You killed my classic server

They will come back, it’s just the hype train atm.


Before they come back, classic player will leave


yeah pretty much this, I already unsubbed.

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Yeah bobbys greed killed classic. Everyone should have had free clones for both versions. Everyone went to TBC and nobody is gonna pay 15eur to come back…


1-40 = 43 people(Including my level 1)
40-50 = 6 people.
50-59 = 4 people
60 = 43 people.
This was with connections, only way for them to save the servers is by merging every single PvP server.

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The only solution for classic era is to merge all pvp servers together and pve servers together…
The 2nd solution would be to create a fresh classic server a few months after TBC! I hope!

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and there is your “no change crowd”

we played classic because we had no choice now with tbc and after hopefully with wotlk we say bye to you


Why would you ever want to play classic if there is TBC? Now with wbuff griefing gone not even hardcore idiots will stick around. More then 50% of players I met told me that playing classic increases chance for TBC and that is basically why they play (me included).
And even if the community (which is maybe the only thing worth playing classic for) is gone. What are the reasons to cry over dead classic?

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ye it’s really sad, you start to see how badly classic was designed. You can’t play it alone ever. I’m stuck on all kinds of quests now thanks to tbc classic. Well anyway was getting bored with this slow combat anyway.

Level 30 now and so far nothing has been “hard” as the classic crowd always tells me. It’s just been tedious especially on dead servers good lord.

they should have given just everyone from classic wow a 58 option for tbc. could have saved something

clearly they didnt cnnect enough :slight_smile: used boost and game seems dead on tbc server that is supposed to be full.

seems like tbc will be complete flop - only zone alive is the blood elf leveling zone. rest seems dead like dodo

They are connecting all PvP realms into two groups and and all PvE realms in classic-era ONLY.

You must be on a low population realm. I’m on Pyrewood and lots of zones are busy.

RIP Hydraxian Waterlords!!

i have toon exackly on pyrewood - horde seems to be completly dead there on max level . should have boosted my allience toon i guess :slight_smile: not like im gonna play tbc much anyway . guess gotta wait 2 more years till wolk comes out .

unless there are some restrictions on boosted toons i dont know about preventing me from seeing messages in global chats.

Well it’s PvE so don’t expect a lot of horde.

why not - with belves comeing out it should be dominant fraction :stuck_out_tongue:

that said i didnt expect anything - seems to confirm my observations on how failed classic is /shrug

How did blizzard destroy the community if it was the community who all decided to play TBC ?


Thats like saying why do you want to play tbc now that shadowlands is out? Makes no sense. Everyone has their own taste. I.e look at the amount of wotlk private servers still out their


i find those people hilarious who argue to me in a way its step back and no progress staying in classic while playing an out-dated tbc at the same time with really bad looking graphics and gameplay mechanics these days XD

It’s about taste, but you can’t argue that the classic tastes horrible in comparison to TBC. And when WotLK launches I won’t be surprised if a lot of ppl moves on to it. But I just can’t see it for cata… (But would love to play MoP again)
There are reasons WotLK and BC are regarded as best of wow.
Think classic has nothing to keep anybody around other then community and friends… And if they move you have to move as well or just stay miserable. The mistake was to even offer classic era and give someone false expectations.

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