Please merge Classic Era Servers into their respective kind

The current state of Classic Era’s is this;

Several servers have been merged together / cross realm activity has been enabled - which is great! But seeing the amount of people (which isn’t a lot) I would recommend that you merge all servers together / enable cross realm for all servers.

There are a handful of people on each merged layer of realms, given you enable all servers to interact with each other it might almost resemble a proper active server which could have a stable economy, auction house, guilds and dungeon groups / raids.

With that being said, PvP / PvE and RP servers should still be held seperate.

Please consider.

edit; Let us hope blizzard holds by their promise of this thread, before it’s too late for Classic Era realms to recover.
“and we’ll continue to monitor and consider further connections in the future.”


You should absolutely merge ALL PvP servers together and PvE servers separately. If you don’t do this very quickly. It will definitely be the end for wow classic knowing that you don’t intend to release a fresh classic server for now…


RP and RP-PvP servers are not merged with the others and are basically dead atm.


I am on Gehennas and from what I have seen we are 5 servers on the same realm.

  • Gehennas
  • Stonespine
  • Razorgore
  • Shazzrah
  • Flamelash
  • Deadmist

This is clearly not enough! You have to merge all PvP servers together and the same for PvE servers !


Setting up 3-4 different Servers should be the maximum in my opinion.

  • Merge all PvP Servers
  • Merge all PvE Servers
  • Merge all RP-PvE Servers
  • Merge all RP-PvP Servers

or optionally merge all RP-PvE and RP-PvP servers into one with PvP and PvE servers merged into their own kind.

A lot us have invested a lot of time, energy and love into Classic Vanilla and enjoy this version of the game the most. It would be wasted effort and a shame to see all this progress go to waste, considering a Fresh Vanilla Classic is no where to be seen soon ish.


What about having just a bit of patience?

Do please not merge servers or do anything until the BC hype has died down.
I for one am only now downloading the new Classic era client, and am looking forwards to a Classic Wow without the dreary overpopulation.


I am not going to disagree with you, however I would like to add to your point.
The majority of people will be max level, with a low amount of people still leveling - meaning you would only benefit from the merges considering that you’d be able to find dungeon groups to check up on the quests or even find a leveling group to do quests that clearing solo would be a tad too rough.

Besides that, I doubt that the “hype” will die down. If anything, only the pre-Patch has been released and in about less than two weeks, actual TBC is gonna be released with months over months of content being released.

People will be grinding levels, rep and their professions. Meaning the TBC hype won’t be dying off until at least by the end of this year.


Even if you wait several weeks or months. The population will not be very high! Some servers were almost empty before TBC… Many people left the game. And the only solution to fix this is to merge all servers together!

Coc - “Meaning the TBC hype won’t be dying off until at least by the end of this year.”

This will probably be the best time to release a fresh classic :wink:


If you merge PvP and PvE servers even more will leave.
I won’t play a PvP server, then I just quit for good.

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The best solution is just to merge all PvP servers together.
and all PvE servers together.


I appreciate your input and opinion Level, although it was mentioned to keep different kinds of Servers separate so their intended use stays intact.


As per name of thread: “Please merge all Classic Era servers”? Very easy to misunderstand, even if someone in the thread says keep PvP and PvE separate.

Duely noted, I shall edit the title.


Oh, but .-… good news for me RP servers WON’T be merged. :fireworks: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :fireworks: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :fireworks: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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TBC Classic prepatch has been out for ONE day.
Be patient, the comunity will become stabile in the upcomming weeks.


My RP realm HW is fine. Logged on and we had enough level 60 for a raid and about 150 other players, leveling.
I am sure more players will follow, once they sorted out their new chars on the TBC realm.

It would be a disaster to be cross realmed with people from pve realms, that dont care about RP.

I think people forget how destructive xrealm is for WOW. Its the biggest reason retail is what it is and I prefer playing on a realm with just one raiding guild, where the community is nice, than playing xrealm with 20 raiding guilds but a terrible community.

See, for me Vanilla would be dead if we are connected to other realms, as then I have a retail community, where nobody cares about anyone anymore, as hundreds of players are available for grouping.

The next few weeks, more people will be at TBC, but after summer many will come back as TBC only has raids and you cant raid 24/7.

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I want to give you ten hearts. I wholeheartedly agree.

I don’t agree. Personally, I play on a PvP server.

I like to see that my server is alive, seeing players in any zone, fighting in any zone, creating a PvP group, finding good players for warsong/arathi etc…

I don’t know the mentality of players on PvE/RP servers as I have always played on a PvP server since my first wow subscription. Maybe you prefer to play on a small server where everyone knows each other and that’s understandable, not everyone has the same goal on wow.

I need to feel danger as I leave the capital :wink:


Yes, pvp realms are different. World pvp needs players, I understand that. But for me, give me one guild for raiding and RP, more I dont need. For pvp I have BG´s and there its all crossrealm anyways.

But if you can wait a few weeks, I am sure more people will come back. TBC just doesnt have as much on max level for non raiders, many will just play to 70 to see the new zones, do some dungeons and then play both games.

Arena isnt a 24/7 game either and world pvp at TBC is terrible. That being said, I ofc dont know your realm, but I really think its too early to call how Classic will look like.

As for example, on my realm a guild wants to have players on both versions of the game, its just about 20 people, but if there are a few of these guilds, then the population will be much better than it might look right now.

Blizzard can always add xrealm later if its truly not working, but I would wait with this for at least a month or two.

They really need to make this happen. If all servers of the same type are combined, we’d have a healthy population, right now it’s next to dead.