WSG revered>exalted, grind and spreadsheet

Hi friends,

I was talking to a friend few days ago that I’m slacking on farming WSG reputation; we all know that getting exalted on it will give us BiS bracers in P2 (hopefuly), and potentially in P3 too.

It is really “doable”, more than ever of course, since the rep till revered is basically free due to the event.

The problem is the insane ammount of time that it requires to push to exalted from revered 0p.

I developed a quick excel to calculate the time required to push, depending on several factors, such as queue time, average time on won and lost games; and winrate.

I’ll post few gyazos here, where you will be able to notice the insane ammount of played time that it requires to push that last gap.

50% wr
100% wr
0% wr
69% wr (noice)

Now, I’m not against the grind, but I’m just a little bit confused on Blizzard’s logic.
Why would Blizzard add this reputation to a farmable event till Revered (aka, for casuals); and still keep that last grind as it used to be? I mean, I’m abit amazed that with 50% wr you need 63hours, constantly playing and queueing, and I don’t know if it is healthy for a casual player to do this grind, with even less wr than that, potentially increasing the average time spent for it twice, while hard losing.

Maybe this is why there are so many posts crying about wsg premades, who knows.

Anyway, if someone is interested on using the spreadsheet, i’ll leave it here:

Speedahx WSG Revered-Exalted Calculator



Get x5 to x6 BM Hunters with Wind Serpent a tank and a couple of priests with a random preff ranged like a Boomi. You should win 99%.


That’s 137 bgs, 23h played while doing this. Isn’t it still a huge grind?

103 wins for non human.

If every flag gives 35 rep, that makes 105rep per win. If you add the marks, add 50 to it.

So it’s 155 per win.

21000 req rep / 155 = 135.48 games.

Maybe you did the calculation during WSG event?

EDIT: that would be 113.51 won games from Rev to Exalted during event, I don’t know from where do you get that 103 wins number, maybe I’m missing something?

thats nothing by classic standards. To reach rank 14 early classic, people had to do more than that everysingle week

You mean afk in AV with autoclicker on spacebar? xD

never afked in av with autoclicker to hit 14.

You can afk in WSG and still get to exalted, what’s your point ? Classic has always been a grind, if you played it - you know. Some people say rank 14 required skill, or getting exalted in WSG requires skill, you need to FC, you need to get consumes, FAPs etc. No… If you want something challenging - go play retail, classic is all about time investment and farming. And if you don’t like it, nobody forces you to do it. You think investing 40+ hours for lvl 40 bracers is too much ? Well then don’t do it, nobody knows if they are gonna be bis anyways or we’re gonna get better ones from the raid


I’m not making any point, just a quick joke-fact that ppl did reach rank14 while doing that.

My post is not about afk in bgs, it’s about the rep grind from rev to exalted, and the time required for it (which is a ok long grind); that makes 0 sense on the way that blizzard planned wsg reputation grind (quick, due to the event).

i just got exalted because its fun to see the green bar go up.

But it does make sense though. Is there any item you can get and use from exalted right now at lvl 25 ? No. Are there items you can get from revered - yes. So why would they bump the rep gain to exalted from the event if you can get nothing from it ? Getting from revered to exalted is like a let’s say “personal preparation for next phase” . Yes, they could’ve added lvl 25 items to buy from exalted and make it possible to achieve it from the event, but since they didn’t do that, getting to exalted with the event is irrelevant to make. Also you have to keep in mind that this is Warsong Outriders faction (for horde I mean) , and this faction was originally made for WSG battleground, so it would be kinda dumb to be able to get to exalted with a faction without doing a single thing the faction is all about. That is my opinion and the logic I see for what they did.

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i already find it insane that you can hit revered without entering warsong, and just doing mindless pve in ashenvale.


For some reason you assume that WSG Exalted for a single potentially BIS item at 40 is something a casual player should even be thinking about.

Quite frankly? If there is an issue here is that this “pvp” event gives revered to begin with.


Would’ve made sense to add a separate faction for lvl 25 rewards and keep WSG reputation as it was, so they could add BiS “PvP” items on this new reputation, grindable till let’s say exalted, without affecting the WSG rep, because now, alot of casuals (which I will not count myself in hehe) are pushing to their limits because of the fomo, because now that they see “Revered”; they want to push to exalted to end the reputation (retail-ish mindset tho); seeing theirselves in a hardcore time-demanding experience, where everyone is frustrated because they can’t find premades (mostly because they are so retail-minded that they want to play single-player queue simulator with no social interaction at all), leading to several crys for nerfs to premades in the forums, leading into a potential nerf to the premade-gameplay, which would be a true problem; luckly devs did oficial-ish confirmed that they don’t want to change how queues work, but the fact that this all has the root problem of a grindable reputation for rewards, is kinda odd.

Again, ashenvale pvp event reputation should’ve been a new reputation with new rewards according to the phase, so people would not feel the need to farm the rev-exalted for p2 bis; they would’ve need to push from friendly to exalted, which is almost twice the time; that would deterrence alot of players from even thinking of those BiS wrists for p2.

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I think it’s fine it gave WSG rep - you don’t really need to start spamming BS factions for every existing and upcoming event.

I also do think they should have stopped at Honored and that’s it. They probably thought in their minds it’s going to be actual PvP and not this… thing.

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I agree on that. But making a completely new faction and locking a reputation behind it could lead to many different problems, especially if the only way you get rep with it is by doing a “time-gated” event. It is definitely a possibility though, just as how they made a new faction with the supply boxes, but we can already see that there were problems. So maybe the best they could’ve done is , as Zerezas said above, to cap the reputation from the event to friendly or honored.

Or just add a new reputation, capped at honored in p1, giving lvl 25 BiS items

Unlocking from honored to revered in p2, giving lvl 40 items, with a new world event.

Unlocking from revered to exalted in p3, giving lvl… 50 items?, with a new world event.

And calling it for p4, where maybe there’s a new event that would yield some coins in win/lose (as wintergrasp or tolbarad), having some lvl 60 items available for exalted and marks.

That would make every event be alive, and not f*k around with OG bg reputations and “fomo”.

Yea, this sounds reasonable. But you gotta keep in mind that these “events” are not tested at all, and locking a completely new reputation behind them is gonna be dumb if the event flops, like we already saw with the Ashenvale one. And on top of that they already made that with the supply crates, its a completely new reputation which is capped right now at Honored, difference there is that its easily fixable if something wrong goes there. Only dumb thing there was is that they locked a rune behind it but it is what it is

Ye, but i mean, Blizzard has some experience, even if their SoD team is a multidollar team lol.

They should have the resources, experience and accuracy to at least, develop something with some reasonable sense, or have a plan B fix in mind if that goes wrong if they refuse ptr testing (which is a good point imo).

The problem lays on poor ideas, I’ve seen ideas posted in this forum that would be great and have 0 negative impact to the game, and I keep thinking if Blizzard have even seen/think about those ideas and dumped to the trash, just to have some alpha indy company pserver ideas.

How hard is to add a new reputation, put some new items or events to grind on it (maybe wpvp would be a source of rep grind, even if it leads to griefing or exploiting), on a mostly event based thing, with a seasonal currency that would be useless above certain threshold?

Whatever, let’s give them 20 more years of experience, they are just starting.

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