WW monks and warriors

So nows Bommkins, fmages and rets are nerfed. Not WW and monks?!?! These are the most broken and annoying classes without any actual counterplay.

Will there be ANY reason AT ALL after these nerfs to play ANY dps class WHATSVOEVER outside of WW monk or warrior? NO. And they are already dominating all comps, in 2v2 and 3v3. If you play 2v2 at above 1800, atleast 70% of comps are WW - healer/ Warrior- healer. This is gonna be EVEN WORSE NOW.



cool and very inspiring. Try hitting the monk next time you see one

Depends on the comp really.

The only comp here that is literally UNBEATABLE in 2s is Arms/Holy because of how insane amount of buttons they have to rotate through.

Basically, paladin has 2 bops, divine shield, sac, and trinket + saved by the light + prot trinket (if they run it) before they run out of steam, Arms warrios just fills in with Intervene/Banner/Rally inbetween their big cooldowns and it takes literally 6-7 minutes to actually open up a kill window on them

But WW comps while they do lots of damage actually can die

The big problem is Arms + Holy paladin in 2s at least simply because they literally have infinite buttons to rotate through.


Holy Paladin is only option for Arms, there is no other solid option for Arms 2v2.

Everyone want to play with Hpala, coz they are by far the best. Zmok(M+ player) who never play arena take 2.4 in 1 weekend day.

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Honestly, I don’t feel like Hpala needs a nerf. It’s more like other healers need a buff.

MW and Holy priest for starters. Rdruid is a bit less viable cause of the meta but rdruid was almost always S tier so i don’t really care about em being as good. Maybe give Rshammies a long range ability to actually do sth for burst windows? Link is so dangerous when u have to literally go melee in order to actually save your teammates and get cleaved to death after that.

deep gekko… deep

That just showcases how skewed the balancing act is if the only viable comp for X class is a comp with literally no downsides

U lose as ret vs arms?

How press wings and wog on cd u win by default


Skillcapped claims that the windwalker Hpal is the most steonger and easyer comp right now in 2s. Tbey have much kore knowledge than all of us on forums.

lmao u can disarm and intervene every single wings go. Stormbolt+fear

Dude wings are 25 sec if iam right anf disarm and stormbolt is idk 10 sec so ur 15 Sec free? U can bop and trinket one of them also idk

imagine thinking these nerfs will change anything and jumping on the nerf train for the next speccs

Maybe that’s because they’re all multi R1 players then? WW is way more deadly than Arms, but i’d imagine in the hands of an average player it’s much much more difficult to lose playing Arms than it is WW.

But that’s just my opinion, and 1. i am much worse than the people writing guides, and 2. i am obviously biased towards what my spec has a hard time dealing with so i could really be reaching with my ‘‘analysis’’

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Warriors QQ’ing is legit cringe

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ppl should learn to wait and look at the changes first…

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You are right, still the important part is that Disarm and Intervene cover the Hoj duration.

But i think Intervene only affects TV or ? Arent jugdements casts ?

nor tv neither judgement, both are holy school, they aren’t physical, same goes for hoj, you can only reflect it since it’s a spell

Hoj and jugdement was to my knowlegde and the argument was more that Intervene covers the time until hoj runs out.

I would have thought that TV would be Intervened because Rogue Kyrian even tho arcane damage gets redirected.

Because it counts as a physical attack, i would have thought TV behave the same because you also cant use it while disarmed.

Oberwatch reflects 1 cast means maybe u can reflect judgement but u need oberwatch to reflect hoj and if hw uses a rnd ability before hojing he can free hoj.