored them for many years, and your first goal once landing in Northrend was to unlock Flying.

Of course raids are overated and people are so elitist you feel like you can’t do anything without playing the meta and be competitive yourself.

Of course, until Argent Tournament, there’s not much to do in the game once you did the 1-2 first month of content aside from PVP, Raid logging and Gold farming.

Of course, Lich King 25HM will be killed day 1, while it can take many months for a private server community to kill him due to bugs/having a limited population (generally younger, inexperienced, smaller pop and on many time zones).

And like every expac it will disappoint you for all the points above. The current Expac is always the worst expac ever, until you ear it was cool 2-4 years later.


What did I just read

Well, yes, because Wrath is the most raidlogging-friendly expansion in WoW’s history. Naxxramas and normal modes later on are complete joke. In addition to that, Wrath is the most available scripted core. It takes minimal effort to setup a fully-scripted Wrath private server.

No. The only Wrath private server that didn’t die out is paymane. People have been spending thousands of dollars in microtransactions and there is no way they are just leaving it for Blizzard. That was expected. And even they got a small hit, they used to have 20k at all times (if they don’t cheat with the numbers), now its around 15k at peaks.

Objectively speaking, nowadays Wrath is an mediocre expansions by all means. Nothing in that expansion is good expect the theme of the Lich King (and Ulduar). Wrath Classic is not disastrous, it’s just a Wrath remastered. If you are unhappy with it, its mainly due to the fact that you are unhappy with Wrath and the community in 2023.

Yes, the vast majority is quitting because Wrath is boring. There is nothing to do but clear the raid in about 2h and play alts.

If you are qutting because of bots then I don’t know what to tell you. You can’t find any games without bots. Even League of Legends has a massive problem with with bots and it’s a pvp game. Is blizzard the best at banning bots? No, absolutely not but it’s just part of the gaming culture nowadays. Bots are very lucrative and easy to implement.

Some people are leaving because of RDF but those are the same that left Wrath 12 years ago. Don’t forget that no RDF until ICC is #nochanges.

There is good amount of people that actually quit because they hate Blizzard. That is a valid point.

If you expected to play WoW without any bugs then you play the wrong game. Are they fast at fixing bugs and responding to feedback? Hell no, but that was expected as we know that the classic team consists of around 3 people.
Also, most bugs that people identify as bugs are interactions that have been there since 2008 so there is no reason to fix them.

That’s… a good thing? At least for now

I assume you mean the bots? If you’re all day just playing levelling bg brackets then yes thats a valid reason to quit wow. (Although some people mistake bots with just terrible dads)

I don’t know with what kind of brandwith and PC you play on but there are no major server stability issues except wintergrasp (which is instanced)

Didn’t Blizzard warn you about that? Also what did you expect when joining a full server

Faction imbalance is part of Wrath. Yes, Bizzard did cause some faction imbalance with the server transfers but you can’t change that Horde has just the better racials.

Continue, by my guest. Still waiting for the big points

Technically yes as they created wow in the first place. When you talk about the list you mentioned then no. Most things are just Wrath #nochanges.

What? Have you ever played on one of these???
The launch of these servers are complete Sh*tshow and plagued with server instability. And even beyond the launch the servers tend to just randomly disconnect you. Besides that, many of those servers have very aggressive microtransactions. Even those terrible bots exists there. You get spammed with gold selling hourly.

That’s one reason. Other reasons are: stability, large playerbase, it’s legal, “healthy” economy (not some kind of random admin/gm that gives an e-girl 1m gold)

“The fact Wrath is the most active raiding expansion doesn’t sit well with me, so here’s a bunch of excuses why it is actually the most popular raiding expansion. As you write with tears pouring down your eyes; in my sad attempt to take away the facts”

“Wotlk does have the most private server players, but because I don’t like that server, your fact is not actually fact, and my opinion holds more weight”

“Your opinion is wrong, mine is right, so accept that or I will get mad”

“Your personal experience is also wrong, so accept that or I will get mad”

“If you quit because a reason such as 9/10 players in a BG are bots, you suck. I wouldn’t do that, so you’re an idiot”

