Wrong patch notes?

Reading the patch notes of today:

New content: SSC and The Eye - Except that is not until the 15th.
Arena season 2 - possibly, don’t pvp so haven’t checked.
Ogri’la and Sha’tari skyguards - not in the game yet. Possibly the 15th as well, who knows.
Guild banks - yes
Group browser tool - yes

How can you make a set of patch notes this wrong?
It would be very nice if the people making the patch notes, and the people putting content into the game, would talk to one another. Like, do you guys not have phones?

You should move this to the TBC forums.

I should.
Blizzard continues to amaze me. I thought reading the patch notes would inform me of the patch. likewise I thought clicking the “forums” button would take me to the forums.
Guess I need to pack my logic away.

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