Hello dear Blizzard i hate Rogues but what i hate even more are DH players atleast Rogues need to press 12345 instead of 123 i rather get onetapped by RMP´s all over again than endure one season of DH dominance

pls nerf DH nobody likes that for the sake of all of us u can nerf my class aswell i sacrifice my self that others can enjoiy the game

thank you for listening

i expect hotfix next reset


Yo , please don’t!

its for the sake of others bro as morpheus said red or blue pill

prefer DHs over rogues tbh


I agree with gentleman above. I prefer DH over RM.


This makes me shed a tear. :face_holding_back_tears:

Yeah those damn skilled Sub Rogues cycling Shadowstrike with Eviscerate to global you are def putting in that 12345 work there. :eye: :eye:


not defending it but atleast they have to press a button and not auto attack and eyebeam glaivethrow ppl to death

Arent they pressing buttons if they press Eye Beam and Glaive Throw then though? :thinking:


Eviscerate dont do dmg right now. Their big dmg button is kyrian ability. Their dmg is pretty meh when its on cd but in full burst it hits 100-150k sometimes (1.5x times lower without shadowblades)

Alot of classes are hitting 100k+ atm, not just Rogues.

saw a boomie doing 100k with fullmoon if i press dat ability with full pvp gear nothing happens ;/ maybe tis the epic pvp gear?

Why are ppl want to nerf sub rogue so much then? Out of kyrian ability while shadowblades are on dmg is not so much. Geared players arent getting oneshotted by sub btw. My rogue is full 411 in warmode and I cant oneshot anybody 300k hp. If its healer, then dmg is not enough even to kill it if anybody is near. I dont know why its “so op” out of oneshotting green geared with 3 buttons. Assa dmg is much bigger.

rn everybody can oneshot rn

i just speak for the majority than i dislike demonhunter for 123 reasons and they stole meta from demo locks


it’s not just the 1 shots with dh if they don’t pull that off they have insane sustained dps too and good cc with insane mobility.

Because people hate getting 1 shot by a Rogue especially. It’s a bias towards the class, it’s really as simple as that.

I’m not saying it doesn’t need some tuning by the way, I’m saying other classes can also do similar amounts of damage. it needs a bit of tuning sure, but it shouldn’t be gutted.

Also, a DH can 1 shot, so can a Rogue, Mage, Enh/Ele, Boomies, Rets etc. Most classes can do that atm. I even watched a Dh 1 shot Meh live on his stream, hit him for 134k.

do the other classes have the cc rogue has or the ability to completly reset the fight if the go they have doesnt work out?

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in terms of stuns no, in terms of CC as a whole yes… quite a few classes are on par or to close Rogue.

Rogue is not the only class that can reset a fight either, stealth isn’t the only way you can reset a fight.

I think you might need to evaluate if you’re slightly biased before trying to make those statements…
Only evoker and shaman can global as fast as rogue out of nowhere right now.
None of which has even half the toolkit of the rogue either. Hell, sub rogue even heals as much as those hybrids too.

boomie hit me today with 100k fullmoon and 50k starsurges (idk how the f he did it sinmce i play balance aswell and my stuff hits like a wet noodle and i have full aspirant gear

no class has close to the cntrol of rogue thats the problem with this game tbh classes with more control should do less damage than those with no control why should they get the full toolkit and the same damage