“The thousands of people saying they’ll quit without RDF, and then seemingly all those people not playing is not related, well, because I said so, and my opinion is fact, evidence is not an important issue in my view”

“Having to wait 4 weeks for a ticket isn’t a problem for me, because I didn’t open one, therefore if you quit as a result you suck”

“The gear/arena etc changes are good for me, and goes aganist original Wrath, so the game is changed, but I am a stubborn angry manbaby and therefore if you don’t like the changes you are a noob”

“The lag in Dala, Wintergrasp, which doesn’t exist on ‘paymane’ is a myth, the videos, threads and evidence of it on Classic just means your internet sucks LOL kiddo”

As for your other comments, you can find my characters on ‘paymane’ by searching the names of my posting chars; skyplus, skyplusbox, carebox & woican
I’ll have more hours clocked than you, I can assure you.


Good thing you didn’t actually respond to anything. I will do my best to answer to your random rant even though you are clearly acting like a kid.

If “a bunch of excuses” is that wrath is a raidlogging-friendly expansions then I don’t know what to tell you.

What? That’s the most out of touch argument I have read in a long time. I never mentioned that Wotlk does not have the most private server players. I just said that there is one specific server that was expected to stay with its playerbase. The last part doesn’t even make sense. Also fun fact, most people that leave wrath either join a classic pserver (you know which one) or classic hardcore.

That’s right, friend! That’s exactly how I phrased it. I hope you’re very mad now because that was the whole point. /s

You didn’t get my point here. You were about to list all of your random personal hate towards Blizzard yet you forget the actual main reason why people quit. “BUT MY EXPERIENCE IS THE ONLY IMPORTANT ONE!”

Fair enough if that is your experience. In my experience at max-level, half of the people that I considered bots, I whispered and they said they were just bad or new. I even remember someone saying that he was half afk because of his kid.
But that’s probably just me trying to find reason. I could also just say they are bots and call it day.

You also forget the thousands of people saying that they will quit if RDF is coming. For each #nochanges there are two sides. It’s fine if they quit, they might come back when RDF is added.

It sucks if you experienced such a long ticket queue, don’t get me wrong, but that’s just big companies issue in general.

I do mind the change and I wouldn’t want the change in the first place but here we are. The changes aren’t impactful for the majority of the game and it is def not reason to quit. I have been around in the forums a lately which is full of people complaining about everything but I never heard anyone crying about those two changes. Yet.

I wasn’t thinking of the Dalaran lag which def exists in some full servers on peak hours. It can be annoying for sure but just saying “STABILITY ISSUES” as reason because Dalaran has some lags here and there and Wintergrasp being Wintergrasp is a bit overexaggerated.

From the way you wrote stuff I know you are playing paymane, don’t worry. I’m also pretty sure you wrote so aggressive because I offended your life-time server. Nothing unusual.

Damn, horde has better racials even in the expansion where Alliance has the better racials.

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Why you replying to me tho? :grinning:

But Horde does have better racials in Wrath, especially for PvE, the only exception is a PvPing human in ICC phase who manages to get their hand on 2 BiS PvE trinkets. And how many of those will there be? How many PvE guild will just give the most sought after slot items to some PvPer so he can have a dubious advantage in a dead arena.

Yeah a few will buy them for real money in GDKP, but hardly anyone plays arena anyway lol.


Keep crying and making excuses. Imagine trying to grill me on paymane when 2 of my chars nearly have 100% achievements ulu absolute joke :rofl:

Wrath of the Raidlog King

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Of course, Horde always had better racials. I remember how all Alliance repeated how great Horde racials were back in Classic and then Alliance kept mogging the Horde both in pvp and pve.
I remember how all of Alliance cried when TBC Classic was coming that they are all going to have to reroll Horde, because Horde racials were EVEN BETTER. And then Horde was losing 70% of all battlegrounds and Alliance got all the realm/world first kills too.
Following into Wrath Classic, it is of course natural that Horde cannot win anything specifically because they have better racials which, as every Alliance player is saying, are so extremely overpowered.